Team Poses!

I’ve just updated the Character Page with special team pose images. These images show pictures of each character with all of the Pokémon currently on their team. These images will be updated as the story continues, and provide the first opportunity to see Ash and Brock in their Cosmic Quest clothes.

Episode 12: For the Crater Good

Look for episode 12 here.

Ash concludes his Gym Battle with Crate. Then, he gets a chance to battle with the mysterious Dragon-Type trainer known as Ryu. With two big battles fought in a row, can Ash possibly win both?

Also, the Attackdex has been updated with the contents of this episode. Another interesting note; new and updated images have recently been added to the Pokédex page.

Episode 11 Review

The first gym battle has finally arrived. When I initially planned for this series, I only planned up to this episode, so from this point on, I’m winging it. Crate is of course a Rock-Type Gym Leader, like Brock, Roxanne, and Roark before him. I always liked the tradition of having a Rock-Type Gym Leader as the first, and I’m disappointed to see them fall away from that in Unova and Kalos (especially with Kalos being the first region to have a Rock-Type leader who isn’t the first one). Similar to how Crate has his meteorite hunter profession, all of the Tenno Gym Leaders will have a space-based or related side job/inspiration.

Episode 10 Review

In case you haven’t noticed, Ash always gets at least one Starter Pokémon from each region he visits, so here’s his one from Tenno, Turcell. The reason I’ve had Turcell following Ash from episode two was because of my personal opinions on Starter Pokémon. I’ve never liked how the games express the fact that Starter Pokémon cannot be found in the wild, and yet Ash is always finding his in the wild. In order to fix that, I decided to have his be one of the actual Starter Pokémon given by Professor Pine.