Cosmic Quest’s Sixth Anniversary

Today marks six years since I published the first episode of Cosmic Quest, and it’s also been a year since I announced Sol Version. Time sure does fly. I may not have anything as special to share with you this year as I did last, but I still have something pretty cool, if I do say so myself. A couple months back, when I announced Mystery Dungeon: Cosmic Destiny, I mentioned that my brother, creator of most of this website’s graphics, had recently stepped up his game and figured out how to make some really good digital art. From that, we got Turcell and Kappaqua drawn in art style of Super Mystery Dungeon. Now to celebrate the sixth anniversary, he has made Sugimori-style art for all three Tenno starters.




Cosmic Quest may have slowed down a little in recent times, but it’s still going strong. Here’s to the years ahead of us.


Classification: The Solute Pokémon
Type: Steel/Dragon
Description: At birth, Soludon will pick two types of metals and exclusively consume them. These metals manifest as the two colors on its body. When it evovles, these metals will merge into a unique alloy.
Evolves into Duraludon by leveling up while holding a Metal Coat
Breedable by breeding a Duraludon holding a Metallic Incense

Trivia: Soludon may be much smaller than Duraludon, but because it has yet to create a lightweight alloy, it’s nearly as heavy. Once it produces the perfect alloy, it will be able to grow much larger without adding much weight. Each side of Soludon has different properties, and will react differently when impacted.

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Also, the Metallic Incense has been added to the New Items page. It’s description is as follows:

Metallic Incense: An item to be held by a Pokémon. This metallic-smelling incense boosts the power of Steel-Type moves.

Episode 114: Quibbling Rivalry

Here’s the next episode of Pokémon Cosmic Quest!

Ash, Brock, and Brenda finally arrive in Penum City for Ash’s next gym battle, as requested by Astrid. However, once there, they find that the gym leader isn’t interested in gym battles anymore. Can Ash inspire the gym leader to change his mind?

Also, the Pokédex and Tenno League pages have been updated accordingly.

Episode 113 Review

This was a fun episode to write. I suppose I should start things off by disclaiming, I am by no means a shipper, and I tend to not like shippings in general. This episode was not meant to seen as a Rocket Shipping episode. I’ll admit that it kind of felt like that, but it was more meant to be a character piece for James, exploring his love/hate relationship with Jessie.

Ever since writing the Team Rocket Movie, I’ve been wanting to do some more serious Team Rocket episodes. I realized that I hadn’t yet touched upon their history, before becoming Team Rocket, and the episodes that do that were always some of my favorites, especially James’. So obviously that meant I had to write an episode for James that focused on his engagement with Jessibelle. From there, I realized that setting up a fake wedding between Jessie and James to get Jessibelle off of James’ back could be a fun concept, and I ran with it. The name “Holy Matri-phony” was specifically selected to call back to the original Jessibelle episode, “Holy Matrimony.” I consider this episode to be a sequel to that episode. As such, I watched that episode (along with the other Jessibelle episodes) before writing this episode for inspiration. One thing that resulted from watching that episode is that this episode felt much more like a classic episode of Pokémon, if you ask me. To build an even stronger story for James, I also decided to bring in Nanny and Pop-Pop, even if only in a flashback.


Classification: The Spirit Tag Pokémon
Type: Bug/Ghost
Description: It is said that a Scartouche is born when someone passes away. The markings on its back are said to represent the name of that person in an indecipherable language.
Evolves into Scarabti at level 24

Trivia: Scartouche can live in a state of hibernation nearly indefinitely. As such, living specimens have been discovered in the tombs of ancient kings. It was believed that the Scartouche bearing the name of the king is buried alongside him so that his name would not be forgotten in the afterlife.

Origin: Scartouche is based on the Egyptian scarab combined with a cartouche. A cartouche a carved name tag in Egyptian hieroglyphics where the name of royalty would be inscribed.

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Tennoan Aegislash

Tennoan Aegislash-DTennoan Aegislash-A
Shield Form                             Blade Form
Classification: The Light Sword Pokémon
Type: Light/Ghost
Description: The solid light that forms its blade can slice through any conventional material, while the personal forcefield it holds can deflect any projectile.
Evolves from Tennoan Doublade with a Shiny Stone.

Trivia: It converts spiritual energy that it absorbs from its victims into the light that forms its blade and shield. It can retract its blade to conserve energy when not in use.

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Classification: The Fire Snake Pokémon
Type: Fire/Poison
Description: Rather than using venom, Pyrethon will wrap its muscular body around prey and increase the heat of its scales like an oven.
Evolves into Vipyre at level 25

Trivia: Pyrethon’s hot underbelly will leave scorch marks wherever it slithers, giving it the nickname “trailblazer.” It’s body is almost entirely muscle, allowing it to tightly constrict around its prey.

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Cosmic Destiny Chapter 3: Recruits

It’s been a bit, but Cosmic Destiny is back with its third chapter. Read it here.

As Turcell and Kappaqua train to become rangers, Turcell makes a new friend, and some new enemies. But when that friend gets lost, Turcell decides he will stop at nothing to rescue him.

The Pokédex page, as well as the Cosmic Destiny Character Guide and Dungeon Listings pages have all been updated accordingly.

And a note from me. It’s been a while since I’ve last posted an episode. As I’m sure I need not tell anyone, the world is a crazy place right now, and we have all been put into unusual schedules. Unfortunately, this means I am not able to write as frequently as I would like. Hopefully I’ll be able to figure things out, sooner rather than later, but for now, just know that episodes of both Cosmic Quest and Cosmic Destiny may be coming out even slower than you’re used to. My apologies.

Cosmic Destiny Chapters 1 and 2 Review

Cosmic Destiny began its life very much like Cosmic Quest did. It all started as one of the games I would make up when I was young. Just as I made up Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions, I made (what I called at the time) Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rangers of the Sun and Rangers of the Moon. Ever since reviving my custom Pokémon in order to create Cosmic Quest, the Mystery Dungeon story I came up with was always in the back of my mind. At some point in the past two years, I decided that I really wanted start writing my Mystery Dungeon concept as a story, but I always felt that I had no excuse. I decided that in order to have one, I would wait until the next Mystery Dungeon game was released, and tie it in to that. To tell the truth, I had begun to lose hope that that would ever happen. Ironically, only two weeks before Rescue Team DX was announced, I was talking with my brother about my Mystery Dungeon story concept, and how I was almost ready to give up on waiting for a new game. You could say that the announcement came at the perfect time.

Anyways, time to talk about the story itself.  It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at this point that a Mystery Dungeon story made by me, meant to tie in with Tenno, would take place in space. It was just such a natural step for me to take. I came up with the idea of using space rangers as then type of team as it seemed to fit, seeing as rangers could conceivably perform rescues, explore, fight outlaws, and do many of the other things that Mystery Dungeon games have you do. One of my explicit goals in making the story was to make it so that the player character’s time as a human actually mattered, and to weave the story of the absence of humans into the story, unlike other Mystery Dungeon games. I haven’t covered these topics too heavily yet, but perhaps you’ve noticed them pop up already.

Kappaqua’s character was actually changed since my original concept. Originally, the partner character was timid and afraid, you know, the stereotypical Mystery Dungeon partner character. When revamping my story, I decided to go with something different, an overly-bold partner that doesn’t get along with the main character at all. Speaking of characterizations, I’m actually finding Turcell pretty difficult to write. Hypothetically, I have to write his character like he’s the blank-slate silent protagonist you usually see, but that’s just not as interesting for the story.

And since we’re talking about difficulties, without a doubt, the hardest part about writing this story is the dungeons. Dungeons just weren’t meant to be written about. They exist purely as a gameplay element, and do little for the story beyond being a obstacle in your way, and yet you spend 80% of your time playing the game in the dungeons. Basically, what I decided to do was to add some extra character moments to the dungeons, that wouldn’t have appeared in a hypothetical game’s story. This allows me to write dungeons without them feeling meaningless, and also gives me an excuse to write some extra character-building dialogue, especially for Turcell. Hopefully as I continue to write this story, I’ll get a solid feeling of how to best write dungeon sequences.

Regarding the Team Rocket Movie Sprite Animation and Changes to Website Layout

As much of a joke as yesterday may have felt, there was one serious thing that came out of it. The Team Rocket Movie Sprite Animation, an hour and a half long animated version of the Team Rocket Movie, created using Sol Version’s engine. In case you missed it, I’ll post the video again here.

Watching this animation is as close as you’ll probably ever be able to get to watching an actual Cosmic Quest movie. With this new major development in the topic of the Team Rocket Movie, I have created a new section of this website dedicated to it for new viewers. To remove clutter from the Bonus Content page, I have also moved the soundtrack videos from there to a new sub-page under the Team Rocket Movie page. This new page makes it even more convenient to listen to the movie’s music as you read along, putting all three tracks right there on one dedicated page.

On the topic of changes to the website’s pages, with recent pages being added, such as the Cosmic Destiny section and the About the Cosmic Quest Project page, the page navigation bar was beginning to look a little bloated. In order to make the website more navigable, I have now taken several pages only relevant to the Luna, Terra, and Sol Version game concepts, and made them sub-pages of the Luna, Terra, and Sol Version page. Pages moved include the Characters of Luna/Terra/Sol, New Mechanics/Features, The Battle Final Frontier, and New Items. Pages that could be moved here, but are still of relevance to Cosmic Quest, such as the Tenno Pokédex or Tenno League pages, have remained as top level pages for easy access. I have also moved the entirely irrelevant Ancient Fairies page and made it a sub-page of Bonus Content. These changes not only reduce clutter, but also makes the website less confusing for those who only come here for Cosmic Quest information (which I assume is most people).