Tennoan Forms and Tennoan Metagross

If you’ve read the Team Rocket Movie already, then you already know that one of the bigger shocks is the surprise appearance of the first ever Tenno Regional Variant, Tennoan Metagross. I’m sure it must seem very odd for me to suddenly release my first Regional Variant years after their introduction in Sun and Moon. There’s a method to my madness.

I had always thought that Regional Variants were to be a gimmick that were locked to the Alola Region. Due to this, it seemed unrealistic to me to make my own Tennoan Forms, as it would just leave my region sticking out like a sore thumb with a gimmick that it shouldn’t have. Since I couldn’t just take back any Tennoan Forms I might make, I decided instead to make none at all. However, as of last week’s Pokémon Sword and Shield news, it has now been confirmed that Regional Variants exist in at least one region other than Alola, the Galar Region. That’s all the justification I needed. So I brainstormed a few ideas, one of them being Tennoan Metagross, and prepared to implement them. I realized that my nearly ready to release Team Rocket Movie already featured a Metagross in it, so I decided to replace it with a Tennoan Metagross and make the movie the first ever look at a Tennoan Form Pokémon.

Unlike Alola, Tenno is a region heavily affected by humans, and because of this, most Tennoan Forms will be Pokémon that changed due to the influence, whether direct or indirect, of humans. More specifically, most, if not all, will be related to Tenno’s space industry in one way or another. For example, Tennoan Metagross is designed to look like a lunar lander used in the Apollo Program.

And here’s some further details on the first Tennoan Pokémon:

Tennoan Metagross
Type: Steel/Fire
Description: Metagross in Tenno were altered by scientists to allow them to land on the surface of the Moon. They would send back priceless data and pave the way for the first man on the Moon.
Evolves from Metang at Level 45

Trivia: Tennoan Metagross can hover by activating the four rockets on the bottom of its legs. By activating the main booster on the bottom of its body, it can achieve orbit. Its four brains allow it to make minute changes to the angle of legs with reaction times on the level of microseconds, allowing it to follow a precise course with little danger of crashing.

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Now that you’ve gotten your first taste of a Tennoan Form Pokémon, you can expect more to slowly trickle in from Cosmic Quest and other sources.



Classification: The Lightspeed Pokémon
Type: Light
Description: This Legendary Pokémon is said to be made of crystallized light, allowing it to run at the speed of light. It is virtually never seen, as it is not visible when running at max speed.
Does not evolve

Trivia: Velocivity is known to exist because it takes interest in certain individuals and reveals itself to them. Velocivity will travel around the globe several thousand times per day. Not only can it travel at the speed of light, but it can also process its surroundings and react at the speed of light.

Signature Move:
Lightspeed Dash
The user attacks at the speed of light. This attack hits before any other move, no matter what.
In-Depth Description: This move has a speed priority of +6, meaning that it has priority even before moves like Extreme Speed, Protect, or Helping Hand.
Type: Light
Category: Physical
Power: 110
Accuracy: 100
PP: 5

Signature Ability:
Speed of Light
Gives priority to Light-Type moves.

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Classification: The Werewolf Pokémon
Type: Grass/Dark
Description: A layer of lichen covers much of its body. When the Moon is full, this lichen grows larger and takes control over the body of the Pokémon.
Evolves from Lupine with use of a Moon Stone

Trivia: The lichen that covers its body is lunarphilic, it processes light from the Moon and converts it into energy. It exists in a symbiosis with Lichenthrope, providing it with energy, while Lichenthrope provide protection in return. However, the amount of energy the lichen produces during a full Moon overwhelms Lichenthrope, causing it to lose control and giving the lichen control over the body.

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Classification: The Execution Pokémon
Type: Dark/Steel
Description: Only the strongest Bisharp with the sharpest blades evolve into Guilloking. While a Bisharp commands a group of Pawniard, they, in turn, answer to a Guilloking.
Evolves from Bisharp by trading while holding a Whetstone

Trivia: Guilloking will spend much of its day sitting on a makeshift throne and sharpening its blades. From its throne it will strategically command its Bisharp and Pawniard underlings. It does not except failure, and is swift and cruel in the punishments it hands out. When two Guilloking meet, their armies do battle. The battle only stops when one side takes out the other’s Guilloking. The victorious Guilloking takes control over what remains of its opponent’s army.

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Also, the Whetstone has been added to the New Items Page. Whetstone


Uncertain Form
Life Form
Ghost Form
Classification: The Paradox Pokémon
Type (Uncertain Form): Normal/Ghost
Type (Life Form): Normal
Type (Ghost Form): Ghost
Description: Parabox will never leave its box. While hidden inside the box, it exists in a state of fluctuation, and its form is completely uncertain.
Evolves from Kittainer at level 25

Trivia: Parabox will change forms with a more perfect randomness than even the best of random number generators. Because of this, scientists and mathematicians use them as random number generators. Not even Parabox knows what form it will take on when it emerges from its box.

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Happy New Year! This year is sure to be a big and exciting one for Cosmic Quest!


The Bright Pokémon
Type: Light
Description: The Pokémon Yang-Xing and Yin-Xing are always born as twins. Yang-Xing is said to embody all that is light in the world.
Evolves into Yin-Yang-Xing by leveling up with a Yin-Xing on the team

Trivia: Yang-Xing is incomplete. It must complete itself by merging with its dark counterpart, Yin-Xing. Preferably its twin. In its incomplete form, Yang-Xing must expel all darkness from itself. It does so by condensing it into the gem stone in its tail.

Yang-Xing is meant to invoke the yang of the yin-yang. While yang is Chinese for bright, xing is Chinese for something along the line of attribute. So Yang-Xing means light attribute, or positive.

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The Telescope Pokémon
Type: Light/Steel
Description:  This Pokémon can see objects at great distances away. Its telescope eye grows with age, and the larger it gets, the further it can see.
Does not evolve

Trivia: Cycloptic is capable of standing still for hours at a time, focusing on one single point in order to collect as much light as possible, and to resolve a clear image. If this point moves, like a star in the sky, Cycloptic can pivot on its neck and its waist, and its telescope eye can be angled up and down, allowing it to track the object as necessary. It is not unusual to find this Pokémon completely dormant at night, as it takes in the sky above it.

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