Episode 30: Make it Double

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After yet another failed attempt to capture Pikachu, Jessie, James, and Meowth are just about ready to give up, at least until they find a prime opportunity to steal powerful Pokémon. However, once there, they find a group they weren’t expecting at all.

Episode 29 Review

The idea for this episode actually originated from my brother. We were talking about ways to introduce Squirrelutton, and he mentioned the idea of having a gang war between a Squirrelutton and Chipmunch and a Snorlax and Munchlax. I liked the idea enough to use it here. One thing I feel needs to be talked about is Ash’s personality in this episode. Normally after the fiasco that was Black and White when it comes to Ash’s personality, I prefer to write Ash as being more serious, and just a little more mature. This episode was an exception, as Ash was crazy about food the entire time. For those who don’t enjoy a silly Ash at all, I apologize, but I felt it was justified here, as Ash has been shown to be major fan of food before, so I wasn’t deviating much from his established personality. I think it allowed for certain amount of comedy that wouldn’t be in this episode otherwise.



Classification: The Cheek Pouch Pokémon
Type: Normal
Description: Having an insatiable appetite, Squirrelutton will stuff as much food as they can into their cheek pouches, making sure there is always food available. If a task does not involve food, they will ignore it.
Evolves from Chipmunch at level 15

Trivia: Despite their seemingly lazy and gluttonous personality, Squirrelutton can be quite energetic when needed. They are very proficient battlers, assuming food is on the line. There are no lengths they won’t go to in order to acquire more food. Acorns are its favorite food.

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Episode 29: Family Food Feud

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When Ash, Brock, and Brenda get their breakfast stolen from them by a group of hungry Pokémon, they set off to find more food, but it turns out it’s harder to come by than might be thought. One thing’s for sure, nothing gets between Ash and his breakfast.

Also, the Pokédex page has been updated with the contents of this episode. And, if you haven’t seen it already, make sure to check out the new Characters of Luna/Terra/Sol page, giving descriptions and images of important characters from my games that don’t fit on any other page.

Episode 28 Review

I don’t think there’s a single person out there who didn’t like Jigglypuff back in the early series (because it was before it became a Fairy-Type). I knew early on that Jigglypuff would have to come back in Cosmic Quest. Jigglypuff was just such a fun character to watch, and its shame the way it went out. Jigglypuff’s last episode was also its first appearance in Hoenn (that’s why the person on the airplane mentioned picking Jigglypuff up in the Hoenn Region). It was the episode “A Poké-BLOCK Party!” where it really just kind of appeared at random like it would in any other episode. It was given no form of finale of goodbye. It seems like the writers thought they would use it in Hoenn, but decided against it and just faded it out. It is such a shame. So I’ve decided that Jigglypuff deserves to return to the spotlight. As for this episode specifically, I actually had no idea what I was going to do for the reintroduction of Jigglypuff up until I actually started writing the episode. I had the fun little idea for the first scene on the airplane, which I originally meant to be the introduction of Jigglypuff, but the rest of the episode was unplanned until last minute. As I was writing the airplane scene, it occurred to me that because no one knew or expected that Jigglypuff was coming back, it be fun to expand the idea of a horror-like scene used in the first scene to the rest of the episode. I was very proud of the way it turned out, and I think I did Jigglypuff justice. You can expect Jigglypuff to reappear now.


Mega Spiritomb

Mega Spiritomb

Description: The power of Mega Evolution allows for Spiritomb to break free from its Odd Keystone prison. The 108 evil spirits that form Spiritomb can now be seen orbiting it. Without the Keystone containing it, it gains great power, in the form of increased Special Attack and Speed. Its Mega Ability, Sinister Shadows, protects it from damage by Light and Fairy-Type moves, its only weaknesses.  When it returns to its original form after battle, the mystic properties of the Odd Keystone cause it to repair itself, sealing Spiritomb once more, until the next time it Mega Evolves.
Mega Stone: Spiritombite
Type: Ghost/Dark
Mega Ability: Sinister Shadows (New Ability, See Abilitydex)

Trivia: In case you couldn’t tell already, I love the more gimmicky Mega Evolutions. Instead of the Pokémon just growing bigger and stronger, I like it to have a story. Mega Spiritomb was the result of its story of breaking out of the Odd Keystone, and its ability. One of the things that bugged me when Fairy-Types first came out was that both Sableye and Spiritomb now had a weakness. Pre-Kalos, both Pokémon were the only ones to not have a single weakness, and in all honesty, it was about the only thing the two had going for them. Fairies ruined that. Of course I went and made things worse by adding the Light-Type, which gave both of them something they were x4 weak to. By granting Mega Spiritomb the Sinister Shadows ability, I have fixed this problem for Spiritomb, allowing it to regain its former glory. While designing Mega Spiritomb, I was going for the more grotesque Lovecraftian design. The multiple faces as well as the spirits entering and emerging from the body represent the fact that Spiritomb is an amalgamation of 108 spirits.



Classification: The Knighted Bird Pokémon
Type: Flying/Fighting
Description: After spending their youth doing nothing but training, Falcoknight are very proficient fighters. They can attack with jabs from their sharpened talons, or even punch like attacks from their wings.
Evolves from Apprentichick at level 17 and into Eagladiator at level 36

Trivia: Falcoknight are masters of aerial combat, but also train to ensure that they can maneuver proficiently on land. They sharpen their talons against stones every day to ensure a maximum powered Talon Grapple attack. In medieval times, they would be used for falconry hunting, or as assistants to knights.

Also, Ash’s team pose on the Character Description page has been updated to include this new image.

Episode 27 Review

Sorry this is running a little late, I had something come up before I could post this earlier.

In case you didn’t notice, the episodes that spanned the gap from Ash’s initial battle with Skyler up until the actual gym battle was an episode arc of sorts. First Ash actually fights Skyler, then he relates about his loss with his rival Ryu, then he is inspired in a new strategy by Brenda’s Pokémon Contest, then he trains as well as captures a new Pokémon to help him further, he trains some more, and finally he wins the gym battle. I wasn’t initially attempting to make an arc like that, it actually sort of just worked out. About the time of the second contest episode, I figured out it could work that way, and decided that I might as well roll with it.