Episode 90: Breaking Training

Episode 90 of Cosmic Quest is here to read now.

Ash, Brock, and Brenda arrive to Cosm City with enough extra time to spend having some fun before things get serious for Brenda. But when Michelle spots them having fun instead of training, she assumes the worst. Is the friendship of Brenda and Michelle at its end?

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Episode 89 Review

Tardiguard is a pretty interesting Pokémon I came up with not too long ago. It’s based off of the tardigrade, or as you might better know it, the water bear. The tardigrade is a microscopic animal that is famous for being one of the most hardy creatures on Earth. It can survive extremes in temperature, radiation, extreme pressure, and even the vacuum of space. There may be a lot of extremophiles, organisms that thrive in extreme conditions on Earth, but none of them can live in as many environments as the tardigrade. It’s just begging to be turned into a Pokémon. The gummy bear-like design of Tardiguard is inspired by its common name, the water bear, and the “squishy” nature of a microscopic organism. It is worth noting that Tardiguard can be found all over Tenno in the most extreme areas, such Frostover Island, the volcanic Victory Road, and space. There’s even a room in the Starcore Underground, the nuclear reactor room, where one can only encounter Tardiguard.

This episode was designed as a way to show of the nature of Tardiguard. After all, what better use is there for a virtually indestructible Pokémon than to rescue people from extreme circumstances. The more clueless, ignorant, and aloof nature of the Tardiguard  in this episode was inspired by seemingly aimless nature of microscopic organisms in their movement. It also helps to think that a Pokémon that can’t be hurt by much probably wouldn’t be too worried about the world around it. Tardiguard E was meant to be the pinnacle of this trait, but the entire Tardiguard Squad showed it to some degree.


Classification: The Curse Chest Pokémon
Type: Ghost/Water
Description: It is said when a greedy pirate can’t relinquish his treasure, his spirit become bound to his treasure chest, creating this Pokémon. It hordes treasure inside of it, and only gives it to those it absolutely trusts.
Does not Evolve

Trivia: If it finds new items of value, it will quickly scoop them up and place them in its chest. If one attempts to take treasure from inside this Pokémon’s chest, it will place a curse on them. The arm that emerges from the chest can appear either through the treasure or out from behind the chest.

Signature Ability:
Treasure Trove
The Pokémon may give you a piece of treasure.
In-Depth Description: If holding no item, the Pokémon may randomly hold one of the following: Nugget, Big Nugget, Pearl, Big Pearl, Pearl String, Stardust, Star Piece, or Comet Shard

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Classification: The Puffer Mace Pokémon
Type: Water/Steel
Description: The spikes on Pufflail’s body are practically unbreakable. When threatened, it will wildly swing it body around, ramming its spikes into anything nearby.
Evolves into Marlance at level 27

Trivia: Its ruthless manor of defending itself lead to brutal, yet efficient medieval weapons that were based off of it.

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Pokémon Episode 89: Caught Off-Tardiguard

Episode 89 has been posted here.

On their way to Cosm City, Ash, Brock, and Brenda hear a cry for help from an old lady. Her friend, Muttnik, has been trapped in a burning building, but it’s impossible for anyone to get in or out, anyone normal that is. A squad a very special Pokémon appearing in time to save the day.

Also, the Pokédex page has been updated accordingly.


Classification: The Red Giant Pokémon
Type: Fire/Light
Description: This is the form taken when the Pokémon has burned out most of its internal fuel. It may be nearing the end of its life, but it’s larger and more powerful than ever.
Evolves from Astar with use of a Sun Stone

Trivia: The sheer size of Gigastar makes it more bright than Astar, but despite this, its actual surface temperature is cooler. At this stage in life, it will only continue to cool as it grows older.

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Episode 87 Review


What I mean to say is, I absolutely adore this episode. I think it’s easily one of my favorites. Wobbuffet is easily one of my favorite Pokémon characters in the entire series. How can one not love that intrusive blue blob? An interesting fact is that Wobbuffet is the Pokémon in the show with the third most appearances, falling only behind Pikachu and Meowth. Even among all characters, human or Pokémon, it has the sixth most appearances, behind Ash, Pikachu, Jessie, James, and Meowth. Despite this seriously impressive record, Wobbuffet has only ever had four episodes truly dedicated to it. Those episodes are its debut appearance in the Johto episode Tricks of the Trade, another Johto episode, 30 episodes later, in Wobbu-Palooza, and then The Wayward Wobbuffet 20 episodes after that. After The Wayward Wobbuffet it wouldn’t be for nearly another 700 episodes and 14 years that Wobbuffet was given its next dedicated episode in the Kalos episode A Fork in the Road! A Parting of Ways! To date, it has now been about 140 episodes since then, and not another one has appeared. The fact that Wobbuffet went 700 episodes and 14 years without an episode, having no dedicated episode whatsoever in Hoenn or Sinnoh (Unova too, but that doesn’t count for obvious, yet unfortunate, reasons), is absolutely insane for a Pokémon that has appeared as much as Wobbuffet has. It makes no sense that a Pokémon that has literally appeared in over 700 episodes over the course of the past 18 years, would only have these four episodes dedicated to it, and how few and far between the ones it does get are. Pokémon that only appeared for one region and a mere fraction of Wobbuffet’s episodes have more dedicated episodes to their name. With that all being said, I knew that it was absolutely mandatory for me to not only make a Wobbuffet-centric episode, but to go all-out with it.

This episode was inspired by the aforementioned episode, The Wayward Wobbuffet. It was a fun episode in which Wobbuffet gets separated from Team Rocket and we get to witness its wacky adventure. This was always one of my favorite episodes, and is certainly my favorite Wobbuffet-centric episode, so I decided to take it’s concept and scale it up for my own Wobbuffet episode. I wanted to put Wobbuffet in the most random, bizarre, and incredible circumstances I could come up with. I wanted an episode as wacky and outrageous as Wobbuffet itself. And that’s exactly what I ended up with.

Among the many strange things I had Wobbuffet do, one probably stood out more than the others, the cooking competition show called Sliced. If you didn’t know already, this was a parody of the real-life Food Network show called Chopped, which is pretty much the exact same thing as what I portrayed in Sliced. I really enjoy that show, so when I decided that one step of Wobbuffet’s misadventure would be on a cooking show, I knew it had to be a parody of Chopped.