This page contains all the various pictures made for this website that don’t quite have anywhere else to go, including official character and Pokémon art, old website banners, movie posters, and more.

Official Pokémon Art



Turcell (Mystery Dungeon Version)


Kappaqua (Mystery Dungeon Version)

Seluna Art

Terratlas Art.png

Heliosol Regular Form
Heliosol Art.png

Heliosol Ascended Form
Heliosol-A Blended.png

Myoken Art

Nemex Art

Official Character Art (Games and Cosmic Quest)

Ash Ketchum
Cosmic Quest Ash.png


Brenda Artwork

Brenda (With Mega Band) (From Luna/Terra/Sol)
Brenda Artwork with Band.png

Movie Posters

Myoken the Guiding Light Version 1
Cosmic Quest The Movie Poster 1

Myoken the Guiding Light Version 2
Cosmic Quest The Movie Poster 2

Myoken the Guiding Light Final Version
Cosmic Quest The Movie Poster 3

Nemex Unleashed Version 1
Movie 2 Poster

Nemex Unleashed Final Version
Movie 2 Poster Version 2

The Team Rocket Movie
Team Rocket Movie Poster


Website Banners

Cosmic Quest Logo (July 2014-January 2016)

20th Anniversary Banner (January 2016-May 2016)
Cosmic Quest 20th Anniversary Banner

Sun and Moon Banner (May 2016-February 2017)
Sun and Moon Banner

Anime Anniversary Banner (February 2017-July 2017)
Anime Anniversary Banner

Generic Cosmic Quest Banner (July 2017-October 2017, March 2018-May 2018, January 2019-February 2019, July 2019-January 2020, and April 2020-Present)
Cosmic Quest Banner

Ultra Sun and Moon Banner (October 2017-March 2018)
Ultra Sun and Moon Banner

Team Rocket Takeover Banner (April 1, 2018)
Team Rocket Takeover Banner

Let’s Go Pikachu and Let’s Go Eevee Banner (May 2018-January 2019)
Lets Go Banner 2

Detective Pikachu Banner (February 2019-July 2019)
Detective Pikachu Banner

Team Rocket Takeover II: Team Rocket Takes Hollywood Banner (April 1, 2019)
Team Rocket Takeover II Banner

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Cosmic Destiny Banner (January 2020-March 2020)
Mystery Dungeon Banner

Team Rocket Takeover III: The Game Banner (April 1, 2020)
Team Rocket Takeover III Banner


Retro-Style Luna and Terra Scenes
Classic Brandon Wants to Fight

Classic Sporout Was Sent Out

Classic Turcell Was Sent Out

Classic Kappaqua Was Sent Out

Classic Seluna Appeared

Classic Terratlas Appeared

Cosmic Quest FanFiction.Net Cover Image
Cosmic Quest Cover.png

Cosmic Destiny Cover Image
Mystery Dungeon Cover

Tenno Pokémon “Concept Art”
Please Note: The following image was created when I was a young child, and does not represent my current abilities, particularly my spelling.
Pokemon Concept Art

Terratlas and Seluna Join the Fight! (Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tie-In)
Smash Bros Terratlas

Smash Bros Seluna

Obsolete Images

Please note, the following images have been rendered obsolete and are posted here for archival purposes. See the versions that replaced them here.

Luna and Terra Versions 3DS Cover Art
Pokemon Luna Version

Pokemon Terra Version

Original Luna, Terra, and Sol Logos