Classification: The Gladiatorial Bird Pokémon
Type: Fighting/Flying
Description: A master of aerial combat, this Pokémon will fight with a never-ending onslaught of physical attacks. When two or more are in one place, it will always lead to a fight between them.
Evolves from Falcoknight at level 36

Trivia: If Eagladiator is not training or fighting, it can often be found sharpening its talons against rocks. It keeps its talons so sharp that a slash from them can cut through solid rock. The leader of a flock of Eagladiator is often determined by who has the sharpest and strongest talons.

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Classification: The Peaceful Pokémon
Type: Light/Flying
Description: The branch carried by Calumba is said to exude a scent that can soothe even the most savage of beasts. Therefore, wherever Calumba travels, peace and harmony follows it.
Evolves into Dovine with use of a Shiny Stone

Trivia: The branch that Calumba carries comes from a very special and rare tree that only grows in one part of the world. Therefor, all Calumba travel to this place early in their life to select their branch that they will use to spread peace.

The name Calumba is derived from the words calm and Columba, the genus that the dove is classified under.

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Episode 65 Review

To be perfectly honest, of the two months I went without posting an episode, I spent a month and a half writing this episode. I had originally planned on having it posted within a week of starting, but things kept on coming up. Before I knew it, a month and a half had passed. Sorry about that…

Anyways, after defeating the the Versal City Gym in Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions, the player gains access to the HM Fly and is supposed to use it to get back to Tenno Minor fast so the can use the now open path in Crater Gate to get to Crater Town and the next gym. For obvious reasons this isn’t how Ash and friends are going to be getting back there, and they needed a reason too. I had been toying around with the idea of having Professor Pine host a space camp, and figured that it would be the perfect excuse to get Ash and the others back to Tenno Minor. As for the hot air balloon ride, I used that because it was a form of travel yet to be truly used by Ash. In hindsight, it really seems odd that Ash has yet to use a hot air balloon for travel, just because of how it would annoy Team Rocket.

As for the Pokémon introduced in this episode, Calumba (who’s name comes from calm + columba, the scientific name for a dove), it’s worth pointing out that it is meant to act as a counterpart to the Pokémon Ravenoir, One’s a Dark/Flying, the other Light/Flying, one evolves with a Dusk Stone, the other with a Shiny Stone (I really wanted it to be a Dawn Stone for the obvious parallelism, but apparently the Dawn Stone’s name is completely different in the Japanese version, and has nothing to do with light), one is a bad omen, the brings peace and serenity, and their movesets are extremely similar (which will be seen once I post Calumba’s in-depth page).



Classification: The Knighted Bird Pokémon
Type: Flying/Fighting
Description: After spending their youth doing nothing but training, Falcoknight are very proficient fighters. They can attack with jabs from their sharpened talons, or even punch like attacks from their wings.
Evolves from Apprentichick at level 17 and into Eagladiator at level 36

Trivia: Falcoknight are masters of aerial combat, but also train to ensure that they can maneuver proficiently on land. They sharpen their talons against stones every day to ensure a maximum powered Talon Grapple attack. In medieval times, they would be used for falconry hunting, or as assistants to knights.

Also, Ash’s team pose on the Character Description page has been updated to include this new image.



Classification: The Orbital Flyer Pokémon
Type: Flying/Normal
Description: Thanks to their powerful wings and upper body strength, as well as high lung capacity, Orbitross are one of the only known Pokémon with the ability to fly to the edge of the atmosphere. Once up at their highest, Orbitross will travel in a low Earth orbit. When the time comes for them to get food, they will dive down to the surface.
Does not evolve

Trivia: Orbitross is based off of the real-world albatross, a type of sea-bird known for being able to fly incredibly long distances.


      Male                Female

Classification: The Mini Bee Pokémon
Type: Bug/Flying
Description: Honbee are the most basic form in a hive of Combee, serving as the individuals that will eventually combine to form a Combee. They train with older Combee in order to learn how to most efficiently gather honey.
Evolves into Combee through friendship while holding Honey.
Only Obtainable by breeding a Vespiquen and a Vespidron.

Trivia: The Pokédex claims that Combee are a combination of three different Pokémon, Honbee are those Pokémon. Supposedly, the reason Honbee are not normally seen in the wild is because they normally form together at a young age, but when bred by a trainer, they don’t have this chance right away.

Episode 3 Review

As normal, this episode featured the capture of the “Basic Bird Pokémon” of the region he’s in, continuing the theme from his Piddgeotto, Noctowl, Tailow, Starly, Pidove, and Fletchling. Aprentichick’s Talon Grapple attack is its evolutionary line’s signature move. It is my first example of a Combo-Type move (for more information on those, see the New Mechanics page), being both a Flying and Fighting-Type move. This episode also featured my first attempt at a “Who’s that Pokémon!?” As I said in the story, I was trying it out for fun, and I think I liked it enough to keep on doing it. Sorry if you think it’s too silly.