Classification: The Fission Pokémon
Type: Poison/Electric
Description: Its body is powered by the force of nuclear fission, which is converted into electrical energy. Its skin contains high amounts of lead, so it poses no danger of radiation poisoning to those around it.
Evolves into Nucleactor at level 46

Trivia: The only thing Nucleaction needs to survive is uranium. A small amount of uranium deposited into its nuclear core can allow to survive for several years before it needs to hunt for more fuel. The level that Nucleaction evolves into Nucleactor is 46, which is half of 92, the atomic number of uranium. The only way for the average trainer to obtain a Nucleaction is from a worker at the Starcore Nuclear Power Plant, who gives one away.

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Also, the Abilitydex has been updated with Nucleaction’s signature ability, Radioactive.

Episode 41: The Ghost in the Machine

Episode 41 is here. (But who knows for how long…)

When a Rotom reeks havoc on the systems of a nuclear power plant, it’s up to Ash, Brock, and Brenda, along with the Starcore Gym Leader Neutrina and a very special Pokémon to save the day from total meltdown.

Also, the Pokédex and Tenno League pages have been updated accordingly.

Episode 40 Review

This episode exists because I felt like after such a traumatic experience for Brenda, I couldn’t just have her acting like everything’s just fine in the next episode. I needed a transition episode. It just so happened that during this episode they would be traveling to one of the few snowy areas in Tenno, and I wanted Brenda to capture an Ice-Type at some point. Add those plots together, and this episode was born. And I’m going to admit it, Frostcicle is one of my weakest designed Pokémon yet. One reason for this is that it is actually one of the earlier Pokémon I created. I liked it enough, and felt like it was just well enough designed, to be able to graduate to being in Cosmic Quest. Actually, it is the first Pokémon from my original “generation” of Pokémon (I created two generations of Pokémon originally, and Tenno was my second generation, another region that I have completely discarded was my first. It and its Pokémon  were made years earlier) to make it to Cosmic Quest completely unedited in name, concept, and design.


Classification: The Ice Spike Pokémon
Type: Ice
Description: This Pokémon lives only where the temperature remains constantly below freezing. When resting, Frostcicle will attach itself to a branch or other overhanging object, allowing it to grow in size as it takes on more ice.
Does not evolve

Trivia: Frostcicle are very happy Pokémon by their very nature. They often live in large groups. When they sleep at night they can be indistinguishable from normal icicles. Because they grow and shrink according to water gain/loss, no two Frostcicle are the same size.

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Classification: The Brutal Bushido Pokémon
Type: Steel/Fighting
Description: Its entire body can be used as a weapon. Often instead of fighting, Slashogun will command hordes of Slasharp to do its work for it, unless its honor is questioned, in which case it will fight alone.
Evolves from Slasharp by leveling up while holding the Samurai Helmet

Trivia: Slashogun is the arch-rival of Ninjato. Slashogun embodies brute force and honor, while Ninjato employs stealth and trickery. Their differences are irreconcilable, making it so that they have and will always fight when two meet for the first time. Also, while Ninjato and Ninjitsu, their pre-evolved forms, tend to live solitary lives, Slashogun and Slasharp live in communities where one Slashogun rules over a gang of Slasharp.

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Also, the Attackdex has been updated with Slashogun’s signature move, Cold Steel.

Episode 40: Naughty or Ice

Episode 40 is out now, read it here.

Fresh off her loss at at the Starside Pokémon Contest, Brenda isn’t feeling herself. To make things worse, she gets separated from Ash and Brock. But then she meets a Pokémon that has one goal; to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Also, the Character Guide and Pokédex have been updated accordingly.

Episode 39 Review

The real purpose of this episode was to give some much needed character to both Brenda and Will. Up until this point, I’ve been a little disappointed with my writing for them, as both were just kind of there, but it didn’t mean much. Also, there wasn’t really much substance between their rivalry. This episode gave us the first major display of emotion on both of their parts, intensified their rivalry, and set up future story arcs for them all at the same time. In case you didn’t notice though, I have been leading up to this episode. Brenda has always seemed to like to wing things, just jumping into them without any practice, and she normally does pretty well. This was made even more extreme in the episode Pedal to the Medal, where she outright refused to practice. Conversely, Jessie spent that entire episode practicing, setting her up for her victory in this episode.

Episode 38 Review

To answer the question on everyone’s mind: yes, that episode was inspired by Scooby Doo. I’m sure the next question you want to ask is why. I was inspired to write this episode a few months ago. I was on a cruise, the TV in my room had very limited channels, and nothing was on, so I decided to watch Scooby Doo. As a child, I watched Scooby Doo all the time (maybe not as much as Pokémon, but that should be obvious as I’m not writing a Scooby Doo fan fiction). Back then, I always loved Scooby Doo because it had it’s own style that never changed, and using that to your advantage, you could solve any mystery they presented. I found that fascinating. Going back and watching Scooby Doo again, I realized how recognizable this pattern is, and how just about anyone could probably recognize it. This got me thinking about how it would be fun if some other shows attempted to use the style and format of a Scooby Doo episode. I quickly realized that that option was available to me, and that after thinking about it, I realized that Scooby Doo could probably translate pretty well over into Pokémon, so I decided to give it a try. Originally, I planned to have this episode take place later in the series, but then, in a last minute decision, I decided to make it in time for Halloween. The references I made include:

  • The characters: Pikachu was Scooby, Ash was Shaggy, Brock was Fred, Brenda was Daphne, and Detective Jenny was Velma. I feel like the characters all translated over fairly well (Especially Ash/Shaggy and Pikachu/Scooby).
  • The plot involved a monster, that turned out to be a fake in the end.
  • There were three suspects: the obvious choice (Team Rocket), the red herring (Mr. Contesta), and the least suspected choice who turns out to be the culprit (Malcolm).
  • The plot progression: an introduction to the suspects, followed by a short investigation, then the “gang” splits up, the serious group finds a red herring clue, the non-serious group finds and gets chased by the monster. After the chase, one final clue is found to solve the mystery, then the trap (complete with live bait, and the bribery for the bait), then the trap fails, but the monster is still caught by accident.
  • Too many quotes to list.

Myoken the Guiding Light Review

I was inspired to write movies for Cosmic Quest very early on in planning for it. I decided that if I wanted the series to feel as much like the actual series as possible, the addition of periodic movies would help a whole lot. Actually, I made Myoken for this movie. Way back all those years ago when I first created the Tenno Region I created two event-exclusive Legendary Pokémon, but not Myoken. When rebooting the region for Cosmic Quest, I realized that not only was I an event Legendary short from the standard amount of three, but I had yet to create a Pokémon to fit the “Mew Niche.” So Myoken was created, and the story of this movie based off of it.

For those of you who have read the Cosmic Chronicles, you know that I used it as an opportunity to set up for the movie, a prequel of sorts. That was not my original intention at all when planning for the Cosmic Chronicles, but I quickly realized that it was a golden opportunity since the movie would be coming out so soon. So I worked in the characters Aries and Pleiades, replacing a generic Team Interplanetary scientist and tacked on the extra scene at the end with Myoken. As I slightly tied Cosmic Chronicles into the main series, I have also tied the movie into the main series, something that I feel the real show could handle better than they do. Future chapters of Cosmic Chronicles won’t necessarily be tied into movies, this one one just happened to work out.

One interesting fact about the movie that may not be apparent to a reader of the movie is the relationship between Myoken and Dracosmic. It is actually a two-fold reference. Dracosmic is based on the real-world constellation Draco, which wraps around the North Star. The other reference is to Myoken’s mythic origins. The Japanese goddess Myoken was often depicted as riding on the head of a dragon. Hence Dracosmic serves a reference both to the real North Star and the myth of Myoken.

I hope you all enjoyed the first Cosmic Quest movie and are looking forward to the next.