Characters of Luna/Terra/Sol

This page features pictures and descriptions of the important characters of Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions that don’t fit on other pages.

Brandon with Mega BandBrenda with Mega Band
cr7z1*                    Brenda Animated Overworld Sprite*

Brandon and Brenda are the playable characters of Luna, Terra, and Sol. They are 10 year old kids just getting ready to start their journey in the world of Pokémon. Upon receiving their first Pokémon they are thrown into an adventure bigger than they ever dreamed of, fighting Team Planetary, battling Legendary Pokémon, saving Tenno, and becoming the Tenno League Champion. The character not chosen to play as does not appear.

Braydon is the childhood friend of Brandon/Brenda. They grew up together in the same town, and planned to receive their first Pokémon on the same day. He serves as a rival to Brandon/Brenda, first picking the Starter Pokémon that has a type advantage against their’s, and then challenging them to a battle whenever possible. Braydon is a very serious person, and takes Pokémon and battling just as seriously. Despite this, he is known as a conspiracy theorist because he doesn’t trust Team Planetary. He is always the first to speak out against them, and will challenge Planetary Grunts to battle without provocation. To the region’s surprise, Braydon’s theories turn out to be true.

Professor Pine
Professor Pine
Just like any other region, the Tenno Region has a certified Pokémon Professor, in this case, Professor Pine. Professor Pine is the foremost expert in the world on Pokémon from outer space. He’s traveled all around the world, searching for hints of extraterrestrial Pokémon, such as Mt. Moon in Kanto, Meteor Falls and Birth Island in Hoenn, or the supposed crash sight of an Elgyem in Unova. In Tenno there are cosmic Pokémon abound, so it is the natural place for him to base his studies. His current focus is on the Meteoric Shards and the legend of the Cosmic Architect. It is his job to give new trainers of Tenno their first Pokémon and a Pokédex.

*Theoretically, Luna, Terra, and Sol would be on par or better with the graphics of X and Y, meaning that the overworld sprites shown are not technically correct. These were made by my brother for fun.

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