Classification: The Psychic Kappa Pokémon
Type: Water/Psychic
Description: This Pokémon can swim through water at incredible velocities by using its psychic powers to increase its hydrodynamics as well as to propel itself. While in a body of water, the liquid around it becomes an extension of its own body.
Evolves from Kappaqueous at level 36

Trivia: This Pokémon has been known to use its psychic powers to cloak itself in water while traveling across land, allowing it to keep its skin moist. Given the fact that it can also control the pressure and temperature of the water around it, those who believe it was originally an alien from outer space suggest that it might have traveled to Earth in a similar way.

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Also, you may have noticed that poll on the side of your screen. I’ve always said that you can’t really pick your starter Pokémon until you’ve seen their fully evolved form. Well now that all three Tenno Starters have their final forms revealed, it’s time to chose. Please select your favorite Tenno Starter, the one you would pick if Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions were real. My personal choice is Turcell.


Classification: The Cosmonaut Pokémon
Type: Normal
Description: This Pokémon’s extremely thick fur coat acts as an insulator and pressure vessel. Along with its ability extend an air-tight helmet-like extension around its head, this makes it the perfect Pokémon for use in space missions.
Does not evolve

Trivia: Muttnik was the first terrestrial Pokémon to ever be sent into outer space. The data gathered in these test flights paved the way to Tenno’s first maned space missions.

Muttnik is inspired by the real-world dog Laika, one of the first animals to go to space in real life. Laika was sent into space aboard the Sputnik II, hence the name Muttnik.

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Classification: The Gravitation Pokémon
Type: Psychic
Description: With the power of its Gravitonic Core, Gravisaac is able to manipulate gravity to its will. It is said that this core was created by the Cosmic Architect to aide in the construction of the Solar System.
Does Not Evolve

Trivia: The various pieces of Gravisaac’s body are held together purely by the force of gravity exerted by its Gravitonic Core. The Pokémon registers as weighing absolutely nothing on a scale because of its effects on gravity, making it the only weightless Pokémon.

Signature Ability: Gravitic Surge
Increases the duration of gravity-influencing moves indefinitely.
Affected Moves: Gravity and Antigravity

Signature Move: Graviton Flux
The user attacks with a surge of gravity. It’s power is doubled if gravity has been influenced.
Type: Psychic
Category: Special
Power: 80
Accuracy: 100
PP: 10


Classification: The Conjuring Pokémon
Type: Ghost/Psychic
Description: Inside of its hat is a portal through which it can conjure nearly anything. It can also channel great amounts of energy using its wand.
Evolves from Hatrick at level 37

Triva: Boodini is thought to be formed when a magician’s spirit possess the costume it wore when performing. Just as a magician might, it has a flair for performance, and performs tricks to amuse those around it. Even if it has actual powers akin to magic, it still enjoys performing tricks, illusions, and sleight of hands.

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Classification: The Gladiatorial Bird Pokémon
Type: Fighting/Flying
Description: A master of aerial combat, this Pokémon will fight with a never-ending onslaught of physical attacks. When two or more are in one place, it will always lead to a fight between them.
Evolves from Falcoknight at level 36

Trivia: If Eagladiator is not training or fighting, it can often be found sharpening its talons against rocks. It keeps its talons so sharp that a slash from them can cut through solid rock. The leader of a flock of Eagladiator is often determined by who has the sharpest and strongest talons.

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Classification: The Fortress Pokémon
Type: Grass/Ground
Description: The ferns planted on its body at birth have now grown to encase its whole body and can repel any attack. It is unknown what this Pokémon looks like beneath its indestructible armor of foliage.
Evolves from Buffern at level 32

Trivia: Every few years Ferntress need to cast aside their armor as it grows so that larger ferns may grow in its place. However, the armor grows beneath the old, meaning that Ferntress is never left without it. Each new layer of armor that grows is not only larger, but also more intricate than the previous. This means that the age of a Ferntress can be judged by the complexity of their armor.

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Classification: The Snow Tick Pokémon
Type: Bug/Ice
Description: Arctick are born in snowball nests rolled by their parents. Being born in the snow means that Arctick have an extremely low body temperature. In order to compensate, they must suck the body heat of other Pokémon, causing the Pokémon to become colder while Arctick warms itself.
Evolves into Beetundra at level 17

Trivia: Travelers to regularly cold, snow-covered areas are advised to to make sure that all skin is covered completely to avoid having Arctick latch onto them and sap their heat, therefore increasing the rate at which a person can contract hypothermia.

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