Episode 108 Review

This episode was all about showing off Brenda’s new style and justifying the shift in her way of training and performing. As I said in the previous episode’s review, Damien worked as a convenient foil for Brenda’s style of transformation, and that continue to play a part in their rivalry in this episode. I had Brenda come in first place in the Appeal Stage, a rare feat for a main character, to make it abundantly clear that this new style was working well for her. Of course, her battle in the final round couldn’t be as clear-cut, or there would be no drama, but I tried to write the battle in such a way that she would have never won that battle had she not been focusing on  transformations, primarily in the way that she transformed Wispirit’s confusion into an advantage. Damien using an Ayssoul to battle Brenda’s Wispirit was also a calculated move. It further emphasized the opposite nature of the two. While they both used Ghost-Type Pokémon with the same signature move, Brenda was using a more whimsical and cute Fire-Type, while Damien was using an eerie and creepy Water-Type. The two Pokémon were complete opposites, despite their similarities.

Also of note is the  recurring transpiration gag. Originally, I had only planned for it to come up in Jessie’s failed appeal, but I had several people mention how they were looking forward to seeing where the joke went, so I decided to get a little more use out of the gag.

Episode 108: The More they Stay the Same

Brenda’s next contest is finally here! Read it now!

The Starnight Contest begins, and right from the start it’s a battle between Brenda’s new style of transformation and change against Damien’s style of unnerving spookiness. Which style will prove triumphant? And why is Jessie so obsessed with plants?

The Pokédex page has been updated accordingly, and Damien has been added to the Character Guide.

Episode 105 Review

This episode marks the first step in the next phase of Brenda’s journey. She’s dealt with her training issues and her friendship problems with Michelle, so now it’s time for her to truly figure out what she wants to do with her Pokémon Coordinator career. With her next contest right around the corner, it was only apt to place this here. I brought in Blaise pretty much purely because I thought it was time to introduce the next member of the Elite Four. Her having an Infearno helped me to forge a connection between her and Brenda. Her interest in contests is something that would be somewhat of a fabrication for the show, as my original character concept for her had nothing to do with them, but the changes I made still worked alongside her original concept.

I chose to focus on the move Rain of Terror because it felt like something that could be changed into many different variants, thus allowing it to be a blank slate upon which Brenda can inscribe her new style. Also, it’s a pretty powerful Ghost-Type move, allowing for Wispirit to become a better battler.

Team Rocket Q&A Session II

Team Rocket Takeover II Stamp Tilted

Meowth: Can I get a drum roll please?


Jessie and James: It’s time for our main event! The Team Rocket Q&A Session!

Meowth: You guys have been posting questions all day, and now it’s our turn to answer them!

James: You’re about to get to know us on a whole new level!

Jessie: Let’s start things off with a question from BTH777. They ask, “Aside from the Team Rocket Movie, which Pokémon movie is your guys’s favorite?”

James: Just to be clear, this question was asked before either my Rocket Reviews episode or the Bossies aired. For reasons stated there, I think we can all agree that Mewtwo Strikes back is our favorite movie.

Meowth and Jessie: Agreed.

James: Next question! PokeMan96 asks, “How do you guys afford to make so many mechas?”

Meowth: You saw the post about us selling mechas? It’s scams- I mean, it’s marketing strategies like that which keep us funded.

Jessie: Of course, any extra cash we have goes into my wardrobe shopping.

James: Leaving us with no money left over…

Meowth: Okay, a user who was later identified as MajorBrony95 asked tree questions at once.

James: Let’s take them one at a time.

Meowth: Agreed. First they ask, “We know James collects bottle caps as a hobby, but do Jessie or Meowth have any hobbies?”

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Celebrity Endorsement

Team Rocket Takeover Stamp Slanted

Jessie: I’ve been alerted that some of you aren’t happy with your new Team Rocket overlords… I mean website administrators. In order to placate… I mean convince you all that Team Rocket are benevolent website admins, we’ve brought in a famous celebrity for an interview. Listen to her words and accept us, just as she has. Without further ado, I present to you Pokémon Coordinator extraordinaire and princess of the cosmos, Princess Jessileia!

Princess Jessileia: Hello to all my adoring fans! *blows kisses* I’m so happy to be here for this opportunity. And I’m sure you’re just as happy too.

Jessie: Princess Jessileia, for those who somehow don’t know, would you introduce yourself to our audience?

Princess Jessileia: Why, of course! As you already know, my name is Princess Jessileia, but you may call me Her Royal Highness of the Cosmos and Top Coordinator Princess Jessileia. I broke into the Tenno Region Pokémon Contest scene not to long ago, and became an instant hit. I am certainly the most gorgeous coordinator to ever grace the stages of contest halls anywhere. My grace and beauty are world-famous.

Jessie: And Princess Jessileia, could you please explain how you know of Team Rocket to our readers?

Princess Jessileia: Jessie here is a very good friend of mine. You could even say we’re of one mind. Next to myself, she is simply the most beautiful, stunning, and majestic woman to ever live. Someone that gorgeous simply can’t be wrong, just like me! And when she told me that she and her friends on Team Rocket were now in charge of a major website, I knew that there could be no one better for the job.

Jessie: Such kind words, I’m blushing.

Princess Jessileia: You deserve them, dear.

Jessie: You’re right, I do. Now, Princess, could you tell our readers why the recent change in management of this website is good thing for everyone?

Princess Jessileia: Does it even need to be explained? Team Rocket are pinnacle of perfection. They are the model to which we should all aspire to be. That wretched Yuni Oha knew nothing about how to write a story or run a website. I’ve read his work, and I’m not impressed. After all, any story worth its salt that features Team Rocket would feature them as the primary characters they are. The fact that they were neglected and placed in the role of side character is an unforgivable grievance against humanity. Jessie here would never make that mistake.

Jessie: I sure wouldn’t. Alright, here’s another question. Beside yourself and me, of all the people in the world, who do you admire most?

Jessie: That’s an easy-

Princess Jessileia: I mean, that’s an easy one. The great Boss himself, Giovanni. He is such an honorable man with such admirable goals. He aims for nothing less than world domination. Talk about aiming high. He’s someone that we should all take inspiration from.

Jessie: I couldn’t have said it better myself. Now, I think we have time for one last question.

Princess Jessileia: Ask away!

Jessie: This is one that I think all our readers are dying to know the answer to. How is that you could possibly be so gorgeous?

Princess Jessileia: Honey, I was born this way. That’s the only way one could ever be as gorgeous as I.

Jessie: And there you have it! Her Royal Majesty of the Cosmos and Top Coordinator Princess Jessileia gives her full backings to Team Rocket. I truly hope this goes a long way towards alleviating those fears of yours. And hey, if you have any more questions you liked to see asked of Princess Jessileia, make a comment, and she might just appear during our Team Rocket Q and A session later today to answer them.

Princess Jessileia: Goodbye to all my adoring fans! You know that without you, I would be nothing! Okay, that’s a lie, but still, you’re all great!

Episode 67 Review

I sure do hope that you guys all remembered Michelle. I admit that it’s a possibility that it’s been too long since she last appeared. Oh well, no big deal. A major purpose in this episode was not only to bring Michelle back, but to give a solid start to her story arc. What that story is, I won’t tell yet. Speaking of coordinators, this episode also introduced a new one in the form of Damien. I pretty much created him purely to be the person that Michelle would least want to be stuck on a team with. She’s a young girl who’s big on gossip and cute boys, while Damien is far from talkative or cute. Even his choice of Pokémon reflected his more creepy personality and looks.

The other major part of this episode was James competing to earn a gym badge for the first time. Now it becomes apparent that his battle with Halley was more than a one-off occurrence. My goal is to use this new aspect of James as way to diversify his appearances, the same way Jessie is used in Pokémon Contests. Now we’ll be able to see James in situations beyond just failing to steal other people’s Pokémon. Unfortunately I was not able to give much focus to James’ battle at all. In fact, much of this episode probably seemed pretty rushed. To be completely honest, my original plan was for this contest to last two episodes, but due to certain reasons that I won’t yet disclose, I needed to shorten it into one episode. And as the next episode will no longer take place in Horizoport City, it was now or never for James to face the Horizoport Gym.