The History of the Pokémon World

Now Updated to Coincide with Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

I often find that people are confused and/or misinformed when it comes to the story of the creation of the Pokémon World (or the Story of PokéCreation, as I call it), as well as its history. They claim that it is full of contradictions and makes no sense, asking questions such as “If Mew is the ancestor of all Pokémon, how did Arceus create the universe before its existence?” or “X and Y claims that Lucario was the first Pokémon to Mega Evolve, but Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire claims it’s Rayquaza, which is right?” As part of the Pokémon 20th Anniversary celebrations, I will now endeavor to set the record straight.

As this is a website dedicated to my fan fiction and fan game concepts, it will include aspects of my games’ canon. For a more realistic timeline for the actual canon, just ignore any references made to the Cosmic Architect and its creations.

First, a note on the multiverse and split timelines. Ever since Zinnia stated that another version of Hoenn existed in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, Pokémon has existed within a multiverse. Parallel timelines where events happen similarly, but not quite the same, exist. This timeline will examine the four primary branches of the timeline, as presented in the games. Events will be marked as followed:
OU: Original Universe. The timeline introduced in the original games and seen up until Black and White 2.
MU: Mega Universe. The timeline where Mega Evolution exists, as introduced in X and Y.
UU: Ultra Universe. A minor branch off of the Mega Universe. So far, only Ultra Sun and Moon exists here.
LG:  Let’s Go Universe. The timeline where Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee takes place.
It is possible that even more timeline exists, but none are confirmed. If no timeline is marked, then the event is assumed to be exactly the same in all timelines. Due to the nature of parallel universe and timelines, similar events likely exist in all timelines, but have yet to be confirmed.

For a more detailed explanation of the multiverse than what could be fit here, see here.

Part 1: The Tale of PokéCreation

File:Arceus Conquest.png

In the beginning, there was darkness. An absolute void of nothing. But from nothing came something. A single egg of light. That egg hatched into Arceus, a being of creation. With its near unlimited power, Arceus began the process of shaping the Universe. To aid its creation, Arceus created the deities known as Palkia, Dialga, and Giratina and granted them domain over Space, Time, and Antimatter respectively. During the process of creation, Giratina showed violence and anger, traits unfitting for Arceus’ Universe, so Giratina was banished to a dimension reverse of Arceus’ Universe, the Distortion World. Together, Arceus, Palkia, and Dialga created the Universe. Palkia and Dialga left the Universe to observe from afar in their own domains of time and space.


With the Universe created, the next step was to fill it. To accomplish this goal, Arceus created a being known only as the Cosmic Architect. It was the Cosmic Architect’s job to to create the structures that would fill the Universe, one solar system at a time. When creating the solar system that would one day contain the Earth, the Cosmic Architect, following Arceus’ model, created three beings to aid it. Terratlas was created to construct planets, Seluna was formed to create moons, and Heliosol created the keystone of the solar system, the Sun.

Sol Version

When it came time for Terratlas to create the Earth, he too did so with help. With the birth of Kyogre, the Earth was covered in oceans. With the birth of Groudon, land rose up from the sea. And with the creation of Rayquaza, the planet was cloaked in an atmosphere. The planet was now set for the creation of life. Similar processes presumably occurred across the Universe, as evident by alien Pokémon life, such as Deoxys and Beheyeem.

File:Weather trio.png

The work of the Cosmic Architect causes certain areas of space in the solar system to stretch thin. The largest such area is over what will become the region of Alola. These stretches in the fabric of space become natural occurring wormholes to another world known as Ultra Space. A portion of the Cosmic Architects energy of creation fell into one such wormhole, becoming trapped in Ultra Space. This energy, overtime, took on physical form, becoming the Ultra Beast known as Cosmog. Due to forming from the Cosmic Architect’s energy, Cosmog had the ability to mature into either a Pokémon of the Sun or Moon.


With a habitable planet now formed, Arceus prepared for the next step in its creation of the Universe—the creation of wide-scale life. To complete this task, Arceus created Uxie, Azelf, and Mespirit, the embodiments of knowledge, willpower, and emotion. With these three aspects critical to life, life could now evolve naturally. First came Mew, as well as the first humans.

File:Lake guardians anime.png

Also born was Regigigas. Using its incredible strength, it towed the landmasses created by Groudon across the seas made by Kyogre, and formed the modern continents. Ancient humans would come to revere this godly Pokémon and create the golems known as Regirock, Registeel, and Regice in its image.


Part 2: The Ancient World of Pokémon

File:Game Freak Whitney Ethan.jpg

Over the course of several million years, the Mew population slowly evolves into a more diverse group of Pokemon, becoming the ancestor of all terrestrial Pokémon. The Mew population also begins to dwindle in numbers. The Pokémon living in this time period are quite different from those seen in the modern day. For not entirely known reasons, most of the Pokémon living in this era go extinct.

File:Aerodactyl Fossil PO.png

Some time later, after life on earth has recovered from the mass extinctions, human society begins to form. After studying the bizarre extra-dimensional Pokémon named Unown, the first system of writing was developed, allowing for humans to begin to advance in the fields of technology and science, giving them a distinct advantage over Pokémon.

File:Tablet DP060.png

With their advances in language and technology, humans begin to build structures that would one day become famous around the world. Many of these structures were built in worship or honor of Legendary Pokémon, some were even built to contain them. Such sites include the Ruins of Alph, Spear Pillar, Sky Pillar, Solaceon Ruins, Sinjoh Ruins, Tanoby Ruins, Abyssal Ruins, Snowpoint Temple, Desert Ruins, Ancient Tomb, Island Cave, Ruins of Conflict, Ruins of Life, Ruins of Abundance, Ruins of Hope, Altar of the Sunne/Moone, and Lake of the Sunne/Moone.

File:HGSS Ruins of Alph-Day.png

As human society developed, so too did warfare. In the Kalos region, a great war known as the Kalos War raged across the land. In an attempt to save a friend, AZ, the king of Kalos, created a machine of ultimate power, which could either grant or take life. In order to bring a swift end to the war, AZ turned his machine into the Ultimate Weapon and devastated the Kalos Region. This event was so powerful, that it actually caused a split in the Universe. In one version of the Universe, the firing of the weapon caused normal stones to be irradiated with power, becoming Mega Stones (MU). In another, the weapon was never fired, meaning that no Mega Stones were ever formed (OU). It is assumed that the remaining history of the world occurs similarly in both universes, with the one difference being the presence of Mega Evolution.

After millions of years of living apart, Groudon and Kyogre meet. They realize that they both require the same Primal Energy to feed off of, and begin to fight for this energy, absorbing more and more of it, eventually changing into their Primal Reversion forms. The clash of these two titan Pokémon brings the planet to the brink of destruction. The ancient people of the Hoenn Region pray to Pokémon Rayquaza to save them. Rayquaza descends from the Ozone Layer for the first time in millions of years to answer these prayers. The spiritual energy from these prayers allows Rayquaza to Mega Evolve. It uses this new power to put an end to Groudon and Kyogre’s fight, and they are sealed away to remain dormant until awoken again.
Multiverse Note: This event probably occurs the same way in both the OU and MU timelines, as it is unrelated to the firing of the Ultimate Weapon. Therefore, Primal Groudon and Kyogre, as well as Mega Rayquaza, do exist in the Original Universe, but have been forgotten, as there is no modern context of Mega Evolution to remind modern people of the ancient events.

File:Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre artwork.png

MU: At one point, a man and his Lucario partner discover two strange stones. They find out that through the combination of these two stones, the bond between them would manifest itself, and Lucario would grow stronger. This may not have been the first occurrence of Mega Evolution in history, but it is the first traditional Mega Evolution, using a Key Stone, Mega Stone, and bond between trainer and Pokémon.

In one kingdom, the ruling family is aided in its rule by an unknown Legendary Dragon. But when two princes of the of the ruling family end up in a clash of truth and ideals, the Original Dragon splits into two, one for each prince. Reshiram and Zekrom are formed in this manner. Kyurem is left behind as the empty husk of the Original Dragon.

File:Tao trio anime.png

In Ultra Space, the Legendary Ultra Beast Necrozma, known to local inhabitants as “The Blinding One,” shares its light with all, creating Z-Power. But, at some point in time, Necrozma is put through a painful experience that causes it to lose its light and become a mangled and twisted version of itself. In this form, the Pokémon felt nothing but pain and went on a rampage to destroy everything and taking the light away from the Ultra Megalopolis. Fearing it, the denizens of the Ultra Megalopolis constructed the Megalo Tower in order to hold Necrozma and serve as an artificial source of light.


An Ultra Wormhole opens over the Alola Region, releasing the beasts of the Sun and Moon, Solgaleo and Lunala, into the region. The Pokémon turn day to night by devouring the Sun and casting shadows over the region respectively. A war is fought between these two godly Ultra Beasts the Guardian Deities of Alola, until a truce is reached. Before returning to their dimension, Solgaleo and Lunala leave behind an offspring, a Cosmog, in the care of the Alolan royal family, and grant the Island Deities the special Z-Power. The remnants of Necrozma’s light from the wormhole that opened also bathed the region in radiation, creating massive Pokémon with special auras known as Totem Pokémon, and shards of Necrozma’s broken body fall across the land in the form of sparkling stones, which were used to make Z-Rings.

Part 3: The World of Pokémon TodayFile:PokemonWorldAnime.png

Several hundred years ago, the Bell Tower and Brass Tower are constructed in the Johto Region. These magnificent towers serve as a perch for the Legendary Pokémon Lugia and Ho-Oh.

File:Lugia and ho-oh.jpg

The Brass Tower is later burnt to the ground, with three Pokémon trapped inside. Ho-Oh resurrects these Pokémon as the Legendary Beasts, Entei, Raikou, and Suicune, and then it and Lugia flee away from human sight, seeing the fire as representative of human evil.

File:Entei Raikou Suicune.png

In the modern day, deep in the rain forest, scientists come across one of the last remaining Mew. Using its DNA, the scientists successfully create an augmented clone of Mew. It was named Mewtwo. However, the scientists could not control Mewtwo, and it escaped from the lab.

File:Mewtwo Cloak.png

OU/MU: A young boy named Red sets out on his journey to become a Pokémon Master. As he journeys across the land of Kanto, catching and training Pokémon, he quickly earns a reputation as one of the strongest trainers in the region. He even single-handedly defeats the criminal organization known as Team Rocket and becomes the Champion of the Kanto Region.

File:Red Hall of Fame PO.png

LG: In this timeline, for unknown reasons, Red never faces Team Rocket. Instead, a trainer named Chase ends up encountering events nearly identical to those faced by Red. He battles and defeats Team Rocket, while also becoming the Kanto Champion, the first in this universe to act as a standing member of the Pokémon League. For some reason, trainers in this universe do not battle against wild Pokémon.

OU: At about the same time, another younger trainer destined for greatness begins his journey, this time in the Hoenn Region. Pokémon Trainer Brendan sets out to gather gym badges, but ends up getting caught up in a conflict of legnedary proportions when Team Aqua and Team Magma attempt to revive Kyogre and Groudon. Brendan puts a stop to their plan and saves the region. He then becomes the Hoenn Champion.
MU: In addition, in the Mega Universe, Team Aqua and Magma attempt to control the Primal Reversions of Kyogre and Groudon. Also, only in the Mega Universe does Brendan team up with Mega Rayquaza to save the region once again, this time from a massive meteor. However, it is believed that this meteor would have been sent into the Original Universe from the Mega Universe, if not for the interference of Zinnia.


OU: Three years later, in the region of Johto, new trainer Ethan begins his journey. During his travels, he discovers that Team Rocket isn’t as defeated as was thought. He battles them as they attempt to revive their organization and take control over the Johto Region. When he defeats them, they disband for good. Ethan then proceeds to become the Indigo League Champion. Then he travels to Kanto and gathers badges there as well. His journey’s finale comes when he defeats Red in a battle.

File:Pokémon Gallery Encounter with Shining.png

OU: Soon after, the next trainer destined for greatness begins his journey. Lucas sets out into the Sinnoh Region. Along his way gathering gym badges and training his Pokémon, Lucas is thrust in the middle of a conflict with Team Galactic, an organization that is attempting to recreate the very universe itself. This conflict comes to its finale when Lucas prevents Team Galactic from getting their hands on Palkia and Dialga and travels to the Distortion World, thus saving the entire Universe. He then becomes the Sinnoh Champion.

File:Distortion World.png

OU: A few years later, a new trainer named Hilbert begins a journey in the Unova Region. At the time, a group known as Team Plasma is preaching for the freedom of Pokémon, claiming that capturing them and using them in battles is cruel. It turns out their actual intentions are far more devious, as their leader, Ghetsis, wishes to get everyone to release their Pokémon so that he would be the only one left with Pokémon. Hilbert is chosen by one of the Legendary Dragons of the Unova Region to fight against N, pawn of Ghetsis, who has the opposing dragon. After they battle, N sees the error of his ways, and Team Plasma is stopped, or so everyone thinks. Hilbert moves on to become Unova Champion.

File:BW chapter.png

OU: Two years later, just as the trainer named Nate is beginning his journey in the Unova Region, Team Plasma makes a sudden reappearance. No longer do they operate under a false goal. Their objective is the complete conquering of the Unova Region and beyond. Nate is pulled into a fight against them. Ghetsis’ new plan is to use the power of Kyurem, shell of the Original Dragon, to seize power. Just as he is about to use this power to defeat Nate, N returns with his dragon to save him. However, this is just playing into Ghetsis’ hands, as he has Kyurem absorb the dragon and fuse with it. Now Nate has to stop Ghetsis and his dragon, which he does. After becoming Unova Champion, N releases his dragon and allows Nate to capture it himself.

File:B2W2 Animated Trailer.png

MU: At approximately the same time, yet another new trainer begins his journey, Calem of the Kalos Region. Throughout the course of his journey, he encounters the group known as Team Flare. Their goal seems to be the destruction of the world in order to reset it. In order to accomplish this goal, they take control of AZ’s Ultimate Weapon, which can be powered by the Pokémon of life and death. Calem teams up with one of these Pokémon to stop Team Flare from firing the weapon. After becoming Kalos Champion, Calem is awarded the Honor of Kalos for saving the region from Team Flare.
Multiverse Note: Presumably these events also occur in the Original Timeline, but with the absence of Mega Evolution.

File:Xerneas Encounter.png

MU: A couple of years later, a boy named Sun moves from the Kanto to Alola Region. Once their, he becomes a Pokémon trainer and takes on Alola’s Island Trial. He befriends a girl named Lillie, who protects a Cosmog. As his journey continues, Sun gets drawn into a fight against the Aeither Foundation, a group that normally works to protect Pokémon. Their leader, Lusamine, has grown an obsession with the creatures from another dimension known as Ultra Beasts, and wishes to travel to Ultra Space, while also releasing Ultra Beasts into the Alola Region. With the help of the Legendary Ultra Beast that Cosmog evolves into, Sun saves Lusamine and the region from the Ultra Beasts. He then becomes the first ever champion of the Alola Region.
UU: In an alternate version of events, Necrozma escapes its prison in the Megalo Tower and interrupts these events in order to take control over the newly-evolved Legendary Ultra Beast and regain its true form. Sun battles it to stop its rampage.


MU: The present: A trainer from the Tenno Region named Brandon is on the road to becoming the Tenno Champion. He is in the middle of a conflict with Team Planetary, who appear like a benevolent organization to the public, but actually are a crime syndicate. They plan on using the power of the Cosmic Architect to further their plans.

Pokemon Cosmic Quest Background