Male                Female
Shiny Honbee

Classification: The Mini Bee Pokémon

Type: BugFlying

Height: 7″ Weight: 4 lbs.

Body Type:Pokémon consisting of only a head

Description: Honbee are the most basic form in a hive of Combee, serving as the individuals that will eventually combine to form a Combee. They train with older Combee in order to learn how to most efficiently gather honey.

Evolution Line:
Honbee (Female)Soothe Bell+=>  If : Level 21=> Or If : Level up with a Vespiquen that knows Attack Pheromones on the team=> Vespidron
Only obtainable by egg when breeding a Vespiquen and a Vespidron

Egg Groups: Unknown

Abilities: Honey Gather

Level Up Moves:
Lv. 0: Sweet Scent
Lv. 0: Gust
Lv. 13: Bug Bite
Lv. 29: Bug Buzz

TM Moves:

Move Tutor:
Bug Bite
Dual Wingbeat

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