Luna/Terra/Sol Versions


Pokemon Luna VersionPokemon Terra Version

Please Note that I first came up with the concept for these games as a child, and that this website has been active since 2014. Luna, Terra, and Sol are completely unrelated to Sun and Moon, which came out in 2016, and predated them in concept.

 Many years ago, I decided that I wanted to make my own Pokémon. Soon after I was coming up for an entire concept for new games. The games follow a new trainer, either Brandon or Brenda, as they travel through the Tenno Region, battling Gyms and Team Planetary along the way. Eventually in the grand finale the trainer finds themselves in outer space, battling the legendary creator of either the Earth, Moon, or Sun, depending on which game it’s in. Luna and Terra Versions would come first, with Sol coming later, similar to Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum Versions. In addition to being a Cosmic Quest website, this site is full of information on these games, makes sure to check it all out.

Note: Most of the images on this website feature spite-based images. As seen above, Luna, Terra, and Sol are meant to be 3DS games, meaning that they would be using 3D models instead of sprites, just like X and Y. The reason sprites are used here is because it is my brother’s preferred art style.

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