Classification: The Solute Pokémon
Type: Steel/Dragon
Description: At birth, Soludon will pick two types of metals and exclusively consume them. These metals manifest as the two colors on its body. When it evovles, these metals will merge into a unique alloy.
Evolves into Duraludon by leveling up while holding a Metal Coat
Breedable by breeding a Duraludon holding a Metallic Incense

Trivia: Soludon may be much smaller than Duraludon, but because it has yet to create a lightweight alloy, it’s nearly as heavy. Once it produces the perfect alloy, it will be able to grow much larger without adding much weight. Each side of Soludon has different properties, and will react differently when impacted.

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Also, the Metallic Incense has been added to the New Items page. It’s description is as follows:

Metallic Incense: An item to be held by a Pokémon. This metallic-smelling incense boosts the power of Steel-Type moves.


Classification: The Spirit Tag Pokémon
Type: Bug/Ghost
Description: It is said that a Scartouche is born when someone passes away. The markings on its back are said to represent the name of that person in an indecipherable language.
Evolves into Scarabti at level 24

Trivia: Scartouche can live in a state of hibernation nearly indefinitely. As such, living specimens have been discovered in the tombs of ancient kings. It was believed that the Scartouche bearing the name of the king is buried alongside him so that his name would not be forgotten in the afterlife.

Origin: Scartouche is based on the Egyptian scarab combined with a cartouche. A cartouche a carved name tag in Egyptian hieroglyphics where the name of royalty would be inscribed.

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Tennoan Aegislash

Tennoan Aegislash-DTennoan Aegislash-A
Shield Form                             Blade Form
Classification: The Light Sword Pokémon
Type: Light/Ghost
Description: The solid light that forms its blade can slice through any conventional material, while the personal forcefield it holds can deflect any projectile.
Evolves from Tennoan Doublade with a Shiny Stone.

Trivia: It converts spiritual energy that it absorbs from its victims into the light that forms its blade and shield. It can retract its blade to conserve energy when not in use.

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Classification: The Fire Snake Pokémon
Type: Fire/Poison
Description: Rather than using venom, Pyrethon will wrap its muscular body around prey and increase the heat of its scales like an oven.
Evolves into Vipyre at level 25

Trivia: Pyrethon’s hot underbelly will leave scorch marks wherever it slithers, giving it the nickname “trailblazer.” It’s body is almost entirely muscle, allowing it to tightly constrict around its prey.

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Classification: The Will-O-The-Wisp Pokémon
Type: Fire/Ghost
Description: It is said that if you follow the light of this Pokémon, it will lead you to your doom.
Evolves from Wispirit with a Fire Stone

Trivia: From afar at night, Infearno will look like a lone traveler carrying a lantern, luring in unsuspecting travelers to their doom. It burns with the spiritual energy of its victims.

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Classification: The Zen Pokémon
Type: Rock/Grass
Description: It is known as the gentle giant. It has tremendous strength and power but prefers to spend its time meditating and contemplating while standing completely still.
Evolves from Bryolith at level 40

Trivia: Mossolith have been known to stand completely still in meditation for multiple years in a row. It is believed that being near one promotes peace of mind and restfulness. Those two factors have lead to people building meditation gardens around meditating Mossolith.

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Classification: The Fusion Pokémon
Type: Poison/Electric
Description: Having converted from fission to fusion as a source of power, Nucleactor outputs several times the energy of a Nucleaction. It also has a higher degree of control over the reactions.
Evolves from Nucleaction at level 46.

Trivia: There is no danger to standing near a Nucleactor, as it is able to control whether or not its radiation is harmful. Nuclear scientists study Nucleactor in hopes of discovering the secrets of cold fusion. The universal symbol for radiation was based off of the patterns seen on Nucleactor’s shoulders and face.

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Classification: The Assimilation Pokémon
Type: Poison/Steel
Description: Assimlophage injects in own genetic material into other Pokémon, which completely rewrites the victim Pokémon’s DNA. The infected Pokémon will slowly transform into a genetically identical Assimlophage.
Evolves from Germite at level 30

Trivia: Scientists debate over whether Assimlophage should be considered a Pokémon or a macroscopic virus, which in turn leads to the question of it can even be considered a living organism at all. This debate is further fueled by the fact that Assimlophage has no need for food, water, or even air. This terrifying Pokémon’s only instinct is to spread its genetic code at all costs. It has even been documented to survive extend stays in the sub-zero vacuum of space.

Due to their unique method of reproducing, all Assimlophage are genetically identical, implying that one random mutation created the first one, and it spread its species by infecting others.

Signature Ability:
At the end of each turn, all other Pokémon have their abilities become Virulent.

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Classification: The Black Hole Pokémon
Type: Psychic/Dark
Description: Created by clandestine Team Planetary experiments on Gravisaac, this Pokémon is an engine of destruction. Where Gravisaac uses gravity to create, Schwarzsfield only destroys.
Does Not Evolve

Trivia: The Gravitonic Core that gives Gravisaac its gravitational powers has collapsed into a singularity, giving Schwarzsfield control over black holes and a much stronger gravitational force. This singularity of infinite density causes Schwarzsfield to have the unique trait of being the heaviest Pokémon with infinite weight.

In addition to sharing Gravisaac’s signature ability and move, Gravitic Surge and Graviton Flux, Schwarzsfield has its own signature move:

Graviton Overload
The user attacks with uncontrolled gravity, attacking everything else indiscriminately. Also grounds all flying targets.
Type: Dark
Category: Special
Power: 120
Accuracy: 90
PP: 5

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A Note on Pokémon of Infinite and Zero Weight

Gravisaac and Schwarzsfield each have a unique trait. The former weighs zero pounds, while the latter weighs infinite. This leads to unique interactions with certain game mechanics. These interactions are listed below:

Low Kick and Grass Knot: These moves get stronger the heavier the target is. If used against Gravisaac, the moves will fail. If used against Schwarzsfield, it will be a one-hit KO.

Heat Crash and Heavy Slam: These moves get stronger the heavier the user is than the target. If used against Gravisaac, it will be a one-hit KO. If used against Schwarzsfield, it will fail. If (somehow) used by Gravisaac, it will fail. If (somehow) used by Schwarzsfield, it will be a one-hit KO.

Heavy Metal, Light Metal, Float Stones, and Autotomize: These abilities, items, and moves increase and decrease the weight of the Pokémon. They have no effect on Gravisaac and Schwarzsfield.

Sky Drop: This move can’t be used on a Pokémon weighing more than 440.9 lbs, and therefore can’t be used on Schwarzsfield.

Heavy Ball: This Pokéball works better on heavier Pokémon. Usually it will have a -20 catch rate modifier for the lightest Pokémon and +40 for the heaviest Pokémon. It now has a -40 for Gravisaac and +60 for Schwarzsfield.

Tennoan Forms and Tennoan Metagross

If you’ve read the Team Rocket Movie already, then you already know that one of the bigger shocks is the surprise appearance of the first ever Tenno Regional Variant, Tennoan Metagross. I’m sure it must seem very odd for me to suddenly release my first Regional Variant years after their introduction in Sun and Moon. There’s a method to my madness.

I had always thought that Regional Variants were to be a gimmick that were locked to the Alola Region. Due to this, it seemed unrealistic to me to make my own Tennoan Forms, as it would just leave my region sticking out like a sore thumb with a gimmick that it shouldn’t have. Since I couldn’t just take back any Tennoan Forms I might make, I decided instead to make none at all. However, as of last week’s Pokémon Sword and Shield news, it has now been confirmed that Regional Variants exist in at least one region other than Alola, the Galar Region. That’s all the justification I needed. So I brainstormed a few ideas, one of them being Tennoan Metagross, and prepared to implement them. I realized that my nearly ready to release Team Rocket Movie already featured a Metagross in it, so I decided to replace it with a Tennoan Metagross and make the movie the first ever look at a Tennoan Form Pokémon.

Unlike Alola, Tenno is a region heavily affected by humans, and because of this, most Tennoan Forms will be Pokémon that changed due to the influence, whether direct or indirect, of humans. More specifically, most, if not all, will be related to Tenno’s space industry in one way or another. For example, Tennoan Metagross is designed to look like a lunar lander used in the Apollo Program.

And here’s some further details on the first Tennoan Pokémon:

Tennoan Metagross
Type: Steel/Fire
Description: Metagross in Tenno were altered by scientists to allow them to land on the surface of the Moon. They would send back priceless data and pave the way for the first man on the Moon.
Evolves from Metang at Level 45

Trivia: Tennoan Metagross can hover by activating the four rockets on the bottom of its legs. By activating the main booster on the bottom of its body, it can achieve orbit. Its four brains allow it to make minute changes to the angle of legs with reaction times on the level of microseconds, allowing it to follow a precise course with little danger of crashing.

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Now that you’ve gotten your first taste of a Tennoan Form Pokémon, you can expect more to slowly trickle in from Cosmic Quest and other sources.