Tennoan Forms

Like Alola and Galar, certain species of Pokémon appear drastically different in the Tenno Region. These Regional Variants are known as Tennoan Forms. These forms often arise from the influence of Tenno’s space program and the mutative power of space and technology.

This page will be periodically updated with new Tennoan Forms.

Tennoan Metagross
Tennoan Metagross
Classification: The Iron Leg Pokémon
Type: Steel/Fire
Description: Metagross in Tenno were altered by scientists to allow them to land on the surface of the Moon. They would send back priceless data and pave the way for the first man on the Moon.
Evolves from Metang at Level 45

Tennoan Aegislash
Tennoan Aegislash-DTennoan Aegislash-A
Shield Form                              Blade Form
Classification: The Light Sword Pokémon
Type: Light/Ghost
Description: The solid light that forms its blade can slice through any conventional material, while the personal forcefield it holds can deflect any projectile.
Evolves from Tennoan Doublade with a Shiny Stone.