Episode 14: From Alpha to Omega

Episode 14, the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire Special, is out now! Find it here.

Ash and the gang meet up with an old friend from the Hoenn Region. However, all is not well. A Deoxys breaks loose of its meteorite and rampages around the city. Things get even worse when it gains a mysterious power, increasing its strength tremendously. Only the power of Mega Evolution can fight back.

Also, the Abilitydex has been updated accordingly, and a new page new Mega Evolutions has been created.

Good luck to you all in your journeys across the Hoenn Region, I’ll see you all again once I have reclaimed my title of Hoenn Champion.

Episode 13 Review

This episode reflects an actual “in-game” event in my original story for Luna and Terra Versions. This is the third encounter with Team Planetary, after the initial encounter at Pine’s Lab and a minor encounter at the Crater Gate. It is here in the games that it is first learned that Team Planetary is after the Meteoric Shards. Of course, Ash, Brock, and Ryu were all added on to the actual course of events. As for the end of Ash and Ryu’s battle, I was originally going to have Ash lose, but decided that I couldn’t do that so soon, so I decided on a tie. It actually works better, as it shows that neither trainer is right or wrong in their arguments.

Public Service Announcement

Team Planetary Emblem

Attention people of Tenno; it has come to our attention that many of you have little to no knowledge of the grand and glorious Team Planetary and their benevolent actions. To remedy this situation, a page has been created detailing the facts of Team Planetary. We also would like to remind you to ignore any slanderous comments that you might hear about us, we are on your side. Together we will create a better tomorrow.

-Team Planetary

(Also, make sure to check the Pokédex page for a new picture of Buffern and the New Mechanics page for a newly added mechanic.)

Episode 12 Review

The obvious purpose of this episode was both the concluding of the gym battle from the previous episode, and the initial battle with Ash’s Tenno Region rival, Ryu. Ryu is meant to be the the perfect rival in my eyes. He borrows a lot from Paul, who in my opinion was the best of Ash’s rivals, and a little from Gary, a close second, as well as a little bit of myself mixed in (when I say that, I mean my obsession with Dragon-Type Pokémon). The biggest problem with this episode was that there was too much battling for my tastes. I don’t know how it turned out when read, but I’ll admit that it wasn’t the most interesting to write.

Episode Delta

Normally I wouldn’t bother posting news here, as I’m sure that most of you will have seen it elsewhere, but I had to share this:

Embedded image permalink corocoro

Just announced is the Episode Delta story of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. Not much is known about this story at the time except that is based off of Rayquaza, but judging off of the rocket blasting off in the first picture, the scene in the second, and the screenshot of a BATTLE IN SPACE also on the second, it would seem that Pokémon is finally going to space, just like in my very own Pokémon Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions. I feel like Gamefreak is spying on me again (long story…). What is also interesting about this special plot is that it seems to involve Deoxys without the usage of an event, which is normally required for it and similar Pokémon. This has me more excited than ever for the release of these games.