The Tenno Region

Sinnoh-Style Tenno Map

The Tenno Region is a region in the Pokémon World. The word Tenno is derived from the Japanese word for celestial, and as such it is known for its advanced space travel capabilities and space industry. It is technologically advanced in many other aspects as well. Despite its technology, it is also a place of great natural beauty. The Tenno Region is divided into two main sections, Tenno Minor and Tenno Major. Minor is the smaller of the two main land masses and is home to relatively smaller towns while Major, the largest land mass, is full of vast metropolises.

The numbers on the map below all corresponds with a listed location below the map. Match the numbers to see the names and descriptions of various Tenno locations.

Labeled Tenno Map

Note: This map represents an in-game map. Just as in the real show when compared to in-game maps, Ash will travel to places not listed on it in Cosmic Quest.

1) Launch Town Every Liftoff Needs a Launchpad.
A small town in a region of  big cities. It’s the perfect place for the start of a new journey.
Home: Your childhood home where you’ve lived your entire life with your mother.
Pine Research Lab: A lab ran by Professor Pine. It specializes in the study of extraterrestrial Pokémon.

2) Route 1
A short and peaceful road that leads to Aster Town.
Example Pokémon*: Apprentichick and Chipmunch

3) Aster Town Twinkling Like the Stars.
A quiet town that typifies life in Tenno Minor. Nothing much goes on here.

4) Route 2
The calm meadows of southern Tenno Minor slowly give way to more rugged terrain of central Tenno Minor.
Example Pokémon: Muttnik, Kittainer, Apprentichick, and Chipmunch

5) Crater Gate
A series of underground tunnels was unearthed when a meteor struck and left a crater. This cave is the only access point by land to Crater Town.
Example Pokémon: Zubat, Geodude, Cleffa, and Meteorfight
Mysterious Shrine: An odd statue in the middle of the Crater Gate. It is rumored to have a connection to Mega Evolution.

6) Route 3
A short path that leads one from barren to lush forest land.
Example Pokémon: Muttnik, Kittainer, Traineed, Rabbolt, Apprentichick, and Chipmunch

7) Sol Forest
A forest so full of Light-Type Pokémon that it’s known as the Forest of the Midnight Sun.
Example Pokémon: Glowva, Chysalux, Patrat, Volbeat, Illumise, Sunkern, Morelull, Staryu, and Finneon

8) Sol Town A Town as Bright as the Sun
Lying in its center, this town serves as a hub of Tenno Minor. Because of this it is larger than the average town.
Trainer School: A small schoolhouse that is dedicated to teaching prospective trainers the way of Pokémon.

9) Route 4
A gentle sea breeze can be felt as one travels across this tropical route leading to the ocean.
Example Pokémon: Wingull, Muttnik, Kittainer, Traineed, Rabbolt, Apprentichick, Blipbug, and Chipmunch

10) Horizoport City An Adventure on Every Horizon
Its natural harbor and proximity to Kanaveral City has made it an important port, allowing it to become the only major city in Tenno Minor.
Horizoport Gym: A Rock-Type gym lead by meteorite hunter Crate.
Horizoport Meteorite Museum: A museum curated by Crate, showcasing his findings. Its prize exhibit is a collection of Meteoric Shards.
Horizoport Docks: From here, a hover-boat can be taken to Tenno Major.

11) Kanaveral City Counting Down to the Future
The largest city in the Tenno Region. It is the economic and technological center of the region, as well as the home of its space program.
Kanaveral Gym: A Steel-Type gym. It is headed by Neil, former astronaut and current head of the Tenno space program.
Kanaveral Shopping Mall: A massive skyscraper dedicated solely to being a mall. It sells nearly everything.
Planetary HQ: The headquarters of Team Planetary. Above ground it’s a simple office building, below it’s a sinister maze dedicated to the true nature of the team.
The Kanaveral Space Museum: A large museum dedicated to chronicling and displaying the history of Tenno’s space program, from the earliest satellite launches, to the first Moon landing, to today’s shuttle program.
The Pokéssistant Company: The makers of advanced technology. Their most popular product is their namesake, the Pokéssistant.
Game Freak Tower: A building where a famous gaming company works to put out masterpieces. You may be familiar with their work.

12) Cape Space Center
The location of every rocket launch in the Tenno Region for the past 50 years. A new project to launch into space is currently underway!

13) Route 5
A segment of industrialized and mostly paved-over road connecting Kanaveral City with the outlying Orbitz City.
Example Pokémon: Tennoan Honedge, Noxic, Klink, Trubbish, Germite, and Magnemite

14) Orbitz City Orbiting Greatness
This satellite city of Kanaveral may not be as large, but it has many important ties to it.
Orbital Game Corner: A building full of games and prizes. Play to your heart’s content!

15) Route 6
A calm and peaceful route where nature takes over once again.
Example Pokémon: Dashilisk, Mosstone, Ravenoir, Calumba, Tediursa, Shinx, Blipbug, and Mareep

16) Atmos City The City in the Sky
Due to it’s position on a plateau in the middle of a canyon, it is inaccessible except by air. It is known as the aviation capital of Tenno.
Atmos Gym: Lead by orbital skydiver Skyler, this Flying-Type gym has its head in the clouds.
Atmos Airport: The largest airport in the Tenno Region. Every day countless flights come in from around the world.
Bike Shop: A store where one can buy a bicycle for a not-so-modest price, unless they have a voucher.
Balloon Trip: A company that offers hot air balloon tours. They also provide entry to and exit from the city free of charge.

17) Route 7
Originally to be the home of a major freeway to connect the important cities of Kanaveral and Starcore, the need to build through national park land changed the plans to a more environmentally friendly cycling road.
Example Pokémon: Growlithe, Traineed, Skiddo, Ekans, Tediursa, Applin, Sizzlipede, and Hoppip

18) Route 16
This route travels through northern Tenno’s national park land. It is the only route to do so exclusively. It is known for its gentle breezes that constantly blow.
Example Pokémon: Orbitross, Drifloon, Falcoknight, Hoppip, Pyrethon, Helioptile, Skiddo, Minior, Mosstone, and Buzzsaw

19) The Starstreak Mountains
According to legend, these peaks were the landing site of the first shooting star.
Example Pokémon: Zubat, Lunatone, Solrock, Clefairy, Onix, and Meteorfight

20) Starside City The Base of Ascent
Created originally as a base camp for those climbing Mt. Corona, this city quickly grew in importance once its sister city, Starcore, was founded.
Pokémon Research Lab: A lab dedicated to studying Pokémon. It’s known for being able to revive the fossils of ancient Pokémon occasionally found in Mt. Corona.

21) Mt. Corona
The greatest mountain range of the Tenno Region. In times long past it was a center of solar worship. A strange cosmic energy has been reported in its vicinity.
Example Pokémon (Cave): Zubat, Geodude, Larvesta, Meteorfight, Galacerta, and Protostar
Example Pokémon (Peaks): Frostcicle, Snover, Arctick, Snorunt, Absol, and Duraludon
Solar Peak: The highest peak of Mt. Corona. It is home to an ancient temple built in reverence of the Sun.

22) Starcore City The Core of Tenno
The valley in the center of Mt. Corona provided the perfect protected area in central Tenno to build a nuclear power plant. This city provides power to the entire region.
Starcore Nuclear Plant: A nuclear power plant that is the source of all of Tenno’s electricity.
Starcore Underground: Underground tunnels that stretch across the entire city. They are used as maintenance shafts for the power plant.
Example Pokémon: Grimer, Koffing, Magnemite, Voltorb, Klink, Rotom, and Tardiguard
Starcore Gym: Neutrina, the head of the nuclear power plant, also runs this Poison-Type gym.

23) Route 8
A small desert region in the shadow of Mt. Corona. It is used as a site for a radio telescope array tasked with the job of searching for signs of extraterrestrial life.
Example Pokémon: Heala, Scartouche, Pyrethon, Cacnea,  Elgyem, Yuifoe, Rhyhorn, and Cubone

24) Rest Stop
Where the desert meets the tropics, what started as a simple place to rest has grown into a massive resort. Only those that can afford it can spend the night, but anyone can rest their Pokémon here.

25) Route 9
A lush tropical climate awaits those who travel this route.
Example Pokémon: Pelipper, Tropius, Psyduck, Sunkern, Crabrawler, Marill, and Dashilisk

26) Versal City Oceanic Beauty
This coastal city is a relatively quiet one. Despite that, it gets its fair share of tourism.
Versal City Gym: An Ice-Type gym led by an expert of cold weather.

27) Route 22
A densely forested route that leads one towards Northern Tenno’s national park land.
Example Pokémon: Lupine, Buzzsaw, Pikachu, Nincada, Traineed, Ravenoir, Calumba, Tangela, and Falcoknight

28) Celes City Nature’s Sanctuary
A small city of great beauty that serves as the administrating center of Tenno’s national park. It lives in harmony with nature.
Contest Hall: A theater dedicated solely to Pokémon Contests. Anyone can enter!
Ranger Station: The HQ of Tenno’s park ranger organization, dedicated to protecting and preserving its park land.

29) Park Zone
A large nature preserve dedicated to the catching of Pokémon. It is the largest such facility in the world to offer the Safari Game. It is split into five distinct zones.
Zone 1: The Forest Zone
Example Pokémon: Pikachu, Traineed, Pansage, Pinsir, Heracross, Scyther, and Tangela
Zone 2: The Lake Zone
Example Pokémon: Farfetch’d, Dratini, Psyduck, Slowpoke, Corphish, Wooper, and Panpour
Zone 3: The Savannah Zone
Example Pokémon: Doduo, Rhyhorn, Pansear, Litleo, Phanpy, and Girafarig
Zone 4:
The Tropic Zone
Example Pokémon: Corsola, Mareanie, Sandygast, Crabrawler, Binacle, Dwebble, Wailmer, and Delphin
Zone 5: 
The Mountain Zone
Example Pokémon (Outside): Meditite, Sneasel, Cubone, Riolu, Absol, and Houndour
Example  Pokémon (Cave):  Tennoan Beldum, Druddigon, Numel, Slugma, and Durant

30) Crater Town Making an Impact
This town was built in the center of a crater left by an ancient meteor crash. It is completely inaccessible except by sea or the Crater Gate.
Crater Town Gym: Led by a Ufologist that is often deemed to be crazy, this Psychic-Type gym is one of only two in gyms Tenno Minor.
Radio Telescope Array: This group of large satellite disks is used for hunting for signals of extraterrestrial origin. The remote location of Crater Town, away from any major cities, makes it perfect for this task.

31) Crater Cave
A new and mostly unexplored cave that connects to Crater Gate. It was uncovered during recent rock slides.
Example Pokémon: Golbat, Graveler, Lunatone, Solrock, Meteorfight, Elgyem, and Clefairy

32) Route 25
This haphazardly thrown together road was recently constructed so that explorers could have easier access to the exit of Crater Cave.
Example Pokémon: Muttnik, Parabox, Rabbolt, Falcoknight, and Squirrelutton

33) Route 10
An oceanic route that crosses the Channel of Tenno. According to legend a ship once sunk here holding a vast treasure.
Example Pokémon: Delphin, Wailmer, Pufflail, Tentacool, Staryu, and Remoraid
Sunken Ship: This sunken ship can only be reached by diving. It is supposedly haunted, but it holds a grand treasure for those brave enough to seek it.
Example Pokémon: Ghastly, Dhelmise, Frillish, Chinchou, Carvanha, and Tardiguard

34) Opti City A Bright and Shining Light
A city so dedicated to astronomy and stargazing that all outside lights are required to be turned off at night, creating a grand spectacle in the night sky.
Opti Observatory: The largest observatory in Tenno. Night after night it scans the sky, looking out into the vast reaches of space.
Opti City Gym: This gym specializes in the Light-Type, and is appropriately led by the head astronomer of the Opti Observatory.

35) Route 11
This entire route is used as a Oran Berry orchard. The sweet smell of the berries waft in the air.
Example Pokémon: Combee, Munchlax, Squerrelutton, Tropius, Sunkern, Ursaring, Applin, and Cycloptic

36) Cosm City Fun for All
More an amusement park than a city, this land of fun was created to capitalize on Tenno’s large tourist industry, and it succeeded.

37) Route 12
This route is covered in various lakes. It’s impossible to cross entirely on land.
Example Pokémon: Dashilisk, Wooper, Psyduck, Corphish, Marill, Bryolith, and Lotad

38) Brutal Cave
This cave earned its name due to its treacherous terrain and powerful Pokémon. It may be the fastest path from Opti to Penum, but it is advised against being taken.
Example Pokémon: Onix, Ninjitsu, Slasharp, Pawniard, Guardgoyle, Golbat, Meditite, Numel, and Tennoan Beldum

39) Penum City From the Shadows
This city on a cape has two aspects to it. Half of it is dedicated to being a beach resort city full of high-end hotels, the other is academic with a major university at its center.
The Grand Tenno Hotel: The most famous hotel and resort in the Tenno Region. It’s beachfront location provides the perfect place to stay for those on vacation.
The University of Tenno: Tenno’s most prestigious university. It is known for having the foremost astrophysics program in world. Much of it’s funding comes from donations from Team Planetary.
The Penum Gym: A Dark-Type gym lead by the University of Tenno’s Head of Astrophysics.

40) Route 13
Part of Tenno’s southern swamp system, this entire route is covered in marshlands year-round. It often rains as well.
Example Pokémon: Arbok, Hazeard, Ravenoir, Karrablast, Shelmet, Assimlophage, and Quagsire

41) Ort City Remembering Times Past
The smallest city in Tenno Major is of note because its isolation by swamp lands has left it mostly unaffected by the recent technological advancements of the rest of the region.
Spirit Tower: A tower where Pokémon are put to rest. They may be gone, but they are not forgotten.
Example Pokémon: Wispirit, Hatrick, Haunter, Scarabti, and Yamask

42) Route 14
The swamp covers most of this route as well. It is known for being a particularly spooky place. Due to its rough terrain, it can be hard to cross large portions of it without the help of a Pokémon.
Example Pokémon: Wispirit, Arbok, Haunter, Ravenoir, Quagsire, Elgyem, Yuifoe, Phantump, Golbat, and Orbeetle

43) Comet Lake
This majestic lake was created when water filled a crater left behind from a comet that collided with Earth long ago here. Supposedly the comet left something behind.
Example Pokémon: Dashilisk, Golduck, Lombre, Cosmet, and Lumineon

44) Route 15
This is the scenic route for those wanting to visit Comet Lake. Recently it has been closed due to special Team Planetary operations.
Example Pokémon: Luxio, Skiploom, Gogoat, Calumba, Yang-Xing, Yin-Xing, Lupine, and Falcoknight

Earth Orbit (Terra and Sol Versions only) (Not on Map)
Only accessible by rocket,  the edge of Earth’s orbit is believed to house the legendary creator of the Earth itself.
Example Pokémon: Tardiguard, Elgyem, Yuifoe, Minior, and Meteormight

The Moon (Luna and Sol Versions only) (Not on Map)
Only accessible by rocket, this region of the dark side of the Moon is supposedly where the legendary creator of the Moon lives.
Example Pokémon: Tardiguard, Elgyem, Yuifoe, Clefairy, and Lunatone

The Sun (Sol Version Only) (Not on Map)
Only accessible by rocket, this area above the Sun is where its creator is supposed to dwell.
Example Pokémon: Tardiguard, Elgyem, Yuifoe, Solrock, and Astar

45) League Port
This simple and small port is the only point of access to the Pokémon League.

46) Route 17
This treacherous route, known as the Winner’s Path, along with Triumph Crossing and Victory Road, form the final journey for anyone hoping to enter the Pokémon League. It is not an easy journey.
Example Pokémon: Dreepy, Curemodo, Arbok, Absol, Palosand, Orbitross, Ditto, Pawniard, Cycloptic, and Medicham

47) Route 18
A sea route known better by the name Triumph Crossing. Strong currents make navigating all but impossible to most, and therefore only the most determined make it across.
Example Pokémon: Marlance, Delphin, Octillery, Pelipper, Sharpedo, Wailmer, and Tentacruel

48) Victory Gateway
A trainer’s last chance to rest before the final gauntlet. Only a trainer with all eight gym badges may pass this point.

49) Victory Road
The ultimate trial by fire of any trainer. This volcanic cave has twists and turns at every point. Trainers walk in, potential Champions walk.
Example Pokémon: Vipyre, Ninjitsu, Slasharp, Graveler, Larvesta, Camerupt, Houndoom, Tardiguard, Centiskorch, and Magcargo

50) Pokémon League
The final destination of Tenno trainers. It here that the Champion of Tenno is decided after hard-fought and intense battles.

51) Route 19
This secret route is only accessible by those who have claimed the title of Tenno Champion. It is said to lead to a place of great mystery.
Example Pokémon: Absol, Dusclops, Krokorok, Mossolith, Hakamo-o, Cycloptic, and Zweilous

52) Cosmic Cave
A sacred cavern with connections to the Cosmic Architect myth. It is under the protection of the Tenno League.
Example Pokémon: Meteormight, Lunatone, Solrock, Astar, Beheyeem, and Serpenstar

53) Route 20
Off the cost of Versal, sailing this route is the only way to reach the Frostover Island
Example Pokémon: Pufflail, Wailmer, Tentacool, Remoraid, and Spheal

54) Frostover Island
Due to strange weather occurrences, this island is completely covered by frost year round. It is hotspot for trainers looking for a place to train.
Example Pokémon: Frostcicle, Cosmet, Beetudra, Spheal, Bergmite, Tardiguard, and Snorunt

55) Strength Outpost
The Top Trainer Challenge begins here. Trainers who have proven themselves worthy come here to test their strength.
Strength Dojo: Challengers at this facility fight to show their strength. If your strength is significant then you will be rewarded with certificate to prove it.

56) Route 22
A road built on the edge of a cliff. It is meant to test the bravery of trainers crossing it.
Example Pokémon: Lairon, Corviknight, Boldore, Shelgon, Gabite, Lycanroc, and Skarmory

57) Endurance Outpost
This settlement exists purely to gauge the endurance of a trainer. One should be prepared before coming here.
Endurance Dojo: This facility specializes in testing one’s endurance. Be ready for long and drawn out battles.

58) Route 23
This path crosses both land and sea as it tests the adaptability of those who traverse it.
Example Pokémon: Barbaracle, Kingler, Noivern, Fraxure, Exploud, Drednaw, and Ferrothorn

59) Strategy Outpost
The smartest trainers gather here to prove that they have what it takes to prepare the best strategy.
Strategy Dojo: Professional strategists wait here to see if you can truly think during a battle. Beat them and be rewarded.

60) Route 24
This leg of the Top Trainer Challenge involves crossing a water-based maze. It is meant to test a trainers wisdom.
Example Pokémon: Gyarados, Mantine, Seadra, Relicanth, and Dragalge

61) Top Trainer Outpost
Only those who have proven themselves in all three Top Trainer Dojos can come here. It is here where the best of the best from around the world gather to battle.
Top Trainer Dojo: Every day, different trainers arrive here to test their ability as a trainer.
Battle Tower: In the ultimate test of a trainer, see how many battles in a row you can win. Can you make it to the top? (Luna and Terra Versions only)
Pokémon World Tournament: Held at the location of the old Battle Tower, here the greatest trainers travel to from around the world in the ultimate tournament. (Sol Version Only)

Battle Station (Sol Version Only) (Not on Map)
This space station is open to the public and only accessible via a state-of-the-art space elevator at the Cape Space Center. Here trainers test their skills by fighting at any of the seven battle facilities.

Island of Mastery (Not on Map)
Only the greatest trainers in the world are invited to this island. Here is the beginning of the ultimate test to see whether or not one is worthy to achieve the title of Pokémon Master.
Example Pokémon (en route to Kanto Island): Gyarados, Seaking, Tentacruel, and Cloyster
Example  Pokémon (en route to Johto Island): Lanturn, Mantine, Octillery, and Qwilfish
Example Pokémon (en route to Hoenn Islets): Pelipper, Sharpedo, Wailord, and Relicanth
Example Pokémon (en route to Sinnoh Island): Floatzel, Gastrodon, and Lumineon
Example Pokémon (en route to Unova Island): Jellicent, Alomamola, and Basculin
Example Pokémon (en route to Kalos Island): Clawitzer and Dragalge
Example Pokémon (en route to Alola Island): Wishiwashi, Toxapex, Araquanid, and Dhelmise
Example Pokémon (en route to Galar Island): Cramorant, Grapploct, Barraskewda, and Drednaw

Kanto Island (Not on Map)
A large island covered by grasslands. On its far side a legend sits and waits for a challenger worthy of facing him.
Example Pokémon: Pikachu, Snorlax, Pidgeot, Kadabra, Tauros, Electabuzz, Magmar, and Dragonite

Johto Island (Not on Map)
This small island is graced by a large oriental tower. At its top sits the trainer who stopped Team Rocket for good.
Example Pokémon: Xatu, Wobbuffet, Houndoom, Donphan, and Tyranitar

Hoenn Islets (Not on Map)
A chain of small islands that must be surfed from one to the next. The final island in the chain houses the trainer who restored balance between the land and sea.
Example Pokémon (Surfing): Pelipper, Sharpedo, Wailord, and Relicanth
Example Pokémon (Land): Gardevoir, Aggron, Tropius, Absol, Metagross, and Salamence

Sinnoh Island (Not on Map)
This island is one large mountain that comes out of the sea. Inside the mountain are caverns. These caves lead to ancient ruins, where the trainer who saved time and space awaits you.
Example Pokémon: Riolu, Bronzong, Drapion, Luxray, and Garchomp

Unova Island (Not on Map)
This large island is covered completely by an abandoned city. In its center waits the two trainers who fight for truth and ideals.
Example Pokémon: Zoroark, Unfeazant, Braviary, Krookodile, Klinklang, Haxorus, and Hydreigon

Kalos Island (Not on Map)
An island with a medieval castle as its main feature. Locked away in the castle is a trainer who who has witnessed both life and death.
Example Pokémon: Meowstic, Doublade, Noivern, Malamar, Florges, and Goodra

Alola Island (Not on Map)
A lush tropical paradise. At its heart is an active volcano, within which stands the champion of the Sun and Moon.
Example Pokémon (outside): Golisopod, Bewear, Lycanroc, and Drampa
Example Pokémon (volcano): Turtonator, Kommo-o, and Salazzle

Galar Island (Not on Map)
The entire island is covered by a single massive stadium, like those seen in Galar. There the champion of Galar seeks a challenge.
Example Pokémon: Centiskorch, Dragapult, Coalossal, Stonjourner, and Toxtricity

62) Far North Isle (Event Only)
According to myth, this ice-covered island is the home to a being known as the Guiding Light who will guide ships lost at sea.

Planet X (Event Only) (Not on Map)
Orbiting a brown dwarf star that in turn orbits at the far end of the Solar System, this newly discovered and mysterious planet is believed to have a malevolent effect on Earth.

Edge of the Solar System (Event Only) (Not on Map)
A location known as the heliopause marks the boundary between our Solar System and open space. There are more mysteries of this region then there are answers.

*Please note that the Example Pokémon list is not necessarily a complete list of Pokémon that can be found in a given area. 

25 thoughts on “The Tenno Region

  1. Hey. I wonder if Ash must to collect the eight gym badge so he can enter the Pokemon league and Brenda might collect the five ribbons so she would enters the grand festival right here in the Tenno region.


      • Okay. But I know if I want Ash win the Pokemon league in the Kanto region, Johto region, Hoenn region, Sinnoh region, Unova region and Kalos region but lost them for every rivals until he was defeated by Alain with his anger and frustration by use mega evolution.


      • I certainly won’t tell you whether or not Ash is going to win the Tenno League, that would ruin the anticipation. You’re going to have to wait and find out when those episode are released.


    • Information on all currently revealed gym leaders, including what city they can be found in is located on the Tenno League page. If that page does not list a gym leader, it is because they have not been revealed yet.


    • For the most part, Tenno is not based off of any real-life counterpart. Personally, I’m not a giant fan of how Unova, Kalos, Alola, and Galar are so heavily based off of real-world locations. It just doesn’t feel right to me. While Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh were based off of parts of Japan, they were much more subtle about it. You could play through those regions without ever realizing they’re based off of actual locations. The real-world basis of them is more of a fun trivia fact and less of a defining characteristic, and that’s the way I like it.

      That being said, it could be argued that Tenno is partially based off of Florida, mainly because Kanaveral City is based off of Cape Canaveral, where NASA launches its rockets, but that’s the only obvious similarity. Beyond that, Tenno is semi-tropical region with warm and sunny weather, surrounded by the ocean, much like Florida, but these similarities exist mostly because they are the qualities that make Florida so good a location to launch rockets from, and I want Tenno to have have those qualities as well. Obviously, the land mass itself is shaped nothing like Florida.


  2. Just wondering, if you don’t want to that’s ok but, I’m making my own Pokemon fan game/and possibly also fanfic series, which takes place in a region based on Romania (It would a very mystical, fairytale-esque and ghostly region). And I was wondering if you would like to help me make it, considering how well you made your fanfic series and fan game.


    • I can’t really take an active role in helping to create it, if that’s what you wanted, but I am more than happy to give advice, pass on any experience I have, and act as a sounding board for any ideas you have. Feel free to ask anything you’d like.


      • Oh ok, still happy that you can give me advice and such. So, firstly, the region’s Gyms will include the types, Fairy, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Psychic. Bug, Steel and the new Sound type. I’m just wondering, do you have any suggestions for what order the Gyms should be faced in to be fair. And also, do you have any ideas for what Sound’s strengths and weaknesses could be?


        • Right off the back, Steel and Dragon should be two of the later gyms, if not the last two gyms. Both are types that have many resistances, few weaknesses, and are considered powerful and rare types. Bug, on the other hand, for all the opposite reasons would work better as an early game gym, so probably your first gym. The other types are all roughly equal in terms of difficulty, so that will be up to you. I would say the best way to order them is based off of the Pokémon you have for them to use. If you have a really powerful Dark-Type you want to give the gym leader, then I would make the Dark gym later. Likewise, if you don’t have any Fairy-Types that are all that impressive, then make that gym early. Beyond that, just sort by what makes sense geographically. Map out your region and figure out where you want your gyms, which should help you determine order.

          As far as Sound-Type, I don’t really have much. There’s not much in the way of obvious interactions. I suppose it could be strong against Ground, in reference to the idea of using sound waves to create earthquakes. Or perhaps strong against Bug, as loud noises scare bugs. Only other thing I’ve got is maybe strong against Psychic, as sound could disrupt their focus. That’s all I got though, weaknesses are a lot harder in this case.

          Hey, do you have an account on FanFiction? This conversation might be easier via private messages.


            • It’s easy. Find my account profile by clicking on my name anywhere on the website, then click the link that says “PM” next to the envelope icon on the top. Once we have a message going, you can find it in your inbox on the left toolbar of your own account settings page.


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