Episode 114: Quibbling Rivalry

Here’s the next episode of Pokémon Cosmic Quest!

Ash, Brock, and Brenda finally arrive in Penum City for Ash’s next gym battle, as requested by Astrid. However, once there, they find that the gym leader isn’t interested in gym battles anymore. Can Ash inspire the gym leader to change his mind?

Also, the Pokédex and Tenno League pages have been updated accordingly.

Sonic the Hedgehog Trivia Session

Team Rocket Takeover III Stamp Slanted

James: Gotta go fast! In this post we’ll be discussing a game series near and dear to my heart, Sonic the Hedgehog. In the past year since you’ve seen us, Yuni Oha has guest written a chapter for the Sonic story The Chaos Project, and since we’ve taken control of everything that’s Yuni Oha’s, that chapter belongs to us too.

Blacklight: Ooh, did someone say Chaos Project?

Meowth: [With dismay] Who’s this lug!?

James: Ohmigosh! It’s Blacklight the Hedgehog!

Jessie: I know a little about Sonic, and I’ve never heard of… what was his name…?

Blacklight: Excuse me!? Never heard of the greatest recolored OC of all time!? 

Meowth: I thought that was Shadow.

Blacklight: Do you even know what the word OC means?

Meowth: It’s not even a word, it’s two letters.

James: OC means original character, a character created for fan fiction, such as The Chaos Project.

Blacklight: Yeah. Like Brenda.

Jessie: The Twerpette? I promise you, she’s very real, much to my disdain.

Blacklight: [Sarcastically] Suuuuure she is. And I suppose that episode my boss wrote for Pokémon Cosmic Quest was a totally real event too, wasn’t it?

Meowth: I stopped questioning how reality works the moment we first took over this website and story…

James: Enough of this. What are you doing here, Blacklight?

Blacklight: Well, my pals and I were doing a takeover on another website—

Jessie: Hey, I’ll have you know that Team Rocket has copyrighted the website takeover event!

Meowth: Yeah, you’ll be hearing from our lawyers!

Blacklight: Oh yeah, I totally stole the idea from you guys. But no copyright law in the universe is going to stop me!

James: Hey, I got that reference!

Blacklight: Well at least there’s someone cultured here.

James: Does it really take someone of culture to know about Sonic Colors?

Blacklight: Touché. But as I was saying, I heard that you guys were going to talk about Sonic, and I just had to make sure that you got all your facts straight.

Jessie: Are you insinuating that we don’t fact-check? I’ll have you know that I worked hard to confirm the fact that Sonic is a Normal and Electric-Type Pokémon known for its speed.

Blacklight: Oh, dear Lords… Hence, why I’m here.

James: Yeah… I couldn’t really explain the concept of non-Pokémon creatures to her.

Blacklight: Sure, sure. So why don’t you guys go on with what you were planning on talking about, and I’ll stop when you’re wrong?

James: Trust me, I won’t be wrong.

Blacklight: Prove it, blue boy.

James: Okay then. Obscure Sonic trivia it is. Many people know that Mario was originally known as Jumpman, what people don’t know is that Sonic’s original name was Mr. Needlemouse.

Blacklight: Pfft. You call that obscure? Everyone learned that after it was used for the advertising of Sonic 4.

James: Okay then. How about this one? Dr. Robotnik was actually the first Sonic character created, as a concept for the game’s main character.

Blacklight: EHHHH! Wrong! The Robotnik name was only created for American audiences after the game was well into development. The character you’re referring to is Eggman.

James: But then Sonic Adventure 2 canonized the name Robotnik in all languages, with the introduction of Gerald Robotnik.

Blacklight: Well that’s– Umm… Uhhhhhh…

Jessie: But if Eggman was the original name, isn’t that what matters?

Meowth: Sure, Musashi.

Blacklight: Wait, stop, I’m still trying to think of a comeback. Uhhh…

James: And fun fact about Adventure 2, even though the Moon is half destroyed, it’s shown multiple times in later games in its complete form. According to developers, we’re simply seeing the other side of the Moon.

Blacklight: But that doesn’t even make any sense! Why would they say that when it’s clearly impossible!? I mean, the Moon can just turn around and then stop like that!

James: I never said it makes any sense.

Jessie: [Whispers to Meowth] Are you as lost as me?

Meowth: For once, yes.

Blacklight: And if we want to talk about stupid decisions by developers, how about the fact that they specifically showed all Wisps leaving the planet after Sonic Colors, but then magically had them stick around in all future games!?

James: Oho! You’re forgetting about Sonic Runners, the mobile game taken offline in 2016! As silly as that game may have been, it actually had a plot that explained why there were still Wisps!

Blacklight: [Rising anger] A mobile game!? That doesn’t even exist anymore!? You’ve gotta be kidding me right now!

Meowth: [Backs away slowly] This is getting too hot for me…

James: [Taunting] If you want to hear something really ridiculous, Mr. Iizuka, the head of Sonic Team, claims that Sonic takes place in-

Blacklight: [Gritting teeth] I swear, if you try to convince me that there are two different worlds…

James: I never said I was going to try to convince you. It’s little more than a ridiculous fan theory from someone who happens to matter.

Blacklight: Wait…so…you’re not one of those people who blindly believes everything a developer says just because they can abuse their power?

James: Of course not! The idea that Sonic splits his time between a human world and an animal world in different games is just plain silly!

Blacklight: Exactly! Just because there are lots of humans in some games and only one human in others doesn’t mean they take place on different planets! Of course, there are, like, eight other interpretations of that theory, but they’re all just as ridiculous.

Jessie: Correct me if I’m wrong, but one of you is a human, and one of you is an animal, and you’re both from different worlds…

Blacklight and James: Shut up!

[Phone ringing]

James: Is that a Crush 40 ringtone?

Blacklight: [Thumbs up. Picks up phone] Hello?

Phone: [Incoherent mumbles]

Blacklight: Eggman is doing what!? I’ll be right there! [Hangs up] Hey guys, wanna be on the show over on my website?

Meowth: As… tempting… as that offer sounds, we’re way too busy here for that.

Blacklight: Too bad, I need one more interview session. James, you grab Meowth. I’ll grab Jessie.

James: [Hesitates] Um… How about you just give me a chance to convince them to come of their own free will?

Blacklight: Aww, that’s less fun… But I’m holding you to that! Bye! [Teleports away]

Jessie and Meowth: [Sigh of relief]

James: I’m going to miss him.

Jessie: I’m not. But you know what else you don’t want to miss? Our Team Rocket Q&A Session. Leave a comment to ask a question, and we’ll answer!

Blacklight: [Teleports in] I’ll be glad to answer any questions for me! [Teleports away]

Meowth: Yay…

Sword and Shield Special, Episode 109: Mad Dynamax

It is the eve of Sword and Shield’s release, so what better way to celebrate than with a special tie-in episode of Cosmic Quest? Read it here.

An experiment has gone horribly wrong, and now a skyscraper-sized Pokémon is marching toward the Tenno Region, ready to destroy everything in its path. It’s up to Ash, Brock, and Brenda to stop this monstrous Pokémon from going on a never-ending rampage. They will be Tenno’s sword and its shield.

Also, the Tennoan Form page has been updated accordingly.


With the release of not only new games, but a new generation, exciting times are upon us. Expect this to be my last episode for the next month or two, as I will first be taking a break to play Shield, and then it will be winter break. However, in the next few weeks you can expect to see a post pop up here that will detail all the ways in which this website, and the Cosmic Quest Project in general, will change in order to be brought up to date with this new generation. Expect a lot of changes. Stay tuned.

Episode 108 Review

This episode was all about showing off Brenda’s new style and justifying the shift in her way of training and performing. As I said in the previous episode’s review, Damien worked as a convenient foil for Brenda’s style of transformation, and that continue to play a part in their rivalry in this episode. I had Brenda come in first place in the Appeal Stage, a rare feat for a main character, to make it abundantly clear that this new style was working well for her. Of course, her battle in the final round couldn’t be as clear-cut, or there would be no drama, but I tried to write the battle in such a way that she would have never won that battle had she not been focusing on  transformations, primarily in the way that she transformed Wispirit’s confusion into an advantage. Damien using an Ayssoul to battle Brenda’s Wispirit was also a calculated move. It further emphasized the opposite nature of the two. While they both used Ghost-Type Pokémon with the same signature move, Brenda was using a more whimsical and cute Fire-Type, while Damien was using an eerie and creepy Water-Type. The two Pokémon were complete opposites, despite their similarities.

Also of note is the  recurring transpiration gag. Originally, I had only planned for it to come up in Jessie’s failed appeal, but I had several people mention how they were looking forward to seeing where the joke went, so I decided to get a little more use out of the gag.

Episode 108: The More they Stay the Same

Brenda’s next contest is finally here! Read it now!

The Starnight Contest begins, and right from the start it’s a battle between Brenda’s new style of transformation and change against Damien’s style of unnerving spookiness. Which style will prove triumphant? And why is Jessie so obsessed with plants?

The Pokédex page has been updated accordingly, and Damien has been added to the Character Guide.

Episode 107 Review

Let me start off by giving credit where credit is due. My brother, ChaosProjectAuthor, is the one who came up with the idea of having Brenda’s new style be based around transformation and change. He came up with the idea when he was writing his guest-written episode That’s the Spirit, and asked if he could put it in. At the time, I had deferred finalizing plans on what Brenda’s style would be, as I knew I wouldn’t be writing another episode for quite some time. I liked the idea, so we made it happen.

Before knowing what Brenda’s style was going to be, I knew that I wanted this episode to be where she solidified it, and I also knew I wanted to introduce Damien as a more fleshed-out character. It worked out well that I could set up Damien’s style as the polar opposite to Brenda’s, as it help to develop both of them and introduce the dynamic of their relationship. That, in turn, led to the idea of stranding them together and forcing them to work together.

Episode 107: The More Things Change

Cosmic Quest is back from summer break! Read the latest episode here.

Brenda is hard at work constructing her new style, but Damien, the creepy coordinator, thinks she’s wasting her time. These two may have their differences, but they’re forced to put them aside when Team Rocket abducts them, taking them into a forest full of angry Trevenant.

If this is your first time coming here for a while, be sure to check out the announcement trailer for Pokémon Sol Version, the Pokémon fan game made by me.

Episode 106 Review (Featuring ChaosProjectAuthor)

Hello, Cosmic Quest readers! This is ChaosProjectAuthor, but you can call me Chaos. Most of you probably know me better as the guy who makes the sprites you’ve seen around this website, and by extension, for the recently-revealed Pokémon Sol Version project as well. While I’ve been deeply involved in the development and planning of Cosmic Quest since the very beginning, this is the first time I’ve ever participated in the actual writing. So now I’m here to review the episode I wrote.

Continuing from where I left off on my own website (where fans of Yuni’s other works can get some behind-the-scenes info on Yu-Gi-Oh! Millennium as well), when Yuni first suggested the possibility of a writer’s exchange, I was hesitant, but definitely interested. Who could say no to free advertising? Well for me, the first challenge was apparent. Yuni knew exactly what he wanted to write for my story. But what would I write for his? In order to be an effective advertisement, I would need to make sure that the entire episode reflected who I am as a writer, so that potential readers drawn to my stories could know what they’re in for. That meant coming up with an episode idea that is largely character focused, that has room for emotional growth, and that connects to the reader on that same emotional level. In my own writing, that’s always my goal. The style of the Pokémon anime isn’t quite so conducive to that as the Sonic universe that I’m used to working with, and that’s what made this a challenge. But on top of all that, I also wanted to show that I know what I’m doing, to take advantage of this opportunity, by writing a story that could only exist in the Pokémon world. In my own story, which tends to be at least somewhat grounded in scientific reality, I would never just have a flat-out ghost as a character. But in Pokémon, where we’ve already seen clear proof of ghosts from the Pokémon Tower of Kanto all the way to Acerola’s “Mimikins” my idea for Shinx in this episode fit right in. And of course, writing a story that can only exist in the Pokémon world also means relying heavily on the inherent bond between Trainer and Partner Pokémon, which, conveniently enough, allowed me to add a lot of emotional depth to the episode without much extra work. You don’t need to do much to show a bond like that, because any Pokémon fan will understand that it’s there.

But I’ve gotten a little ahead of myself. I was faced with the problem of what to write, and there was no obvious answer. I’ve recommended episode ideas to Yuni before, and all of them have made it in, so in that sense, it felt like all of my best ideas were already used up. After a lot of brainstorming, I had a few preliminary ideas. I considered an episode involving Team Rocket shenanigans, but in the meantime, Yuni wrote an episode that felt a little too similar to what I had in mind. I considered an episode that would bring back an old character, but I was worried about that being in even more conflict with Yuni’s ideas than my previous consideration. Lastly, I considered an episode that would introduce a new Pokémon, as well as a character from Pokémon Sol Version that none of you know about yet! For quite a while, that was the idea I was leaning towards, but I felt like it would’ve fallen just a little short in terms of the emotional weight that I was looking for.

As it was getting down to the wire, just a couple of weeks before I needed to start writing, I had a dream. And that dream became Episode 106. How close was that dream to the final product? Shockingly close, actually. The story of Shinx and Pichu, the burned bakery, and Pichu’s attempt to get in the way, it was all there (though Pichu was a Pikachu in the dream, and it got a few ridiculous dream-induced plot points that naturally had to be removed). Rabbolt’s role in the story had to be added, but I was very happy to get the chance to work on Rabbolt’s character, since that’s been something I’ve been complaining about to Yuni for a while. And with the other Electric-Type Pokémon already there, it just made sense. What’s funny to me is that the inspiration for my own story, The Chaos Project, came to me in a dream in almost exactly the same way. That odd connection alone was enough to make me certain that this was the episode I had to write.

One other point of note is this episode’s integration with the rest of the story. At the time I started planning, I had no idea that Brenda was going to be experiencing any kind of overarching character development, but I knew how I could fit it right in before I was even done reading the previous episode. In fact, Yuni shared with me that he still wasn’t quite sure what do with his plans for the development of Brenda’s style, which means that I was not only able to acknowledge that plot point, but quite probably influence its direction for the rest of the story. But even I don’t know what the result will be! I guess we’ll all just have to stay tuned!

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to read Yuni’s episode of The Chaos ProjectOr better yet, if you’re interested in Sonic and enjoyed my episode of Cosmic Quest, read The Chaos Project from the beginning!

Episode 106: That’s the Spirit!

A special guest-written episode has appeared! Read the episode here.

When a mischievous Pichu steals some of Brock’s home cooking, Ash, Brenda, and Rabbolt chase after it, but end up trying to help a Shinx overcome its haunted past. But there’s more to this Shinx than meets the eye.

Also, the Pokédex page has been updated accordingly.

This episode was guest written by my brother, who you might know as the artist of the various sprites and images across this website. He’s the author of his own story, a Sonic the Hedgehog story called The Chaos Project. If you’re interested in Sonic, I highly suggest you give his story a read, I even guest wrote an episode for him in return. Read his story here, or visit his website here. Or, if you just want to read the episode I wrote, see it here.

Finally, be sure to come back to this website on July 5th, the fifth anniversary of Cosmic Quest. I have an absolutely massive announcement to make regarding the future of the Tenno Region, and you’re not going to want to miss it.