Tennoan Carnivine

Tennoan Carnivine
Classification: The Bug Roaster Pokémon
Type: Grass/Fire
Description: When a Carnivine was allowed to grow in soil samples recovered from the planet Venus, this Pokémon was the result. Its saliva combusts easily, emitting a smoke that attracts its prey.
Evolves into Carnivenus by leveling up at a Volcano (Victory Road)

Trivia: When the first Tennoan Carnivine were released into the wild, their methods of attracting prey proved more efficient than regular Carnivine, allowing the Tennoan Variant to supplant the original. Tennoan Carnivine is able to live both in swamps like its original form and in volcanos with similar environments to Venus.

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Cosmic Destiny Chapter 15: Fugitive Part III: Lost Lies

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Turcell and Kappaqua are back working together. Things feel right for Turcell again. But there’s no time to rest. They still need to find Gravisaac and avoid Team Hero, who is hot on their tail. It’s time to sort the truth from the lies.

Also, the Tenno Pokédex, Cosmic Destiny Character Guide, and Dungeon Listings pages have all been updated accordingly.

Cosmic Destiny Chapter 14 Review

In my last review for Cosmic Destiny, I discussed the missed opportunity in Rescue Team for your partner to turn against you like everyone else. Pitting two friends against each other, both only wanting what they think is best, is ripe with story and character opportunity. This chapter was me trying to harvest that opportunity. I put everything I could into exploring how both Turcell and Kappaqua where feeling regarding being on opposite sides, as well as exploring their mental state. Neither are in a good place. The combination of the extreme stress, Turcell’s fear of being alone, and Kappaqua’s betrayal have all put Turcell on the brink of a mental breakdown, while Kappaqua, the tough guy he is, pretends like everything’s alright, even though it clearly isn’t. He resorts to humor and talking to inanimate objects to cope. These are two very different reactions, for two very different characters. Turcell has never wanted to be alone, but has always had Kappaqua for as long as he can remember alongside him, where Kappaqua used to think he wanted nothing more than to be alone. Now that he’s had it another way, Kappaqua realizes for the first time how valuable having a friend was to him.

The fight between Turcell and Kappaqua at the end was the culmination of the lost potential of Rescue Team. It would have been an actual playable boss, not just a cut scene, were you had to face your partner in battle. Think about how cool that would be in an actual game, both from a story and gameplay standpoint.

Also important to this episode was the new character, Aegislash. Aegislash is meant to fill the same role as a Absol in Rescue Team, Grovyle in Explorers, and Hydreigon in Gates to Infinity. By that, I mean the late-game, story-important character who essentially become the third canonical member of the team. There’s not too much to say about Aegislash here, we’ll have to wait until his character develops a little further.

Tennoan Honedge

Tennoan Honedge
Classification: The Beam Sword Pokémon
Type: Light/Ghost
Description: It was created when a spirit chose to inhabit an experimental light sword instead of a traditional sword. Though its blade can melt through nearly anything, it emits no heat.
Evolves into Tennoan Doublade at level 35

Trivia: The blade of a Tennoan Honedge will repel the blade of another, meaning that two of these Pokémon are able to battle each other as if it were a regular sword fight. It maintains its tendency to drain the life energy of those who try to wield it.

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Classification: The Comet Pokémon
Type: Ice/Psychic
Description: Legend tells that Suisei was created to direct comets to Earth, depositing a supply of life-sustaining water to the planet. It remains out of sight, guarding the Cosmic Architect’s creations.
Does Not Evolve

Trivia: Just as Ryusei’s name comes from the Japanese for shooting star and Showakusei’s from the Japanese for asteroid, Suisei’s name comes from the Japanese for comet. Like the other Cosmic Guardians, it was created by the hands of the Cosmic Architect from Meteoric Shards and was tasked with protecting a Grand Meteoric Shard.

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And since being an Ice-Type makes it tangentially related, happy holidays everyone!

Episode 137: Dungeons and Dragon-Types

Read the 137th episode of Cosmic Quest here.

Brock has dragged Ash and Brenda to a fair that brings medieval times to the present. Brenda may not like it, but Brock sure does. When they hear rumors of an actual dragon attacking the fair’s castle, Ash takes it upon himself to slay the beast.

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Episode 136 Review

The Team Galactic arc of Sinnoh was one of my favorite things to come out of the anime. It was the first time that anime tried heavily to adapt the story of the games, and it really worked out well. Every time Team Galactic showed up, you knew you were in for a treat. And the three part finale of the arc was a fun experience that was both true to the games while also reinventing their lore at the same time. It went a long way towards making Sinnoh my favorite series of the show. So, when it came time to come up with a Diamond and Pearl remake tie-in, I knew I wanted to do some sort of sequel to the Galactic arc.

One of my first spit-balled ideas for the episode was a previously unknown Galactic commander attempting to rescue Cyrus from his the new world he created that collapsed on him. I considered naming this commander Pluto, as a reference to the fact that it would a commander, but not a real commander, similar to how Pluto is basically considered a planet, but actually isn’t. The problem was that Charon’s Japanese name was actually Pluto. (I’m not really sure why they changed that one in English. Charon is the name of Pluto’s moon, so it fits the theme, but it’s still odd.) To avoid confusion, I needed a different name. In the end, I mostly ended up naming her Venus simply because I had decided to give her Tennoan Carnivine, the Venus fly trap Pokémon, as her Pokémon. Her character was based around the idea of what someone would act like if they committed themselves fully to Cyrus’ doctrine against human emotion.

Speaking of Charon, he has an unusual story in the original Galactic arc. He’s there at the Spear Pillar to witness the the birth of Cyrus’ new world, but when everything collapses, he’s suddenly gone. You never see him escape, and he’s never mentioned again. Looker has arrested the three commanders, and claims Team Galactic is through, but Charon is nowhere to be found. This left Charon available for my episode.

Looker was a character I knew from the start I had to include. He’s one of my favorite characters in the Pokémon franchise. I realized that he most like was not going to appear in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl (which is an absolute crime shame), but I didn’t care. He needed to appear in my tie-in episode anyways. It helped that I already had plans to bring Looker into the Planetary story of Cosmic Quest. The funny thing is, I was originally going to write the previous episode, A Tale of Two Fathers, several episodes later, but I knew that was the episode I wanted to premier Looker in, and that caused a problem if he was going to be in the tie-in special. So, I did some rearranging of my planned episode order and put A Tale of Two Fathers ahead of Somewhere in Spacetime in order to allow Looker to first appear in the former and allow to readily appear in the latter.

The use of the Azure Flute was done purely for the Arceus connection, to help connect this episode not only to Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl, but also Legends: Arceus. In case you don’t know, the Azure Flute was the event item that was supposed to be used to get Arceus, similar to Oak’s Letter for Shaymin and the Member Card for Darkrai. But for some inexplicable reason, the item was never distributed. I figured if the flute could be used to open the gateway to Arceus, it could also be used to summon Palkia and Dialga. Also to calm them. I referred to the Azure Flute as a “Hisuian artifact.” While there is no known connection between the Azure Flute and Hisui (yet), I do not believe it to be a stretch at all. After all, someone had to make the thing, and it coming from ancient Sinnoh is the most likely scenario. And that’s assuming that Legends doesn’t touch on its history and lore, which I fully expect it will. Fun fact: the eerie notes that play during the developer logos when booting up a Sinnoh game is actually the Azure Flute. If you play the item in game, it makes the same notes.

There’s one final note that I can’t ignore. Recently, Pokémon Journeys in Japan had a two part tie-in special for the Sinnoh remakes as well. I guess they’re finally taking a page from my book. Jokes aside, I haven’t seen these episodes, as I only watch the dub, but I have seen a preview for them. (Minor spoilers for episodes in question ahead) By the looks of things, the episode features the Red Chain being used to control Palkia and Dialga once more. Without further context, I have no way of knowing how, or even if, this conflicts with my plot. Since the plots are so similar on the surface, it seems likely I may need to do some retconning of my episode. I fully reserve the right to retcon this episode as needed. I will make the decision as soon as I am able to watch the episodes. (End spoilers)

Tennoan Golurk

Tennoan Golurk
Classification: The Automaton Pokémon
Type: Steel/Electric
Description: It started off as an experiment to recreate and understand the lost ancient technology that built the original Golurk. It was designed to operate in any environment, even space.
Evolves from Tennoan Golett at level 43

Trivia: A state-of-the-art nuclear battery was used to replace original Golurk’s unpredictable and unknown energy core. This means that it no longer faces the problem of losing control if its seal is broken. Though it was created using cutting-edge science and technology, it is still a prototype and is less efficient than the original Golurk, making it prone to glitches.

Signature Ability:
Sharply raises either Attack or Special Attack at random and harshly decreases the other each turn.

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Episode 136: Somewhere in Spacetime

The long awaited Sinnoh remakes are here, and so too is an episode to celebrate them. Read it here!
Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Banner

Team Galactic is back! After a bold attack against the International Police, Team Galactic, led by an unknown new commander, has what they need to enact their plan. It’s up to our heroes and their old friend Looker to stop a plot which could bring an end to the entire universe.

Also, the Tennoan Form page has been updated accordingly.

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Episode 135 Reiview

Wow, that episode was something else. We unloaded a lot here. Cosmo’s tragic backstory was always a major point of the character. In Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions, we actually learn of this story during the Den of Mega Evolution event, but in Cosmic Quest I chose to instead focus Cosmo and Ash’s similarities. Since then, I had been waiting for the right time to drop the full story, and that time was now.

This episode certainly pushed the boundaries of what a Pokémon episode can be in several ways. It barely featured Ash, it took place mostly in the past, and it was relatively dark. While I try to stay within the established parameters of what makes Pokémon Pokémon, this was an instance where I just couldn’t help myself. The episode idea was too good to pass up, and it would really help people get to know Cosmo better, which was necessary for upcoming episodes.

We learn several things in this episode. One of the most important is that we learn Polaris, the philanthropist and business man we met back in the episode Charitable Adventures, is actually the Planetary Boss. I purposefully wanted to take advantage of the fact that no one knew the full story of Luna, Terra, and Sol yet in order to soft-introduce Polaris without giving any context. If you look back to that episode, there were many hints of Polaris’ true identity, including the facts that he ran a major tech company, Team Planetary being the largest such in the Tenno Region, and he seemed to already know who Ash, Brock, and Brenda were and was keenly interested in learning more about them. Also, if you look back to that episode, I never left a review for it. I skipped completely over it without giving any kind of explanation. The reason there, I can finally reveal, is that it would have been impossible to write a review for that episode without mentioning Polaris’ true identity, and that was something I didn’t want to spoil.

Also in this episode we learn more about the history of Team Interplanetary, who are featured prominently in the Cosmic Chronicles series. We get the main series debut of Messier, the primary antagonist of the Cosmic Chronicles, and we learn how Interplanetary began and to what extent they exert power over regular Team Planetary.

Lastly, this episode served as a sort of origin story for Team Planetary as we know it. If there was any ever doubt, we now know for a fact that Team Planetary did start off as the force for good they claim to be, with this episode recounting the events that corrupted them.