Episode 101 Review

This episode was meant to be the start of “season 3” of Cosmic Quest. I’ve never really acknowledged seasons to Cosmic Quest, but just as the actual show has a new season for each year, Cosmic Quest hypothetically does too. Of course, it takes a lot longer than a year for a season of Cosmic Quest  to run its course, but that’s because I’m unable to put out an episode every week. Still, Cosmic Quest has had two movies and a hundred episodes, and that just about perfectly lines up with two seasons of the actual Pokémon show.  So, it made sense to have the 100th episode be the season finale, and make the next episode a season premiere. Normally I wouldn’t make such a big deal about something like this, but in this case we’re entering what is the final season of Cosmic Quest. It’s the final stretch, and from here on out, things get serious. As such, this episode was meant to represent the change in pace.

Bringing in Brandon to the main series was an idea I’ve toyed with since the introduction of the Cosmic Chronicles. Since the two stories take place at the same time in the same region, why wouldn’t I cross them over? I took this episode very seriously. I wanted the first meeting of the two main heroes of my stories to be the best I could make it. I actually had gotten some ways into a completely different version of the chapter, but scrapped it altogether because I didn’t think it was good enough.

In this original concept, I didn’t have Ash and Brandon battle. That was my main issue. I decided that it would be a grand spectacle to see these two heroes meet for the first time in battle. Because of that, I changed the episode so as to pit the two against each other, and make the battle more serious than just  friendly battle. That being said, I also worked to make this as good and interesting of a battle as I could. I like to think I succeeded in that.

And if you have no clue who Brandon is, or what his story is, I have one question for you. Why haven’t you read the Cosmic Chronicles yet?


Cosmic Chronicles Chapter 3: Singularity

Fresh off the 100th episode of Cosmic Quest, the third episode the Cosmic Chronicles is now available exclusively on this website. Find it here.

Ever since Team Interplanetary took Gravisaac, Brandon has been on a non-stop mission to rescue it from their evil clutches. He’s raided Planetary base after base, but has yet to find his lost friend. This all changes when intense gravity readings are detected nearby, possibly revealing the location of Gravisaac. But what does Team Interplanetary have planned for the Legendary gravity Pokémon?

Also, the Pokédex and Character Guide pages have been updated accordingly.

Cosmic Chronicles Chapter 2 Review

First off, sorry about the wait for the review. And second off, sorry about the wait for this chapter. It’s been over a year since Chapter 1 of the Cosmic Chronicles was released, and in a perfect world, I would have preferred to have a gap in between episodes of no more than six months, or at least less than a year. The problem is that I need to evenly space these episodes across the release schedule of Cosmic Quest, so they remain in-line with each other on their respective plots, and so that one doesn’t finish way before the other. Because of this, I have a strict release schedule to follow, and the insane amount of time I was taking to publish episodes over the summer and fall lead to a larger than desired time between the two chapters. And in all honesty, it will probably take about as long for episode 3 to appear.

One of the major goals of this chapter was to establish a more solid character for Brandon. In chapter 1 he was simply some cool trainer with powerful Pokemon. I realized after writing it that this would not do, I needed to up his character. So this chapter gave some insights to what drives and hinders Brandon. The addition of Braydon and Galileo both also allowed for Brandon to have some character moments. As I have discussed in other posts, Braydon was brought into this episode as a way to connect it to the greater Cosmic Quest story, just as Chapter 1 served as a prequel to the first Cosmic Quest movie, this chapter, in a sense, served as a prequel for  the Astro Camp arc. Of course, that’s nowhere near as important as setting up for a movie, but I’m not quite ready to begin work on the movie yet, so I had to settle for less in this case.

Episode 72 Review

First off, remember that Cosmic Chronicles Review I promised last time? Sorry about that, I’ve been too busy to get around to it. Hopefully I’ll have it up within the next two days.

As you are well aware by now, this episode was the first of a multi-episode space camp arc. I was inspired to write these episodes by the fact that it seems like almost every region has its own summer camp arc of some kind, such the ones seen in the Sinnoh episode Camping it Up, or the Kalos episode Summer of Discovery. However, this being the Tenno Region, obviously that summer camp had to be a space camp instead. And on that train of thought, what better way to start off a space camp experience than actually travelling into outer space? That’s pretty much the origin of the episode’s plot.

Speaking of the Cosmic Chronicles from earlier, another important factor of this episode was the introduction of the character Braydon to Cosmic Quest. If you haven’t read the Cosmic Chronicles (which you really should), then you should know that Braydon first appeared in Chapter 2 of the Cosmic Chronicles. Braydon originates as the rival in Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions. As such, he is automatically linked to the character Brandon from Cosmic Chronicles, as he is the main playable character, so it was natural to introduce him there. But like other rivals from the game, such as Gary, Barry, and Bianca, it made sense to also introduce him to Cosmic Quest as a rival for Ash. As Braydon came from Launch Town, the space camp arc seemed like the perfect way to bring him into Cosmic Quest, and since the episode of Cosmic Chronicles took place immediately before this episode, it was the perfect way to make a connection between the two series. Braydon is actually the first major connection to be made.

The Cosmic Chronicles Chapter 2: Entanglement

It’s been over a year, but don’t think I’ve forgotten about this series. The second chapter of this exclusive series can be read on this website here.

With Chris still tagging along, Brandon does his best to investigate what this mysterious group of black-uniformed Team Planetary members are, but he’s faced with resistance both from those he asks for help and Team Interplanetary themselves. When his investigation puts him on the trail of Legendary Pokémon, who knows what could happen?

Also, the Pokédex, Attackdex, and Character Guide pages have all been updated accordingly.

Back in the Day…

As of today, we’re exactly a week off from the 20th Anniversary. It’s time for the next wave of special content. Remember how when Pokémon first came out, the graphics were much different? There were greater limitations on colors and sprite size, and the sprites themselves just looked goofy at times. Have you ever wondered what Pokémon from the Tenno Region might have looked like if they were made back then? No, you haven’t? Well, you get to see anyways.

Classic Sporout Was Sent Out

Classic Turcell Was Sent Out

Classic Kappaqua Was Sent Out

Classic Terratlas Appeared

Classic Seluna Appeared

Classic Brandon Wants to Fight

And then, as a special bonus for those of you who love this retro stuff, here’s a new desktop background.


Train on!

The 20th Anniversary is Coming!

It may be over a month away, but it’s never too early to begin celebrating one of the biggest years in Pokémon’s history. February 27, 2016 is Pokémon’s 20th anniversary! You may have already noticed the new banner above and the countdown timer on the right. These are just two of the ways I plan on celebrating. I have also updated the Bonus Content section with a special 20th Anniversary desktop background I created. Here’s a look:

20th Anniversary Background

Don’t think it ends there though, I have a lot planned for the coming month, including a very special way to celebrate on the actual day of the anniversary.

Never stop catching ’em all!