Episode 26: Overjoyed

Episode 26 is out now, make sure to read it here.

When Brock is invited to a prestigious medical convention, he goes without hesitation. However, once there he finds more than he expected in more ways than one. Meanwhile, Ash practices for his upcoming gym battle, until something goes horribly wrong.

Episode 25 Review

I actually created the Pokémon Dashilisk for the purpose of putting it on Ash’s team. Ash always has a Water-Type on his team. Often, that means the water starter, but that wouldn’t work here, since Brenda already has Kappaqua. I began thinking of what Water-Type I had already made would fit Ash. I quickly realized that I hadn’t made one that would. Most of my Water-Types were not amphibious, so it would be hard for Ash to use them. The ones I had that weren’t weren’t the best fit to Ash’s team. So I ended up thinking of things that needed to be made into a Pokémon and realized that basilisk lizard, one of the coolest, most wacky animals there are, had yet to be made into a Pokémon (technically, there is Helioisk, but it has nothing to do with running across water, so I decided to take another crack at it). In case you missed it in my previous post, I’ll say it again, Ash’s Dashilisk has a crest on its head, which means it is a male. Also, the two moves that the Dashilisk used were Scald and Dragon Claw.


Male                                                 Female

Classification: The Water Walking Pokémon
Type: Water
Description: Dashilisk combine their agility and body adaptations with special body movements, which allows them to run across water, a trait unique to this Pokémon. They are normally shy Pokémon, making them rare to be seen by humans.
Does not evolve

Trivia: Dashilisk is based off of the real world basilisk lizard. Just as Dashilisk can, the basilisk lizard can run across water using its unique physiology. The crest on Ash’s Dashilisk means that it’s a male.

Episode 25: Dashilisk to the Finish

Episode 25 is out now, find it here.

Ash and his Pokémon are in the middle of a serious training session for their upcoming match at the Atmos City Gym, when they are interrupted by a curious and quirky Pokémon. This Pokémon is a complete goofball and thinks of Ash’s training as a game. When Team Rocket attack, Ash, Brock, and Brenda must help the Pokémon out.

Also, the Character Guide and Tenno Pokédex pages have been updated with the contents of this episode.

Episode 24 Review

As I explained before, the point of this episode and the previous one where really all about giving more character to the fairly bland Brenda. I think it worked out well enough. I will say though, coming up with Contest combinations is hard work. I think it’s very fun, and definitely a change in pace from the rest of the series, but it can be hard to come up with something creative and believable. Sometimes the show would just tap out on that realistic criteria, and just have two random attacks collide to make fireworks or sparkles. I am going to try to avoid doing that the best I can. You can of course expect to see Michelle in future episodes.

Episode 23 Review

Michelle is Brenda’s rival, and meant to be the opposite of Will. Where Will was practically an expert, and always cool, clam, and collected, Michelle was still new, learning the ropes, and nervous. One thing this episode really brought up was Brenda’s lack of practicing. She went in to her first Contest virtually unaware of how they worked, and surprising everyone, so obviously she didn’t practice before that, and yet she did great. That’s really going to become one of Brenda’s character traits, she has a natural talent, and a stubborn reluctance to train. An interesting fact about this episode’s production is Michelle’s name. A silly project I had to do for school required me to write a family member into a story. Michelle is actually the name of one of my cousins. Michelle in the story was extremely loosely based off of my cousin.