Classification: The Red Giant Pokémon
Type: Fire/Light
Description: This is the form taken when the Pokémon has burned out most of its internal fuel. It may be nearing the end of its life, but it’s larger and more powerful than ever.
Evolves from Astar with use of a Sun Stone

Trivia: The sheer size of Gigastar makes it more bright than Astar, but despite this, its actual surface temperature is cooler. At this stage in life, it will only continue to cool as it grows older.

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Classification: The Comet Tail Pokémon
Type: Ice/Fire
Description: This Pokémon’s tail may burn at extremely high temperatures, but the ice that composes its main body is chilled to such low temperatures that it is impossible to melt. This unique trait allows it to survive the fall from space down to Earth.
Does not evolve

Trivia: Cosmet migrate through space in herds. They pass by the Earth periodically, and when they do they create a grand spectacle in the sky. Sometimes a stray Cosmet will be caught by Earth’s gravity and pulled down to the surface.


Classification: The Fire Snake Pokémon
Type: Fire/Poison
Description: This Pokémon is known for producing a potent venom which will cause a burning sensation while also remaining toxic. Vipyre has troubles keeping its flames lit in the cold, so it must seek areas of warmth to live in.
Evolves from Pyrethon at level 25

Trivia: Despite being a Fire-Type, Vipyre’s coldblooded nature often times makes it ineffective at fighting Ice-Type Pokémon. When it comes time for it to shed its skin, the old scales will burn away in a near instantaneous flash of fiery incandescence. This display is often claimed to be a sight of great beauty.

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The Sun Also Rises

With Sun and Moon Versions on the horizon, I thought that now would be an ideal time reveal a Legendary Sun Pokémon of my own.

Classification: The Solar Pokémon
Type: Fire/Light
Description: This Pokémon was revered by the ancients of Tenno as a solar deity. It was known in times past to occasionally descend to Earth from its home in space to temporarily inhabit temples and shrines built in its honor.
Does Not Evolve

Trivia: Heliosol’s name is a combination of the name Helios, the Greek Titan of the Sun, and sol, the Latin word and scientific name for the Sun. In Tenno’s history and legends this Pokémon is highly associated with the Sun. In Luna and Terra Versions this Pokémon can be found in the ruins of Solar Peak, the  highest summit of Mt. Corona, but only after the player has defeated Terratlas/Seluna and entered the Hall of Fame. There seems to be more to this mysterious Pokémon than meets the eye.

Signature Move:
Coronal Storm
Gathering solar energy, the user unleashes an intense storm of charged particles. The attack is powered up if used when the sunlight is harsh.
Type: Fire/Light
Category: Special
Power: 100
Accuracy: 90
PP: 5

Signature Ability:
Solar Maximum
When the Pokémon attacks or is sent into a battle, it turns the sunlight harsh.


Classification: The Solar Panel Pokémon
Type: Fire/Steel
Description: Upon evolution, Turtsol’s solar panels become much more efficient, allowing to gather even more energy from the sun. It has also integrated the metal from its solar panels into its shell, allowing it to become a much better defensive mechanism.
Evolves from Turcell at level 16 and into Solurtle at level 36

Trivia: A Turcell can live without its solar panels, as most of its energy is still derived from traditional food at that stage. But once it evolves into Turtsol, it will be unable to function if its panels are removed, as it relies on the sun for most of its energy. A Turtsol will quickly die without its panels.

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(Mega) Solurtle

Classification: The Solar Powered Pokémon
Type: Fire/Steel
Description: Solurtle can sustain itself with nothing but energy from the sun. It will spend any extra time it has basking in the sun, absorbing energy for when it needs it.
Evolves from Turtsol at level 36
Mega Evolves into Mega Solurtle with Solurtite

Mega Solurtle
Description: Upon Mega Evolving, Solurtle’s solar panels now cover a larger percentage of its body, allowing it to absorb even more sunlight. These panels also double as armor. Because of this, Mega Solurtle gains a boost in Special Attack, Defense, and Special Defense, but the bulk of the armor causes a decrease in Speed.
Mega Stone: Solurtite
Type: Fire/Steel
Mega Ability: Drought

Trivia: Solurtle’s solar panels are the most efficient means known of transferring energy from the sun into usable power, with a nearly 100% conversion rate. When it Mega Evolves it obtains a true 100% conversion rate. Solurtle was the inspiration of solar power.

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Also, the Movedex now includes two new moves for Solurtle.

As a random side note, happy 30th birthday Mario! I hope you have at least another successful 30 years ahead of you!



Classification: The Shooting Star Pokémon
Type: Fire/Psychic
Description: This mythical Pokémon is said to be the very first shooting star to ever fall to Earth in ancient times. It is also said that it watches over humanity, protecting it along with the two other Cosmic Guardians.
Does not Evolve

Trivia: Ryusei’s name comes from the Japanese word for shooting star. It’s worth noting that it literally translates to dragon-like, as shooting stars were often described as being the trail of a dragon. Ryusei is the first of the Cosmic Guardian Trio, or Cosmic Trio for short, the Legendary Trio of the Tenno Region.

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