Team Rocket Q&A Session III

Team Rocket Takeover III Stamp Slanted

James: Well, we’ve made it to the end of yet another wonderful Team Rocket Takeover. You know, I think I’m really beginning to enjoy these things.

Jessie: Me too. I’ve been looking forward to answering more questions all year.

Meowth: In that case, let’s get this Q&A Session started! The first question of the night comes from… oh dear…

Jessie: What? Who is it?

Meowth: [Gulps nervously] It comes from our… friend… Blacklight the Hedgehog, from The Chaos Project Website…

James: [Excitedly] Really? Blacklight left a question? Go on a read it!

Meowth: You’re not going to like this one James. Blacklight asks, “If the three of you were to engage in a deathmatch, who would be the first to die, and why would it be James?”

James: [With dismay] Wha!?

Jessie: He certainly has a way with words. Let’s be honest, it would be James.

James: What!? Why!?

Meowth: Well, for one thing, I’m a Pokémon. No human is match for a Pokémon… unless that human is Jessie…

Jessie: [Confidently] My ferocity knows no bounds.

James: Okay… I suppose I wouldn’t ever want to pick a fight with Jessie, and you’ve got a point about being a Pokémon, Meowth… Wow… it really would be me…

Jessie: Cheer up James, it’s not like we’re going to end up in an actual death match any time soon. It doesn’t matter. Here, maybe this next question will help cheer you up. It’s from hollo-c, who asks, “Have you guys played any of the other Mystery Dungeon games? Which one is your favorite?”

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Meow We’re Talking, Episode 3

Team Rocket Takeover III Stamp Slanted

Announcer: Live, from Yuni Oha’s room! Welcome to Meow We’re Talking! The only talk show hosted by a Pokémon!

Meow Were Talking

Announcer: And here’s your host, Meowth!

[Pre-recorded applause]

Meowth: Thank you, thank you! You’re too kind! Have you been looking forward to this show? I sure have. I’ve been counting down the days. We’ve got a special guest appearing on tonight show. They need no introduction. Put your paws together for Mime Jr.!


Mime Jr.: [Waves happily as walking to stage] Mime mime mime!

Meowth: Great to have you here, Mime Jr.

Mime Jr.: Mime mime!

Meowth: Now, those in our audience may be wondering why Mime Jr. is here. After all, today has been a day dedicated to video games. What does Mime Jr. have to do with this theme? Trust me, I’m way ahead of you. You may all know Mime Jr. as a lovable practitioner of mimicry, but what I bet you didn’t know is that Mime Jr. is one of the most dedicated gamers among Pokémon there is.

Mime Jr.: [Modestly] Mime mime, mime mime.

Meowth: Don’t be modest, anyone who’s watched you played knows how great your skills are. I wish I was that good. Tell us, how is it you got so good?

Mime Jr.: Mime mime mime, mime mime. Mime mime mime. Mime. Mime, mime mime. Mime mime.

Meowth: [Nodding] I see. It all started out by coping others playing video games, but eventually you found you had a talent of you own for it. How about you share with the audience some of your most impressive feats in gaming?

Mime Jr.: Mime, mime mime. Mime mime mime mime. Mime-mime mime. Mime mime mime mime mime mime-mine, mine mine. Mime, mime, mime mime. Mime mime mime-mime, mime mime. Mime mime mime.

Meowth: [Sounding impressed] Wow. That’s quite the list you’v got there. I thought beating Super Mario Odyssey normally was difficult enough, but you’re telling me you beat it without once pressing the jump button? I don’t know how that’s possible. And that’s probably the simplest thing on your list.

Mime Jr.: [Shrugs modestly] Mime.

Meowth: Speaking of crazy gaming feats, we recently witnessed Wobbuffet defeating Calamity Ganon in Breath of the Wild using nothing but a tree branch. No clothes, no shield, no bow, just a tree branch. I thought this was absolutely insane. What do you think?

Mime Jr.: [Indifferently] Mime mime mime.

Meowth: It’s okay? You think you can do better?

Mime Jr.: Mime mime, mime mime mime.

Meowth: Woah, you say he was cheating, because he upgraded his hearts and stamina first. You claim you can do it with no upgrades? Now this I have to see some day.

Mime Jr.: Mime mime mime. Mime mime.

Meowth: It’s a date. Now, what would you say your favorite video game is?

Mime Jr.: Mime-mime mime-mime-mime mime-mime mime.

Meowth: Super Mario Maker 2? An excellent choice.

Mime Jr.: Mime mime mime, mime mime mime. Mime-mime mime mime, mime mime. Mime mime mime. Mime.

Meowth: Wow, you practice playing random expert difficulty levels so you can be ready for anything, and you think that means you can beat anyone in two-player mode on any stage?

???: I accept that challenge!

Meowth: [With shock] Huh!? Who was that!?

Mewtwo: [Suddenly appears] Mime Jr., I challenge you to a one-on-one Mario Maker race! If you think you’re so good, prove it!

Mime Jr.: Mime mime!

Meowth: [Grinning profusely] Oh boy, this will be great for ratings! Okay folks, looks like we’ve got our self a contest. Let’s set up the Switches and play some Mario Maker!


Meowth: Okay, the rules are simple. This will be a two player Mario Maker race. First to make it to the end of the level wins. For those interested in playing along at home, the level being played here is a part of Yuni Oha’s very own Super Mario Continuum, a series of over 50 levels made in Mario Maker 2 designed to played together as a game with a story centered around time travel. The level in question is 8-?: Chrono Collapse Chaos. The level code is X9G-BF0-GXG. This level is the final level of the main game, taking place after the final boss fight. It features a castle that’s literally crumbling around Mario as he attempts to escape before its complete collapse. If you’re interested in playing this or other levels made by Yuni Oha, you can also see the entirety of his Super Mario Continuum game by entering his Maker ID Code, LKX-HBQ-GTG. With that business out of the way, let’s start this race! I’ll be providing play-by-play commentary. Players, are you ready?

Mime Jr.: Mime mime!

Mewtwo: I’m always ready.

Meowth: Okay! Begin! And they’re off! Both players manage to avoid the immediate falling saw blades, ejected off of the time machine! And oh! Mime Jr. is nearly crushed by the second falling block, but manages to squeeze through! Mewtwo hops right over the podoboo with expert grace! These two are neck and neck out of the gate! Now it’s on to the collapsing blue platforms! Mewtwo goes for three quick hops, while Mime Jr. performs and expert triple-jump! Ooh! Mewtwo grabs the first of the three 30-Coins for the level as it falls from the sky! Now our contestants must wait for for the wall before them to be destroyed, avoiding the falling debris in the meantime! That was a close call for Mime Jr., but it managed to avoid the debris! Now the Bob-omb has destroyed the wall, and the players may continue! What’s that!? It’s raining Boom Booms, it would seem! Both players avoid the falling mad lad, allowing it to sink into the lava! And now its a bombarding blitz of big Bob-ombs! Mewtwo is nearly hit by one, but manages to stay alive! Mewtwo is the first to the checkpoint flag! Can Mime Jr. take the lead back!? Looks like it’s going to be hard, as a stray falling Bill Blaster nearly hits Mime Jr. with a Bullet Bill as Mime Jr. attempts to navigate the collapsing floor! Both Mewtwo and Mime Jr. grab a Super Mushroom! Now they can take an extra hit! Mime Jr. manages to jump over Mewtwo in order to nab the second of the three 30-Coins! And look! A massive Bill Blaster has blocked the way! Our racers must now wait for it to sink into the lava to proceed! Looks like Mime Jr. is the first one up and over, taking the lead! Now the players deal with yet another wall that must be destroyed, while contending with collapsing floor and falling debris! Mewtwo takes back the lead once the wall is destroyed! Both players miss the third and final 30-Coin as they jump from one falling platform to the next! We’re in the home stretch, folks! Mime Jr. narrowly avoids being knocked off the final falling platform by a falling block! Things start getting more intense! The debris is falling faster than ever! Saw blades are flying! There it is! The ax at the end of the level! Whoever hits it first is the winner! We’re neck and neck! Either could take this and… Oooooh! Mewtwo is knocked backwards by one of the final falling blocks! Is this it!? Mime Jr. leaps at the ax! The ax falls! GOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAL! Mime Jr. wins!


Mewtwo: [Enraged disbelief] No! How is this possible!? How could I lose!?

Mime Jr.: [Extends a hand to offer a handshake] Mime mime.

Mewtwo: [Sighs and shakes hand] Yes, it was a good game. You have my respect. I am done here. [Teleports away]

Meowth: [Under breath] Geeze, he could have let me interview him before he left. [Aloud] Congratulations, Mime Jr. You really showed your stuff.

Mime Jr.: Mime mime, mime mime mime!

Meowth: Any tips for aspiring gamers out there?

Mime Jr: [Ponders momentarily, then answers] Mime mime. Mime mime mime, mime. Mime-mime-mime mime mime. Mime mime mime.

Meowth: [Nods] Such profound advise. Thanks for being on the show, Mime Jr.

Mime Jr.: Mime mime mime!

Meowth: And that’s all the time we’ve got, folks. Want anymore gamin advise? Any other questions for Mime Jr.? The Team Rocket Q&A Session is nearly upon us. This is your last chance to leave a comment asking us any questions that may come to mind, and we’ll answer them all. Until then, thank you, and good night!


Live Streaming the Defeat of Calamity Ganon with a Tree Branch

Team Rocket Takeover III Stamp Slanted

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet! [Sets up live stream on Jessie’s Breath of the Wild account]

Defeating Calamity Ganon With Only a Tree Branch

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

[Jessie, James, and Meowth suddenly appear after being kidnapped]

Jessie: Hey! Get off my account! I was already lost as it was!

Wobbuffet: Wobbbuffet!

Meowth: [With utter disbelief] Um… Jessie… you might want to see what Wobbuffet just did…

Jessie: [Looks and exclaims with shock] What!? You just beat the final boss using only a stick!?

James: I can’t believe we missed that! I didn’t even know that was possible!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Team Rocket: Three Houses

Team Rocket Takeover III Stamp Slanted

Jessie: All I’m saying is that Edelgard’s Black Eagle House is the superior choice. Edelgard is a warrior princess, whose beauty is surpassed only by her strength! She takes what she wants and cuts her own path into the future, leaving all notions of the status-quo behind. Plus, the Black Eagles are the only house with that dreamboat, Ferdinand von Aegir! In fact, the Black Eagles have all of the best relationship options, which everyone knows is the most important part of any good Fire Emblem game.

James: And I’m saying that you’re wrong! Dimitri’s Blue Lion House is the only story path that matters! It’s a story about character and heart, about rising above tragedy to find a greater purpose in life! The Blue Lions aren’t just a group of faces, but a community with a shared history. The more you learn about these people, the more important it becomes to lead them to success and happiness.

Jessie: Well I still think that players should choose Edelgard.

James: No! Choose Dimitri!

Jessie: Edelgard!

James: Dimitri!

Meowth: This is why I prefer Claude’s Golden Deer House. From humble origins, Claude rises up to become the leader of a ragtag group from all walks of life. And no matter what squabbles break out around him, Claude keeps a level head and a neutral stance, scheming his next plan on the path to achieving his dreams. Sounds a bit like yours truly, eh? Plus, it doesn’t hurt to be the only one of the three to get the full scope of the game’s story.

Jessie: Edelgard!

James: Dimitri!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet?

Meowth: Wobbuffet’s asking about the fourth story path, with the Church of Seiros.

Jessie: Do people actually choose that one?

Meowth: It sure wouldn’t be my first choice.

James: At least we can agree on that.

Mewtwo: [Teleports in] You’re all fools.

Jessie: Oh, great, a Fire Emblem hater is crashing the party.

Mewtwo: Hater? Nothing of the sort. You’re fools because the Church of Seiros route is the only valid choice. It is the only path that permits you to use your godly powers to smite sinners. What greater pleasure could there be?

James: I’ll bet you only picked that path because you wanted to S Support with Archbishop Rhea.

Mewtwo: My Support choices are none of your concern.

Meowth: Nah, I’ll bet Mewtwo liked the little girl, Flayn.

Mewtwo: I’m leaving now. [Teleports out]

Meowth: [Nods] Yeah, I think that was it.

James: I guess now it’s up to you to decide what house to pick. If you need any help picking (not that you should), ask us for more advice, and we’ll answer during the Team Rocket Q&A Session.

SPONSORED AD: Rocket Legends

Team Rocket Takeover III Stamp Slanted

Narrator: Are you bored? Looking for a little excitement in your life? If the answer to either of those questions are yes, then Rocket Legends is the perfect game for you! Take it from our spokesperson!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet! Wobba, wobba, wobbuffet! Wobba wobba! Wobbuffet! Wobbuffet! Wobba wobba! Wob buf fet! Wobbuffet! Wobba wobbuffet wobba, wobba! Wobbuffet! Wob buf fet! Wobba, wobba, wobbuffet! Wobba wobba! Wobba, wobbuffet! Wobba wobba! Wobbuffet! Wobba, wobba, wobba, wobbuffet! Wobba, wobbuffet! Wobba, wobbuffet! Wobba, wobbuffet! Wobba wobba! Wobba wobba! Wobbuffet! Wobbuffet! Wobbuffet! Wobba wobba wobba wobba wobba wobba wobba wobba, wobba wobba! Wobbufet, wobbuffet! Wobbuffet! Wobbuffet! Wobbuffet! Wobbuffet! Wobbuffet! Wobba wobbuffet wobba, wobba!  WOBBUFFET!

Rocket Legends

Narrator: And the best part is, the game is absolutely FREE* to play! As a special offer for viewers of this website, enter the code TAKEOVER for 25% off your first purchase of the 300 crystal bundle!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

*With Optional In-App Purchases


Team Rocket Plays Pokémon

Team Rocket Takeover III Stamp Slanted

Meowth: Remember how a couple years ago there was that whole “Twitch Plays Pokémon” thing that was all the rage? Well, Team Rocket decided to replicate it for themselves, to see what would happen. This is Team Rocket Plays Pokémon. (Click the image for a better view.)

rocket plays pokemon (1)

Meowth: As you can imagine, getting a bunch of Team Rocket members (and a few invading twerps) to all play a Pokémon game at the same time led to a very hectic situation. Want to know more about this social experiment? Just ask in a comment, and we’ll answer during our Team Rocket Q&A Session, later tonight.

Welcome to the Team Rocket Takeover III: The Game!

Team Rocket Takeover III Stamp Slanted

Jessie: Prepare for trouble, from a virtual reality!

James: Make it double, these takeovers are our speciality!

Jessie: To entrance the world with technology

James: To unite all people with our anthology!

Jessie: To pronounce the evils of going outside!

James: Oh no! My character just died!

Jessie: Player one! Jessie!

James: Player two! James!

Jessie: Team Rocket beats high scores at the speed of light!

James: Game over now, or prepare to fight!

Meowth: Meowth, that’s right!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Mime Jr.: Mime mime!

Team Rocket Lets Go

Jessie: Now that we’ve defeated that twerp, Yuni Oha, this website is ours, officially this time!

James: If you thought it was fun having us around for a day the past two years, then get ready for something completely new!

Meowth: This is the Team Rocket Takeover III!

James: And to celebrate the fact that we won this website using a video game, we’re dubbing this year’s takeover the Team Rocket Takeover III: The Game!

Jessie: As you all undoubtedly know already, this past year has been a big one for Team Rocket. Since our last takeover, we’ve starred in a movie, and finally made it into Super Smash Bros.

Meowth: Correction. You two made it into Smash Bros. I’m still stuck as a dumb Pokéball Pokémon…

James: Just ignore him, he’s got a grudge against Smash Bros. Anyways, like Jessie said, it’s been a big year, and it’s going to get bigger! Stay tuned for a our next post, premiering our next big appearance!

Meowth: Plus, take a gander at this year’s exclusive, limited edition desktop background!


Jessie: Just remember, this background is limited edition, so be sure to grab your copy while it’s still available!

James: But that’s not all! We’ll posting our third annual Team Rocket Q&A Session in just under 24 hours! During any post we make today, go ahead and leave a comment on the post and ask any question that pops into your mind! It could be related to the post, or it could just be some random question you’ve always wanted the answer to! We’ll answer all the questions at once during the Q&A session! Don’t hesitate, you don’t even need an account to leave a question!

Jessie: We’ll answer literally any question! So ask away!

Meowth: If this has you all very confused, then I bet that’s because you’re one of the lugs who wasn’t around for our first two Team Rocket Takeovers. I suggest you enlighten yourself by looking through them here and here.


The Team Rocket Movie

Are you prepared for trouble? Well, you better make it double! The biggest summer blockbuster of the year has finally been released! Read it here!

Team Rocket Movie Poster

Just as our favorite villains are contemplating their lives, Giovanni calls to assign them one of their most important assignments yet. After their partner in the mission, Pierce, ridicules their incompetence, Jessie, James, and Meowth decide that it’s time to turn over a new leaf and get serious. But when they learn of world-threatening scheme, this “new and improved” Team Rocket must reassess their lives and core values. Includes the Meowth Short “Meowth and the Treasure of the Ancients.”

This movie is a musical with three songs, including a fan-made “dub” of a previously Japanese-only song, and a completely original song. Check out the Cosmic Quest Youtube channel for a playlist of these songs so you can listen along while you read. Author notes in the story will tell you when to play each song.

In addition, a new background based on the movie poster has been added to the Bonus Content page.

Team Rocket Movie Background

Also, the Pokédex page has been updated accordingly.


Team Rocket Takeover II Stamp Tilted

Team Rocket Takes Hollywood

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Mime Jr……………………Mime Jr.
Announcer……………….The Pokémon Narrator
Narator…………………….The Pokémon Narrator
Ash Ketchum……………..Twerp
Mystery Person 1…………???
Mystery Person 2…………???
Mystery Person 3…………???
Jessilina……………………Jessie Jessilina
Iron-Masked………………The Iron-Masked Marauder
Kid 1……………………….Random Kid off the Street
Kid 2……………………….Another Random Kid

Directed By Meowth
Filmed By James
Starring Jessie
Crewed by Wobbuffet
A Team Rocket Production

The persons and events depicted in this film are non-fictitious. Any relation or similarity to fictional characters or events are unintentional and completely coincidental. We swear.


Yuni Oha: NO! This isn’t over yet!

Jessie, James, and Meowth: YUNI OHA!?!?

Meowth: What gives, you should be stuck watching Howard the Duck right about now!

Jessie: That warehouse was escape-proof!

Yuni Oha: It was, but it’s not impervious to break-ins! Thanks to an elite team led by Jordan Osceola (Panther J) and SonicInfinity, my location was discovered and reported to some very good friends of mine. I believe you know them already.

Ash: You’re finished, Team Rocket!

Brenda: This website doesn’t belong to you!

Brock: And how dare you force anyone to watch Howard the Duck? That’s a whole new level of evil!

Jessie, James, and Meowth: *Gulp*

Yuni Oha: Let’s get my website back! Solurtle, use Blast Burn!

Ash: Pikachu, use Thunderbolt!

Brenda: Kappaqueous, Hydroshock!

Brock: Blissey, attack with Egg Bomb!

Jessie, James, and Meowth: So much for Hollywood! We’ll get you for this, Yuni Oha! You haven’t seen the last of us! Looks like Team Rocket’s blasting off again!

Team Rocket Will Return in The Team Rocket Movie.

Meow We’re Talking, Episode 2

Team Rocket Takeover II Stamp Tilted

Announcer: Welcome to Meow We’re Talking, the only talk show hosted by a Pokémon!

Meow Were Talking

Announcer: And here’s your host! Meowth!

*Pre-Recorded Applause*

Meowth: Helloooooo internet! Let me just say, it’s great to be back! Did you miss me? Of course you did! Let’s kick this show off! Tonight we have quite a group of guests! It’s all my Pokémon co-stars from the upcoming Team Rocket Movie! Put your paws together for Mime Jr.!


Mime Jr.: Mime!

Meowth: Wobbuffet!

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet!

Meowth: Repiv!

Repiv: Repivvvvvvv!

Meowth: Haking!

Haking: Hak hak!

Meowth: Buzzsaw!

Buzzsaw: Buzzzz zzzz zzzz zz zzzzzz!

Meowth: And Ivine!

Ivine: Ivine vine!

*Applause continues*

Meowth: A big welcome to all of you. It’s great to have the entire Pokémon cast here, in one place.

Ivine: Vine ivine!

Meowth: You got that right, buddy! With all of us being Team Rocket Pokémon, I feel we’ve always been close, but shooting a movie together really did bring us closer, wouldn’t you guys agree?

Mime Jr.: Mime mime, mime.

Meowth: Alright, I’ve got to start things off by congratulating Wobbuffet on his earlier Bossy Award for Best Team Rocket Pokémon. I must say, I’m shocked it wasn’t me, but if it wasn’t me, then I guess you deserved it.

Wobbufet: *Holds up trophy* Wobbuffet!

Meowth: No need to gloat. Anyways, since we got the gang together, I figured I’d ask Repiv here a question.

Repiv: Pivvvvv?

Meowth: Okay, nearly 20 years ago, back when you were just a wee Ekans, you went on record claiming that there are only bad people, and no bad Pokémon. You’ve become pretty famous for this assertion. Now that you’re older and wiser, have you finally changed your mind?

Repiv: Repivvvv pivvv repivvvvvvvvv.

Meowth: … … … Realy? You sure about that?

Repiv: *Nods* Pivvvv.

Meowth: *Sighs* Okay, to each his own, I guess. Changing the topic, Mime Jr., I had to do some hard bargaining with James to let you stay up past your bedtime to appear on the show. How are you feeling right now?

Mime Jr.: Mime mime mime!

Meowth: Glad to hear it. Okay, and Haking, I heard you have a pretty big scene in The Team Rocket Movie. Anything you think you could tell the audience about?

Haking: Hak hak! Haking! Hak hak hak! Hak!

Meowth: Excuse me, spoilers! You should be more courteous to our audience, who know nothing about the movie and want it to be a surprise. You just gave the entire plot twist away!

Haking: Haking…

Meowth: Oh well, nothing can be done about it now. Hey, that reminds me. I’ve got a preview of The Team Rocket Movie to show. Hows about we watch that thing? Roll the clip!

Jessie, James, and Meowth stand at one end of a large corridor with metal walls, roof, and floor. Jessie begins to take a step forward, saying, “Well, that device isn’t going to steal itself.”

A stern voice suddenly shouts from behind them, “Stop right there! Don’t move another inch!”

Jessie’s foot freezes an inch from the floor. She and the others turn around to see someone else behind them. With long dark blue hair and a black trench coat, it’s the mysterious Team Rocket Operative Pierce. James says, “No way! It’s Pierce! We haven’t seen you since Unova!”

Meowth adds, “Yeah, you were supposed to help us with some sort of mission in Castelia City dealing with the Meteonite. Say, what ever happened to that mission? Why was it cancelled anyways?”

Jessie asks, “More to the point, what are you doing here, and why do I have to stay like this?” She beckons to her hovering foot.”

Pierce says nothing else and pulls out a spray canister. He begins to to spray its contents around the room. As the mist of the aerosol spreads, it reveals red laser lights criss-crossing across the corridor.

Jessie leaps back once she realizes that her foot was just above one such laser. “Yikes!”

Pierce stows away the canister and states critically, “The Boss sent me here as back up, due to the importance of this mission. This room is protected by security lasers. Make contact with just one of the beams, and you’ll set off the facilities security system.” He looks them over critically. “I expected better from you three.” Without another word, he leaps forward. With a complex series of leaps, flips, rolls, ducks, and weaves, Pierce makes his way to the other side of the corridor, never once touching a beam.

Jessie, James, and Meowth watch with dumbfounded awe. Meowth comments, “This guy is unreal!”

James disagrees, “No, he’s the real deal.”

Jessie adds, “No wonder they call him ‘elite’. He’s amazing…”


Meowth: Meow we’re talking. See, doesn’t that look like a great movie? I was shocked when they told us that Pierce was going to be in the movie. I thought that guy vanished off the face of the Earth.

Wobbuffet: Wobba?

Meowth: Yeah, he’s from Unova. For whatever reason, you weren’t around at the time, so you wouldn’t know him. But trust me, he was one of the more interesting parts of our time in Unova.

Buzzsaw: Buzzzz zzzz zzz zz zzzz!

Meowth: Unova wasn’t that bad.

Mime Jr.: Mime, mime mime.

Meowth: Okay, yeah. It was that bad. But things got better, and now we have our own movie, so it doesn’t matter anymore. Look at that, that’s all the time we have for tonight! Thank you all for watching. If you have any questions for me, or any of my guests, be sure to leave a comment and ask. The Team Rocket Q&A Session is nearly upon us. Bye!