Episode 61: Here Comes the Sun!

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Ash and Turtsol decide to do some training and try to master the move Sunny Day, but it continues to elude them. But then they meet with someone known as the Weather Guru, a self-proclaimed master of weather attacks. Could this be exactly the teacher Ash and Turtsol need?


Episode 60 Review

Safari Zones (and variants thereof) seem to pretty much be ignored in the anime, with the exception the episode in Kanto (which was banned). Hoenn’s Safari Zone was completely ignored while the Great Marsh in Sinnoh was used simply as the location for a random episode, the fact that it was used for Safari Games was never addressed. As Cosmic Quest is the main way to show off my ideas from Luna, Terra, and Sol, I didn’t want to leave the Park Zone out. Speaking of the Safari Zone in the anime, just as I did previously with the Porygon episode, this episode featured a joke where Ash forgot about the events that took place during a banned episode, reflecting the fact that most English viewers would have no idea what they’re talking about. Another joke this episode made was Ash failing to catch a Dunsparce. For some reason it would appear that whenever Ash tries and fails to capture a Pokémon that it’s a Dunsparce. This has been seen twice now, once in the Unova episode The Path that Leads to Goodbye and again in the Kalos episode Under the Pledging Tree. I figured if I was going to have Ash fail to capture a Pokémon, that I might as well continue the joke and make it a Dunsparce as well.

An interesting fact about this episode, and the Pokémon featured in it, is its origin. Traineed and Arborrior are actually two of some of my very earliest Pokémon (alongside “Megachu,” Delphin, and Ivine). As a child when I created these Pokémon, I would play make believe with my friends using them. One scenario that I always reused was that the person I’m playing with would be training by attacking a tree, and out of that tree a group of Traineed (back then given the uninspired name of Seedona) would fall. One of these feisty Pokémon  would challenge the trainer and end up finding a Leaf Stone (the original evolution method that I recently changed) and evolve into Arborrior (known as Treeona back then). This event would always occur before the trainer fights a Grass-Type gym (this was in a proto-region I created before Tenno). Wanting to give the trainer a Pokémon that is good against Grass-Types, I would have the captured Arborrior know Fire Punch. I took this original scenario and transformed it into this episode. If I had been able to write a longer episode, then there would have been one final battle between Arborrior and Breloom, representing the battle against the Grass gym leader.

Finally, I want to take this chance to give my opinion on Safari Zones. I’ve seen a lot of people complain about the Safari Zone and how annoying it is. I personally cannot agree with this at all. Not only do I not think it’s too difficult, but I think it’s a great thing to have. It is an area that completely changes all of the conventions about capturing Pokémon, leading to a completely unique experience found nowhere else. It adds variety to the game, and I really don’t know how that can be a bad thing. I personally hope strongly that Sun and Moon sees the return of the Safari Zone, and I don’t mean excuses like the Friend Safari or that pale imitation we see in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I want an actual Safari Zone with an actual Safari Game.


Classification: The Psychic Kappa Pokémon
Type: Water/Psychic
Description: This Pokémon is known for its ability to finely manipulate water with its psychic powers. It has been known to have a mischievous nature and use this ability to play tricks on those who get too close to its river home.
Evolves from Kappaqua at level 16 and into Kappaquarius at level 36

Trivia: Kappaqueous is a highly intelligent Pokémon. It uses this intelligence to measure currents in the river it lives in, and will calculate the best place to hide. It is often times said that you do not find a Kappaqueous, but a Kappaqueous finds you, as, if they desire to remain hidden, it is nearly impossible to locate one. The only times they will come out of hiding is to play their pranks.

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Classification: The Fire Snake Pokémon
Type: Fire/Poison
Description: This Pokémon is known for producing a potent venom which will cause a burning sensation while also remaining toxic. Vipyre has troubles keeping its flames lit in the cold, so it must seek areas of warmth to live in.
Evolves from Pyrethon at level 25

Trivia: Despite being a Fire-Type, Vipyre’s coldblooded nature often times makes it ineffective at fighting Ice-Type Pokémon. When it comes time for it to shed its skin, the old scales will burn away in a near instantaneous flash of fiery incandescence. This display is often claimed to be a sight of great beauty.

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Episode 60: What You Seed is What You Get

Episode 60 is finally out! Read it here.

After the conclusion of the Wallace Cup, Ash, Brock, and Brenda decide to visit the famous Park Zone and participate in its Safari Game. Once there, however, Ash quickly gets caught up in helping a tiny Pokémon that wants nothing more than to get stronger so that it can help the weak.

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Episode 59 Review

First off, let me admit what I see as a major flaw of this episode, and my Wallace Cup arc as a whole. When Dawn won the Wallace Cup in Sinnoh, she only had one ribbon at the time, and I always felt like it was odd for a coordinator with only one ribbon to be winning a tournament that attracts the best coordinators from around the world. It just seemed too forced to me. Sadly, that’s exactly what I had happen to Brenda. Of course, I didn’t do this for no reason at all, Brenda’s current character arc needed to happen sooner rather than later, and the Wallace Cup was the perfect place to resolve that arc. I did try to justify the win by having it shown how much Brenda can accomplish when she combines her natural talent with intense training, but I’m not sure that would satisfy me if I were simply a viewer. Anyways, on the topic of the battles, there was actually a little bit of symbolism for me behind Brenda and Dawn’s battle. Personally, I never much liked that Dawn’s Piplup never evolved. I know that Ash often doesn’t evolve his Pokémon, but the Sinnoh Region was different, as he actually ended up evolving most of them. It was a little annoying to have Piplup not evolve in contrast (That being said, I must admit that a lot of this resentment towards it not evolving stems from the fact that Piplup always annoyed me, and I would guess a Prinplup and Empoleon would be less annoying). So having Kappaqua evolve in a battle against Piplup was a bit of a reference to what I think should have happened to Piplup.

Episode 59: The May-Dawn Voyage

The 59th episode is out now, so read it here.

The time has come for the semi-finals of the Wallace Cup! First Brenda and May must battle it out to see who gets to make it to the finals. Whoever wins gets to face the winner of Dawn’s match. A grand spectacle is about to unfold.

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