Classification: The Black Hole Pokémon
Type: Psychic/Dark
Description: Created by clandestine Team Planetary experiments on Gravisaac, this Pokémon is an engine of destruction. Where Gravisaac uses gravity to create, Schwarzsfield only destroys.
Does Not Evolve

Trivia: The Gravitonic Core that gives Gravisaac its gravitational powers has collapsed into a singularity, giving Schwarzsfield control over black holes and a much stronger gravitational force. This singularity of infinite density causes Schwarzsfield to have the unique trait of being the heaviest Pokémon with infinite weight.

In addition to sharing Gravisaac’s signature ability and move, Gravitic Surge and Graviton Flux, Schwarzsfield has its own signature move:

Graviton Overload
The user attacks with uncontrolled gravity, attacking everything else indiscriminately. Also grounds all flying targets.
Type: Dark
Category: Special
Power: 120
Accuracy: 90
PP: 5

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A Note on Pokémon of Infinite and Zero Weight

Gravisaac and Schwarzsfield each have a unique trait. The former weighs zero pounds, while the latter weighs infinite. This leads to unique interactions with certain game mechanics. These interactions are listed below:

Low Kick and Grass Knot: These moves get stronger the heavier the target is. If used against Gravisaac, the moves will fail. If used against Schwarzsfield, it will be a one-hit KO.

Heat Crash and Heavy Slam: These moves get stronger the heavier the user is than the target. If used against Gravisaac, it will be a one-hit KO. If used against Schwarzsfield, it will fail. If (somehow) used by Gravisaac, it will fail. If (somehow) used by Schwarzsfield, it will be a one-hit KO.

Heavy Metal, Light Metal, Float Stones, and Autotomize: These abilities, items, and moves increase and decrease the weight of the Pokémon. They have no effect on Gravisaac and Schwarzsfield.

Sky Drop: This move can’t be used on a Pokémon weighing more than 440.9 lbs, and therefore can’t be used on Schwarzsfield.

Heavy Ball: This Pokéball works better on heavier Pokémon. Usually it will have a -20 catch rate modifier for the lightest Pokémon and +40 for the heaviest Pokémon. It now has a -40 for Gravisaac and +60 for Schwarzsfield.



Classification: The Werewolf Pokémon
Type: Grass/Dark
Description: A layer of lichen covers much of its body. When the Moon is full, this lichen grows larger and takes control over the body of the Pokémon.
Evolves from Lupine with use of a Moon Stone

Trivia: The lichen that covers its body is lunarphilic, it processes light from the Moon and converts it into energy. It exists in a symbiosis with Lichenthrope, providing it with energy, while Lichenthrope provide protection in return. However, the amount of energy the lichen produces during a full Moon overwhelms Lichenthrope, causing it to lose control and giving the lichen control over the body.

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Classification: The Execution Pokémon
Type: Dark/Steel
Description: Only the strongest Bisharp with the sharpest blades evolve into Guilloking. While a Bisharp commands a group of Pawniard, they, in turn, answer to a Guilloking.
Evolves from Bisharp by trading while holding a Whetstone

Trivia: Guilloking will spend much of its day sitting on a makeshift throne and sharpening its blades. From its throne it will strategically command its Bisharp and Pawniard underlings. It does not except failure, and is swift and cruel in the punishments it hands out. When two Guilloking meet, their armies do battle. The battle only stops when one side takes out the other’s Guilloking. The victorious Guilloking takes control over what remains of its opponent’s army.

In-Depth Page

Also, the Whetstone has been added to the New Items Page. Whetstone


Nemex Art

Classification: The Nemesis Pokémon
Type: Dark/Ghost
Description: A destructive force that is the opposite of the Cosmic Architect. This Pokémon periodically causes mass extinctions on Earth.
Does Not Evolve

Trivia: Little is known about this mysterious Pokémon that opposes the Cosmic Architect in many ancient myths. It seems to be an entity of pure destruction and malice that lives on the extreme edge of the Solar System. It can exert its sinister influence over vast distances to cause rampant destruction. It is believed to be the cause the periodic mass extinctions that plague the Earth, including the one that wiped out the Fossil Pokémon.

Nemex’s name combines the concepts of Nemesis and Planet X, two theoretical celestial bodies on the fringe of the Solar System whose gravitational influence possibly leads to mass extinctions on Earth. Nemesis would be a brown dwarf star and Planet X a ninth planet. Concepts of both are woven into Nemex’s design. It is the second of Tenno’s event-exclusive Legendaries.

Signature Move and Ability:
Sinister Influence
The will of the user is exerted from afar, bringing disaster to the target.
Type: Dark/Ghost
Category: Special
Power: 130
Accuracy: 85
PP: 5

Cycle of Destruction
All other Pokémon take damage at the end of each turn.

In-Depth Page

I know it’s been a long while, but this post is my way of promising that Nemex Unleashed is coming soon. It’s been a busy summer, but I’m back to work on writing. Shouldn’t be too much longer now.

Episode 65 Review

To be perfectly honest, of the two months I went without posting an episode, I spent a month and a half writing this episode. I had originally planned on having it posted within a week of starting, but things kept on coming up. Before I knew it, a month and a half had passed. Sorry about that…

Anyways, after defeating the the Versal City Gym in Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions, the player gains access to the HM Fly and is supposed to use it to get back to Tenno Minor fast so the can use the now open path in Crater Gate to get to Crater Town and the next gym. For obvious reasons this isn’t how Ash and friends are going to be getting back there, and they needed a reason too. I had been toying around with the idea of having Professor Pine host a space camp, and figured that it would be the perfect excuse to get Ash and the others back to Tenno Minor. As for the hot air balloon ride, I used that because it was a form of travel yet to be truly used by Ash. In hindsight, it really seems odd that Ash has yet to use a hot air balloon for travel, just because of how it would annoy Team Rocket.

As for the Pokémon introduced in this episode, Calumba (who’s name comes from calm + columba, the scientific name for a dove), it’s worth pointing out that it is meant to act as a counterpart to the Pokémon Ravenoir, One’s a Dark/Flying, the other Light/Flying, one evolves with a Dusk Stone, the other with a Shiny Stone (I really wanted it to be a Dawn Stone for the obvious parallelism, but apparently the Dawn Stone’s name is completely different in the Japanese version, and has nothing to do with light), one is a bad omen, the brings peace and serenity, and their movesets are extremely similar (which will be seen once I post Calumba’s in-depth page).

Mega Spiritomb

Mega Spiritomb

Description: The power of Mega Evolution allows for Spiritomb to break free from its Odd Keystone prison. The 108 evil spirits that form Spiritomb can now be seen orbiting it. Without the Keystone containing it, it gains great power, in the form of increased Special Attack and Speed. Its Mega Ability, Sinister Shadows, protects it from damage by Light and Fairy-Type moves, its only weaknesses.  When it returns to its original form after battle, the mystic properties of the Odd Keystone cause it to repair itself, sealing Spiritomb once more, until the next time it Mega Evolves.
Mega Stone: Spiritombite
Type: Ghost/Dark
Mega Ability: Sinister Shadows (New Ability, See Abilitydex)

Trivia: In case you couldn’t tell already, I love the more gimmicky Mega Evolutions. Instead of the Pokémon just growing bigger and stronger, I like it to have a story. Mega Spiritomb was the result of its story of breaking out of the Odd Keystone, and its ability. One of the things that bugged me when Fairy-Types first came out was that both Sableye and Spiritomb now had a weakness. Pre-Kalos, both Pokémon were the only ones to not have a single weakness, and in all honesty, it was about the only thing the two had going for them. Fairies ruined that. Of course I went and made things worse by adding the Light-Type, which gave both of them something they were x4 weak to. By granting Mega Spiritomb the Sinister Shadows ability, I have fixed this problem for Spiritomb, allowing it to regain its former glory. While designing Mega Spiritomb, I was going for the more grotesque Lovecraftian design. The multiple faces as well as the spirits entering and emerging from the body represent the fact that Spiritomb is an amalgamation of 108 spirits.

Seluna and Terratlas

And here they are, the cover Pokémon of Luna and Terra Versions (If you haven’t seen the actual covers yet, make sure to check out the previous post):


Classification: The Lunar Pokémon
Type: Dark/Rock
Description: According to myth and legend, Seluna, under the guidance of the Cosmic Architect, created all of the moons in the solar system. It’s crowning achievement is the Earth’s moon, where it is said to dwell.
Does not Evolve

Trivia: Seluna is the cover Pokémon of Luna Version. The pattern on its upper chest is meant to invoke the actual Moon. It’s name is derived from Selene, the Greek goddess of the Moon, combined with Luna, the scientific term for the Moon. It’s red eyes are meant to invoke the theme of having a “red” legendary each generation, such as Ho-oh, Groudon, Palkia (it’s more of a pink, but close enough), Reshiram (it glows red), and Yveltal, all of which are based off of Red Version and Charizard.


Classification: The Terra Pokémon
Type: Ground/Water
Description: In legend, Terratlas was created by the Cosmic Architect in order to construct the planets of the solar system. It is said to have modeled the Earth in its own image. It is rumored to live in high Earth orbit, always watching its prized creation.
Does not Evolve

Trivia: Terratlas is the cover Pokémon of Terra Version. Its name is a combination of the Latin term terra, meaning the Earth, and Atlas, the Greek Titan that held the Earth on its back. The main landmass on Terratlas’ stomach is meant look like the Kanto region, while the landmass on his shoulders (the one with the mountains) is meant to invoke Tenno, and the one on his hand with the volcano is meant to invoke Hoenn. The white on its head and feet are meant to be polar ice caps. Terratlas’ blue eyes are meant to relate it to the trend of having a blue legendary cover Pokémon, continuing the tradition of Lugia, Kyogre, Dialga, Zekrom (it glows blue), and Xerneas, all which stem from Blastoise back in Blue Version.

In addition, the Attackdex/Abilitydex has been updated with these Pokémon’s signature moves and abilities. Also, make sure to visit my Fan Fiction profile page to vote on which game you would pick.