Episode 52 Review (The Real Thing)

I will admit shamelessly, I wrote this episode solely for the purpose of bringing back as many recurring gags as I could. A talent show gave me the ability to do Pikachu’s faces, Brock’s song (apparently called Brock’s Paradise, I never knew that), and Team Rocket’s song (called Team Rocket Forever, once again, didn’t know that). All three of these are things that I absolutely loved in the past, and knew I wanted to bring back at least once at some point or other. I recently realized that a talent show episode could combine all three, so I went with it. One interesting thing about Brock’s song that you may or may not have noticed was that I messed around with it a little bit. Apparently when the dubbing companies for Pokémon switched, they also switched the lyrics for the song. The original version was the one where Brock sings about his paradise and it was changed to the more jocular version for he declares “For the girls!” I decided to take these two versions and combine them into one, making them two different verses of the same song, hence giving an in-universe explanation for why Brock suddenly changed the lyrics of his song.

The other thing this episode did was finally bring Ryu back. I fully admit that I dropped the ball on him, it’s been way to long since he last appeared. I was trying to avoid overusing him, but in the process I ended up under-using him. Hopefully in the future I’ll strike a better balance and his appearances won’t be so few and far between.

Episode 27 Review

Sorry this is running a little late, I had something come up before I could post this earlier.

In case you didn’t notice, the episodes that spanned the gap from Ash’s initial battle with Skyler up until the actual gym battle was an episode arc of sorts. First Ash actually fights Skyler, then he relates about his loss with his rival Ryu, then he is inspired in a new strategy by Brenda’s Pokémon Contest, then he trains as well as captures a new Pokémon to help him further, he trains some more, and finally he wins the gym battle. I wasn’t initially attempting to make an arc like that, it actually sort of just worked out. About the time of the second contest episode, I figured out it could work that way, and decided that I might as well roll with it.

Episode 22 Review

Some of the more observant of the show, might notice that this episode is similar to the Diamond and Pearl episode Top-Down Training, where Paul challenged Cynthia to battle, only to lose completely against her Garchomp. In all honesty, this episode was a copy of that one, but I couldn’t resist. It allowed for a good amount of character development for Ryu, and it allowed for us to meet Galileo. And since Galileo’s signature Pokémon, Dracosmic, is a Dragon-Type, it was a perfect opportunity. I actually really liked this episode. I think it might be one of my favorites so far. In addition to seeing the the battle, we also got to see Ash acting serious for a change, and Brock giving his advice. I felt like it was a touching scene. For anyone who might curious, here’s the just completed image of Galileo:

Episode 22: Championship Shape

Make sure to check out Episode 22 here.

When Ash, Brock, and Brenda decide to attend a lecture by Professor Pine, they end up getting more than they expected when they also meet up with Ryu, and Galileo, the Tenno League Champion.

Also, the Pokédex, Attackdex, and Tenno League pages have been updated accordingly and a Ryu section has been added to the Character Guide.

Episode 13 Review

This episode reflects an actual “in-game” event in my original story for Luna and Terra Versions. This is the third encounter with Team Planetary, after the initial encounter at Pine’s Lab and a minor encounter at the Crater Gate. It is here in the games that it is first learned that Team Planetary is after the Meteoric Shards. Of course, Ash, Brock, and Ryu were all added on to the actual course of events. As for the end of Ash and Ryu’s battle, I was originally going to have Ash lose, but decided that I couldn’t do that so soon, so I decided on a tie. It actually works better, as it shows that neither trainer is right or wrong in their arguments.

Episode 12 Review

The obvious purpose of this episode was both the concluding of the gym battle from the previous episode, and the initial battle with Ash’s Tenno Region rival, Ryu. Ryu is meant to be the the perfect rival in my eyes. He borrows a lot from Paul, who in my opinion was the best of Ash’s rivals, and a little from Gary, a close second, as well as a little bit of myself mixed in (when I say that, I mean my obsession with Dragon-Type Pokémon). The biggest problem with this episode was that there was too much battling for my tastes. I don’t know how it turned out when read, but I’ll admit that it wasn’t the most interesting to write.