Episode 23: Old Friends, New Tricks

Episode 23 is out now. Look for it here.

The time has come for Brenda’s next Pokémon Contest! On her way to register, she meets up with a friend from her home town. These two old friends quickly realize that they’re new rivals.

Also, the Tenno League page has been updated with images of Skyler and Galileo.

Episode 22 Review

Some of the more observant of the show, might notice that this episode is similar to the Diamond and Pearl episode Top-Down Training, where Paul challenged Cynthia to battle, only to lose completely against her Garchomp. In all honesty, this episode was a copy of that one, but I couldn’t resist. It allowed for a good amount of character development for Ryu, and it allowed for us to meet Galileo. And since Galileo’s signature Pokémon, Dracosmic, is a Dragon-Type, it was a perfect opportunity. I actually really liked this episode. I think it might be one of my favorites so far. In addition to seeing the the battle, we also got to see Ash acting serious for a change, and Brock giving his advice. I felt like it was a touching scene. For anyone who might curious, here’s the just completed image of Galileo:



Classification: The Dragon Constellation Pokémon
Type: Dragon/Light
Description: The larger points of light on Dracosmic’s scales align perfectly with the stars in the constellation Draco, leading historians to speculate that it was the ancients’ basis for the constellation. Dracosmic have the ability to float, and will often be found flying during the night, when their bodies blend in with the starry sky, but people rarely realize what they’re seeing.
Evolves from Serpenstar at level 50 at night.

Trivia: Dracosmic is Tenno’s “regional dragon,” similar to Dragonite, Kingdra, Salamence, etc. It is the only Pokémon that can learn the move Draco Meteor through level up, making it its signature move. For the sake of comparison, the real-world constellation Draco looks like the following image:

I’ve also completed Ryu’s Character Guide section and added a new section to the New Mechanics page dealing with Signature Moves. Check them out.



Classification: The Orbital Flyer Pokémon
Type: Flying/Normal
Description: Thanks to their powerful wings and upper body strength, as well as high lung capacity, Orbitross are one of the only known Pokémon with the ability to fly to the edge of the atmosphere. Once up at their highest, Orbitross will travel in a low Earth orbit. When the time comes for them to get food, they will dive down to the surface.
Does not evolve

Trivia: Orbitross is based off of the real-world albatross, a type of sea-bird known for being able to fly incredibly long distances.

Episode 22: Championship Shape

Make sure to check out Episode 22 here.

When Ash, Brock, and Brenda decide to attend a lecture by Professor Pine, they end up getting more than they expected when they also meet up with Ryu, and Galileo, the Tenno League Champion.

Also, the Pokédex, Attackdex, and Tenno League pages have been updated accordingly and a Ryu section has been added to the Character Guide.

Episode 21 Review

I wasn’t initially going to have the battle with Skyler be a sky diving battle, but quickly decided it could be a whole lot more interesting than just another normal battle. I should make it clear that in Luna, Terra, and Sol, the battle with Skyler is not anything different from normal, however, after you become champion, you can challenge him to a Sky Battle (Sky Battles do make a return throughout the games) once a day. This episode was kind of my way to have Ash lose against a Gym Leader, without actually having to bother with an actual rematch later.