Classification: The Black Hole Pokémon
Type: Psychic/Dark
Description: Created by clandestine Team Planetary experiments on Gravisaac, this Pokémon is an engine of destruction. Where Gravisaac uses gravity to create, Schwarzsfield only destroys.
Does Not Evolve

Trivia: The Gravitonic Core that gives Gravisaac its gravitational powers has collapsed into a singularity, giving Schwarzsfield control over black holes and a much stronger gravitational force. This singularity of infinite density causes Schwarzsfield to have the unique trait of being the heaviest Pokémon with infinite weight.

In addition to sharing Gravisaac’s signature ability and move, Gravitic Surge and Graviton Flux, Schwarzsfield has its own signature move:

Graviton Overload
The user attacks with uncontrolled gravity, attacking everything else indiscriminately. Also grounds all flying targets.
Type: Dark
Category: Special
Power: 120
Accuracy: 90
PP: 5

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A Note on Pokémon of Infinite and Zero Weight

Gravisaac and Schwarzsfield each have a unique trait. The former weighs zero pounds, while the latter weighs infinite. This leads to unique interactions with certain game mechanics. These interactions are listed below:

Low Kick and Grass Knot: These moves get stronger the heavier the target is. If used against Gravisaac, the moves will fail. If used against Schwarzsfield, it will be a one-hit KO.

Heat Crash and Heavy Slam: These moves get stronger the heavier the user is than the target. If used against Gravisaac, it will be a one-hit KO. If used against Schwarzsfield, it will fail. If (somehow) used by Gravisaac, it will fail. If (somehow) used by Schwarzsfield, it will be a one-hit KO.

Heavy Metal, Light Metal, Float Stones, and Autotomize: These abilities, items, and moves increase and decrease the weight of the Pokémon. They have no effect on Gravisaac and Schwarzsfield.

Sky Drop: This move can’t be used on a Pokémon weighing more than 440.9 lbs, and therefore can’t be used on Schwarzsfield.

Heavy Ball: This Pokéball works better on heavier Pokémon. Usually it will have a -20 catch rate modifier for the lightest Pokémon and +40 for the heaviest Pokémon. It now has a -40 for Gravisaac and +60 for Schwarzsfield.


Classification: The Survivalist Pokémon
Typer: Water/Psychic
Description: It is famous for its ability to thrive in nearly any environment. It has been found in freezing cold and boiling hot temperatures, extreme radiation, and even the vacuum of space.
Does not evolve

Trivia: When the environment becomes too tough for even Tardiguard, it will enter an extreme version of hibernation, lowering its vitals to nearly nothing. This allows it to wait out the overly-extreme conditions, and survive even them. Of course, it isn’t that often that Tardiguard is forced to do this. Due to it’s ability to survive in a vacuum, many have been brought into space on space missions, and some even stayed, leaving populations of the Pokémon in Earth orbit, the surface of the Moon, and even near the Sun.

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Classification: The Asteroid Pokémon
Type: Rock/Psychic
Description: According to myth, this Pokémon was originally a piece of rock in the asteroid belt that was given life by the Cosmic Architect. Now it serves the Architect by watching over the solar system.
Does not Evolve

Trivia:  The name Showakusei comes from the Japanese word for asteroid. Showakusei lives deep beneath Tenno Minor in the Crater Cave, a recently discovered extension of the Crater Gate, where it guards a Grand Meteoric Shard, just like the other Cosmic Guardians.

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Classification: The Flying Saucer Pokémon
Type: Steel/Psychic
Description: Even though it was only recently discovered, some claim that this Pokémon has been visiting Earth for the past 50 years, but was covered up by the government.
Does not evolve

Trivia: Yuifoe utilizes extra-dimensional physics to make its interior larger than its exterior, allowing for it to comfortably carry passengers, such as Elgyem, Beheeyem, and Eatyai. It can communicate with its passengers via telepathy. It has two eye-like sensors, one on each side of its “head,” which, combined with its ability to turn its “head” 360 degrees, allows it to see in all directions. Many UFO sightings around the world turn out to be this Pokémon instead, but since it comes from outer space, it might as well be a UFO sighting anyways.

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Classification: The Cerebral Pokémon
Type: Psychic
Description: This Pokémon normally likes to remain hidden, so after someone sees it, it is known to visit them in the middle of the night and erase their memories of the encounter.
Evolves from Beheeyem by leveling up with a Yuifoe on the team

Trivia: While it normally uses the lights on its finger tips to communicate, certain patterns of flashing, combined with its mental powers, is what is used to manipulate, rewrite, or erase the memories of others. Despite the overwhelming evidence, skeptics still deny the possibility that it came from outer space.

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Episode 79 Review

It should be noted that I took some liberty with the gym battle, when compared to its in-game counterpart. Mainly, the battle with Allen is not normally a double battle. What actually inspired me initially to do so was trying to solve a problem. In addition to the two of Allen’s Pokémon seen already, Allen also uses a Lunatone and Solrock in in the games. The problem is that since the show uses three-on-three as its battle standard, Allen needed a third Pokémon, but couldn’t use his fourth, and it would be very awkward for him to use either Lunatone or Solrock, but not the other. So I needed an excuse for Allen to only use two Pokémon. The solution was a two-on-two double battle. Another benefit of this format that became apparent to me was that I would be able to show off the partnership between Arborrior and Eagladiator that I’ve been building up. The other liberty I took was actually Eatyai. Way back when I first made my game concepts, Eatyai was supposed to be Allen’s signature Pokémon. But when thinking about it recently, I realized this couldn’t work. The problem is that Elgyem doesn’t evolve into Beheeyem until level 42, and therefore the minimum level for an Eatyai is 43. But being the fifth gym of a region means that Allen’s Pokémon should be somewhere in the range of level 35. 43 is just pushing it too much, and I didn’t want to give him an impossibly under-leveled Pokémon either. So I made Yuifoe his signature Pokémon instead and gave him an Elgyem to fill the last spot. But for these episodes, I knew I wanted to use Allen in order to introduce Eatyai.

As I say in every review of a gym battle episode, I like to have each one show off a different skill and/or trait of Ash that proves how good of a trainer he is. This time around, it was Ash’s ability to not take the easy option, and instead prioritize a more clever one, as shown by his choice of Pokémon. One would assume picking to Fighting-Types to battle against to Psychic-Types would be a bad choice, but Ash knew that any short-term gain he could achieve with type advantages would be outweighed by the long-term advantage of the strong partnership of his Pokémon.

Also of note in this episode was Pikachu’s participation in the battle, despite the fact that it didn’t actually battle. I like Pikachu taking part in as many gym battles as possible, but I just couldn’t give up either Arborrior or Eagladiator’s spots, so Pikachu needed to sit out this one, but I still wanted it to contribute to Ash’s win. So I took a page out Ash’s battle with Olympia in Kalos, where Pikachu was instrumental in Ash’s victory, due to its ability to predict when the Future Sight attack was going to land. I tried to replicate and expand upon that concept. I think I improved on it myself, as anyone could have figured out the amount of time it takes for Future Sight to inflict damage, but only an Electric-Type like Pikachu could detect the Eerie Impulse.

Speaking of Ash’s battle with Olympia, an interesting fact of trivia that someone pointed out to me in a review, is that of Ash’s three battles with Psychic-Type Gym Leaders (Sabrina, Liza/Tate, and Olympia), two of them were double battles (Liza/Tate and Olympia). So, in a way, making this a double battle served to continue a tradition.


Classification: The Psychic Kappa Pokémon
Type: Water/Psychic
Description: This Pokémon can swim through water at incredible velocities by using its psychic powers to increase its hydrodynamics as well as to propel itself. While in a body of water, the liquid around it becomes an extension of its own body.
Evolves from Kappaqueous at level 36

Trivia: This Pokémon has been known to use its psychic powers to cloak itself in water while traveling across land, allowing it to keep its skin moist. Given the fact that it can also control the pressure and temperature of the water around it, those who believe it was originally an alien from outer space suggest that it might have traveled to Earth in a similar way.

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Also, you may have noticed that poll on the side of your screen. I’ve always said that you can’t really pick your starter Pokémon until you’ve seen their fully evolved form. Well now that all three Tenno Starters have their final forms revealed, it’s time to chose. Please select your favorite Tenno Starter, the one you would pick if Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions were real. My personal choice is Turcell.