Episode 8: First Time’s the Charm

Episode 8 can be found here.

Upon arriving in Sol Town, Brenda decides to enter her first Pokémon Contest to Ash and Brock’s surprise. She quickly meets a new rival and works to do her best.

The Attackdex and Character Guide has been updated accordingly.


Episode 7 Review

The primary purpose of this episode was to introduce the Light-Type to the general audience. It showed several examples of old Pokémon that gained the light type, along with the Glitterfly line, which is the first Light-Type Pokémon encountered in the game. Glowva, Chrysalux, and Glitterfly are the “Basic Bug Pokémon,” similar to the Butterfree, Beautifly, or Vivillion lines. The reason that Glowva evolved so fast was a reference to the fact that these “Basic Bug Pokémon” evolve at the lowest levels of any Pokémon.

Episode 7: The Light at the End of the Forest

Episode 7 is here.

Ash, Brock, and Brenda travel through the Sol Forest, known as the Forest of the Midnight Sun, where they are guided by a new friend. Ash makes it his mission to catch himself one of the brand-new Light-Type Pokémon.

The Character Guide, Pokédex, and Movedex have been updated accordingly.

Also, the Pokédex page now has new images and so does the Light-Type page. Also, I’ve added a list of random moves and abilities to the Attackdex and Abilitydex page. Check them out.

Episode 6 Review

I don’t know if any of you have ever noticed, but Brock-based episodes seem to be very rare in Pokémon. It pretty much comes down to when one of his Pokémon evolve, or he catches a new one. Even then, he may not get his own episode when one of those things happen. I hope to change that. Of course, I haven’t done so well so far, seeing as this is my first one, and its one where Brock catches a Pokémon. Another thing of note, it’s always been my personal opinion that when a gym leader is traveling with Ash, that gym leader should capture mostly Pokémon of the type of gym they have. That means that Brock should be catching Rock-Types, like Meteorfight. So far, the only gym leader to really have followed that trend was Misty. Brock, Cilan, Iris, and Clemont have all strayed from their gym’s type.

Episode 5 Review

Another filler episode for the most part. Perhaps the most noticeable thing about this episode is the fact that it’s the first episode didn’t rely directly on Team Rocket for its plot and climax. One thing I also tried when writing this episode was the scene with only Pokémon in it. These scenes will occasionally pop up in the show, but there the writers have the advantage of being to hear the Pokémon’s tone of voice and seeing their body language. I had no such assistance when writing this scene, so it may not have been as good. Perhaps the most important part of this epsiode was the Dragon Trainer at the end. Who is this mysterious trainer? You’ll have to keep on reading and find out.

Ancient Fairies?

So last night they announced Mega Altaria. For those who don’t know, it’s a Dragon/Fairy Type. I don’t know about you, but I absolutely despise the Fairy-Type. On the other hand, Dragon is my absolute favorite type. So i feel a little betrayed that Altaria would cross over to the dark side. Over the past year, I’ve been coming up with a lot random conspiracy theories on the evils of the Fairy-Type. This Altaria thing pushed it over the line, so I decided to write a Mockumentary about Fairy-Type conspiracies. And yes, it’s based off of the Ancient Aliens TV show. I hope that you enjoy it, and maybe even you’ll agree with me after reading it. To find it, just look for the page at the top of the screen titled “Ancient Fairies – A Mockumentary.”