TraineedShiny Traineed

Classification: The Seed Pokémon

Type: Grass

Height: 0′ 4″ Weight: 1.1 lbs.

Body Type:Pokémon with a bipedal, tailless form

Description: Traineed can do very little in the way of fighting due their small stature and weak limbs, but they dream of nothing more than to become powerful. They will dedicate much of their time to training in order to achieve this goal.

Evolution Line:
Use a Fighting-Type move 20 times=>Arborrior

Egg Groups: Grass

Abilities: Persistent

Level Up Moves:
Lv. 0: Tackle
Lv. 0: Branch Poke
Lv. 3: Growth
Lv. 7: Ingrain
Lv. 10: Razor Leaf
Lv. 14: Low Sweep

TM Moves:

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