The Tenno League

Scattered across the Tenno Region are the eight gyms of the Tenno League. Each one is lead by a Gym Leader of exceptional skill. Once all eight badges are obtained, a trainer gains access to the Pokémon League of the Tenno Region, where they face the Elite Four, and then finally the Champion of the Tenno League.

As Ash faces the Gym Leaders of Tenno, this page will updated with each leader’s descriptions.

Gym Leaders:

1) The Horizoport Gym
Leader: Crate
Crate is a meteorite hunter, meaning he searches the land for meteorites, which he both collects and sells. He is the foremost expert on meteorites and other types of space debris, and has even found some Meteoric Shards.
Badge: The Meteor Badge
Meteor Badge
Specialty: Rock-Type
Gym Puzzle: A simple maze created by craters in the ground. If done right, fighting trainers can be avoided.
Team: Geodude, Onix, and Meteorfight (Signature Pokémon)
Rematch Team: Golem, Minior, Lunatue, Solem, Fallamence, and Meteormight (Signature Pokémon)
TM Reward: Rock Tomb
HM Access: Rock Smash

2) The Atmos Gym
Leader: Skyler
Skyler is the region’s greatest orbital skydiver. Orbital skydiving is an extreme sport in the Tenno Region where a special plane is taken up to the edge of space itself, and then jumped from. A parachute or a wingsuit can be used. Skyler prefers the wingsuit because it allows him to feel like he is flying. Beyond skydiving, Skyler is interested in just about anything that can give him an adrenaline rush.
Badge: The Stratosphere Badge
Stratosphere Badge
Specialty: Flying-Type
Gym Puzzle: The gym is one large room with multiple levels. Wearing a wingsuit allows for to jump down from one level to another, while giant fans will blow you up to the level above.
Team: Ravenoir, Falcoknight, and Orbitross (Signature Pokémon)
Rematch Team: Necrow, Dovine, Minior, Eagladiator, Braviary, and Orbitross (Signature Pokémon)
TM Reward: Aerial Ace
HM Access: Cut

3) The Starcore Gym
Leader: Neutrina
Neutrina is the head technician at the Starcore City Nuclear Power Plant, the source of all of Tenno’s electricity. She is also a nuclear physicist. She is very clever, and prioritizes strategy over power in a battle. When she’s not accepting challenges, she can be found donning her radiation suit and working in the nuclear plant.
Badge: The Radioactive Badge
Radioactive Badge
Specialty: Poison-Type
Gym Puzzle: The gym is a series of hallways blocked by doors of three different colors. The doors can only be opened by pressing a button of the same color, but only one color can be open at a time.
Team: Noxic, Grimer, and Nucleaction (Signature Pokémon)
Rematch Team: Venimbus, Muk, Haking, Garbodor, and Nucleactor (Signature Pokémon) (Final Pokémon to be Revealed)
TM Reward: Irradiate
HM Access: Tinker

4) The Versal Gym
Leader: Halley
Halley is an expert in cold temperatures, making him a consultant of the Tenno Space Program in regards to making spacesuits that can resist the subzero temperatures of outer space. He has a complicated past that he opens up very little about, but some hints are dropped. His personality could only be described as cold, as he is stern and unemotional, but is actually a really nice guy if you get to know him.
Badge: Comet Badge
Comet Badge
Specialty: Ice-Type
Gym Puzzle: Several thrill-seeking teenagers have transformed Halley’s state-of-the-art cold weather survival facility into a snow boarding hill. Use a snow board to travel to the bottom of the hill without crashing in order to battle Halley.
Team: Frostcicle, Beetundra, Massodon, and Cosmet (Signature Pokémon)
Rematch Team: Frostcicle, Carapice, Glalie, Avalugg, Mahemoth, and Cosmet (Signature Pokémon)
TM Reward: Icicle Lance
HM Access: Fly

5) The Crater Gym
Leader: Allen
Allen is the head researcher of Tenno’s SETP project, which stands for Search for Extraterrestrial Pokémon. It’s a program that uses radio telescopes to search for evidence of alien Pokémon from other worlds. Allen also is a ufologist on the side, meaning he studies UFO sightings. He is an avid believer that aliens do visit Earth and that the proof is out there, but is being covered up. For this reason, many call him crazy and eccentric.
Badge: ET Badge
E.T. Badge
Specialty: Psychic-Type
Gym Puzzle: Most of the gym has no floor to walk on. Instead it must be navigated by standing atop large floating disks, which look suspiciously a lot like UFOs. Each disk can only carry someone in certain predetermined directions.
Team: Elgyem, Lunatone, Solrock, and Yuifoe (Signature Pokémon)
Rematch Team: Orbeetle, Lunatue, Solem, Eatyai, and Yuifoe (Signature Pokémon) (Final Pokémon to be Revealed)
TM Reward: Cosmic Blast
HM Access: Surf

6) The Opti Gym
Leader: Astrid

Astrid is the lead astronomer at Opti City’s observatory, which hosts the largest optical telescope in the Tenno Region. She is an incredibly smart young woman who can easily get lost in her own mind, thinking about the wonders of outer space.
Badge: The Celestial Badge
Celestial Badge
Specialty: Light-Type
Gym Puzzle: In order to battle Astrid, you must first prove yourself with stargazing. Memorize a set of directions and move a telescope in those directions to find points of interest in the sky. Find all the objects of interest, and the door to Astrid will open.
Team: Yang-Xing, Astar, Radeon, and Cycloptic (Signature Pokémon)
Rematch Team: Yin-Yang-Xing, Starmie, Heliophosaur, Gigastar, Radeon, and Cycloptic (Signature Pokémon)
TM Reward: Photon Beam
HM Access: Strength

7) The Penum Gym
Leader: Blake
Blake is Astrid’s older brother, and her opposite in many ways. He’s the head of the astrophysics department at the University of Tenno. While his sister enjoys practical work, such as observing what can be seen, he enjoys theoretical work, involving what can not be seen. He is quiet and reserved, often stopping to contemplate the world around him.
Badge: The Void Badge
Vortex Badge
Specialty: Dark-Type
Gym Puzzle: Before battling Blake, you must traverse an unseen maze in complete darkness, with only indirect indicators as a guide.
Team: Yin-Xing, Shamoon, Umbreon, and Machogre (Signature Pokémon)
Rematch Team: Yin-Yang-Xing, Malamar, Spiritomb, Shamoon, Umbreon, and Machogre (Signature Pokémon)
TM Reward: Moonlit Night
HM Access: Terrain Trek

The Elite Four

Elite Four # 2: Blaise
Blaise is a rocket scientist and directly responsible for most of Tenno’s rockets. She is extremely hard-working and dedicated. She never allows for her two jobs to interfere with each other.
Specialty: Fire-Type
Chamber Description: The Blast-Off Chamber. Two rockets are attached to either side of the roof of this circular chamber. When a challenger enters the room, these rockets will activate, causing a show of fire and smoke.
Team: Volcarona, Carnivenus, Infearno, Tennoan Metagross, Vipyre, and Solurtle (Signature Pokémon)

Elite Four #3: Tyde
Tyde is one of the richest people in all of Tenno. He is also very generous and acts as philanthropist, donating much of his money to the people of Tenno and Tenno’s scientific endeavors. However, he feels guilty after the reveal of Team Planetary’s true nature, as much of his money went to Team Planetary’s supposed scientific projects.
Specialty: Water-Type
Chamber Description:  The High Tide Chamber. A small bridge leads you from the door, over a large pool of water to an island in the center of the chamber. The levels of the water actually changes to reflect a real-time high and low tide.
Team: Starmie, Delphin, Saws, Krakannon, Abyssoul, and Kappaquarius (Signature Pokémon)

Champion: Galileo
Galileo is an amateur star gazer. Despite his amateur status, he knows almost as much, if not more about the stars than most astronomers. Stars, and anything related to them, is his passion. He is the strongest trainer of the Tenno Region, and rose quickly to fame because of his skill. Despite his young age, he is very wise and level-headed.
Specialty: All
Chamber Description: The Starry Night Chamber. The room is a large orb, with a raised battle platform in its center. Like a planetarium, stars are projected onto the walls, roof, and floor. If entered during night, the roof will be opened to reveal a magnificent starscape.
Team: Shamoon, Gigastar, Galapaglobe, Fallamence, Eatyai, and Dracosmic (Signature Pokémon)
Reward: Hall of Fame Access

16 thoughts on “The Tenno League

    • The site’s still under construction for the most part. Also it parallels the story I’m writing, so this page only includes the ones shown there to avoid spoilers.


  1. I’m just going say this now before writing the rest but, I understand all of you’re ideas for this and I respect that, here are just some helpful inputs.

    I was looking at the 3 gym leaders and champion (as of now) and I’m going to say my reaction was a mixture of understanding but also.. disappointment, let me explain. Of all 4 league members, they all have something to do with space, which with the astronomical region, I somewhat believe. I feel as though that gym leaders and regions are based off of real life, where everyone does something different – which can be reflected in the leagues, besides RBY (which they tried to flesh out the gym leaders in the manga and anime) I can’t think of a region where 2 gym leaders have the same branch of work. Besides Cilan,Chilli and Cress but they doesn’t count since they’re triplets, it makes sense. I understand what you’re doing with the whole different parts of astronomy and they all work together, but it over time just kind of doesn’t flesh the character out as unique, it just makes them feel the same to everyone else.

    Please don’t take this as hate (because I know a couple of people who would get offended by my pickiness) because I love all you’ve done with this region, but when it comes to this it seems somewhat bland.
    Good Luck.


    • Thank you for your thoughts. Do not worry, I totally understand where you’re coming from, and I appreciate the constructive criticism. I also see what you are saying and you make a good point. Back when I first envisioned the Tenno Region and my Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions I had what I thought was an opportunity to be unique and create an entire region with a running theme to it, something that has yet to be done to any large extent in the actual games. I would hope that each leader having their own category within the broad field of space-based and physics research would be enough for variety, but I can see where your concerns come in as well. I look at it as we have a meteorite hunter, an orbital skydiver, a nuclear physicist, and an amateur stargazer. Yes, they do fall under the general theme of space, but each is a completely unique profession in their own right as well. Though, I do admit that this could be my bias as a complete astrophysics-nerd talking here.

      As my ability to flesh out the leaders on this page is fairly limited, I can’t do too much to help what you see here, but I will strive to better flesh out each gym leader in my story, and do my best to infer their more in-depth characters from the game concepts. However, I do want to stick to my original idea of having an overarching theme, because I really do think it’s an idea with so much potential. Maybe I’m not going about it right, but as of right now I’m not sure how else I could accomplish it.

      Once again, thank you for your thoughts, and I apologize for the disappointment.


  2. Hey. Is there’s a Pokemon trial captains after seeing the gym leaders right here in the Tenno region with badges for the Pokemon league?


  3. Okay. I guess not. How many badges until Ash will have to collect them first before he can battle with Neil on Pokemon Cosmic Quest?


  4. To be honest with you, I think having many Gym Leaders and Elite Four Members (and the champion!) be aligned with some kind of cosmic occurrence, or have a job involving space is a really nice touch. I mean, somehow connecting Ground-types to space is amazing. However sometimes it seems a bit bland but I don’t care. There aren’t many space theme gyms (that I remember at this time) so I think it’s a nice touch for a region like this. By the way read your fairy fan-fiction it’s really cool (Fairy and Dragon are some of my favorite types).


  5. I couldn’t help but notice that your two Elite Four members are of two of the four starter types. I hope this means that the other two are going to be Grass and Electric type specialists. That would be cool. You’d not only have a perfect quartet of people representing the most basic part of Pokemon, but Grass and Electric have never had Elite Four members based on them. Really, I hope you do introduce us to the other two before your story’s up.


    • I won’t confirm or deny that the other two Elite Four members will be Grass and Electric, but I will say that it is my goal to have all four of them appear in Cosmic Quest at some point, seeing as Cosmic Quest is the only way I really have to show them to the world.


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