Mega Porygon-Z

Mega Porygon-Z
Mega Porygon Z

Description: When Porygon2 was upgraded into Porygon-Z via the Dubious Disk, glitches soon became apparent. Using the power of Mega Evolution, a system update/patch was created in the form of a Mega Stone, thus creating Mega Porygon-Z. With its patch, Porygon-Z can now fully implement its original programming and travel to and from cyberspace at will using the portal that floats behind it. It can even travel to alien dimensions. It has increased Special Attack, Defense, and Special Defense.
Mega Stone: Porygonzite
Type: Light
Mega Ability: Analytic

Trivia: In a callback to its name, Mega Porygon-Z’s shape is that of a Z. The portal behind it can be opened an closed based on convenience in battle, and a scene is shown of it opening when Porygon-Z first Mega Evolves. Rumor has it that Devon Corp. experiments with Infinity Energy are the origin of Porygon-Z’s Mega Stone.

Random Updates

Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve done anything, I’m currently working on my Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium movie. Anyways, I’ve done some edits around the website, including a page about New Items, and two major updates to the New Mechanics page, explaining the Ultimate Six and Throwing Items. There is now also a picture of Planetary Commander Cygnus on the Team Planetary page.

Episode 18 Review

It should obvious, as it was basically flat out stated, Rabbolt is the Tenno Region’s member of the Pikachu family. For those who don’t know, the Pikachu family is a group of Pokémon introduced each region that look like Pikachu, but are not. This group includes Raichu, Pichu, Plusle, Minum, Pachirisu, Emolga, and Dedenne. I knew I was going to have Rabbolt be caught by Brenda to follow the recent tradition set by Dawn, Iris, and Clemont with their respective Pokémon. The idea for its personality came from a thought I had; it always seems like Pikachu can get along with any Pokémon, so I thought it would be funny if there came one that didn’t like Pikachu. Putting two and two together, I decided that Rabbolt wold be perfect for this role.



Classification: The Electric Rabbit Pokémon
Type: Electric
Description: Rabbolt generate static electricity in their fluffy tails, which is then stored in the electric pouches. The electricity it charges can be used to protect itself. When a group of Rabbolt are threatened, they will simultaneously release all of their stored energy, effectively fending off any predator.
Does not Evolve

Trivia: As seen in Cosmic Quest, Rabbolt have two distinct personalities, the cute and affectionate side it shows to most, and the tough and competitive side it shows towards those similar to itself. Despite not taking kindly to similar others, it does get along just fine with other Rabbolt, they being the one exception to its competitive streak.