Bonus Content

The Tenno PokéRap

A video created and sung by my brother to commemorate the 100th episode of Cosmic Quest. This is just a sample of what a full Tenno PokéRap could someday be.

The Ultra Sun and Moon/Sol Version Background

This background honors both my recent focus on Sol Version as well as the upcoming releases of Ultra Sun and Moon Versions. It’s a third version mash-up.

Ultra Sun and Moon Background

The Anime 20th Anniversary Background

April 1st 2017 marks Ash’s 20th 10th birthday, so let’s celebrate with this background that serves of a reminder of the past 20 years of the anime.

The Sun and Moon/Luna and Sol Background

Let’s get ready for Sun and Moon with this background that celebrates them and their connections to Luna and Sol Versions.
1280×800 Resolution Version

The Special Pokémon 20th Anniversary Background

As tribute to Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, I present you with a special desktop background to commemorate this momentous occasion. Train on!
1280×800 Resolution Version

Retro Cosmic Quest Background

For the lovers of the original Red and Blue Versions in all their retro glory, here’s a 20th anniversary present for your desktop.

1280×800 Resolution Version

The Official Cosmic Quest Desktop Background

I made this image to serve as a background on my computer. I figured I might as well let you guys get it if you want it as your own desktop background. This image features all of Tenno Pokémon revealed so far, as well as Tenno Mega Evolutions, new forms of old Pokémon, and several characters important to the series. The image will be updated as new Pokémon are revealed.
Cosmic Quest Background
1280×800 Resolution Version (Out of Date)

Instructions For Backgrounds: Click the image to get a full-size view of it. Right click the enlarged image and click “Save image as…” Give the file a name and click save. Once it is saved to your computer, find the image in the file you saved it and right click it. Select the option “Set as desktop background” and then you should have your official Cosmic Quest background.

The Pokémon Cosmic Quest Theme Song

FanFiction.Net user MajorBrony95 was kind enough to create an original theme song for Cosmic Quest, as well as a description of its accompanying animation and an extended movie version.

Normal Version (Animation Description in Parenthesis):

(Launch voice) “3…” (Ash is in a bright lit stadium. We are given a close up of his face as he gives a confident smirk)
“2…” (Ash enlarges a Pokéball and holds it up to his face, determination written all over.)
“1…” (We pan out and Ash throws the ball at the screen with all his might.)
“Blastoff!” (The ball opens up with a bright light at the screen.)
(Crowd voice) “Pokémon!”
(Male singer (think singer from “Advanced Battle”)) “Launching off into new frontier.”
(All scenes are fast-forwarded) (A rocket ship is launching off a pad and lifting off into the blue sky. A downward pan-around shows Ash is running after it on the ground, staring up at it with an amazed smile on his face. Pikachu is at his feet, also with a big smile.)
“I’m not afraid knowing that you’re here.”
(Ash then looks to his right and sees Brenda running alongside him. He looks to his left and sees Brock also by his side. Both have large smiles on their faces. A change to the front shows all of them facing the front. As Ash’s face gets close the scene changes.)
“Reach for the stars, planets, Moon and Sun.”
(We now see a beautiful outer space background with stars and galaxies. Heliosol rises up from the bottom left of the screen as, in a quick switch, Seluna rises from the right bottom. They then blast a Solar and Lunar Beam attack respectively at each other, resulting in an explosion and a cloud of dust. Ryusei and Gravisaac then shoot out of the cloud.)
“It’s my goal to be…” (Crowd voice) “Number One!”
(Ash points out a command to Pikachu, who leaps into the air and, on “Number One,” performs Hallowed Lightning in an impressive display.)
“Through foes and rivals, we’ll pass our test.”
(In front of a black hole background, Sirius, Cygnus, and Orion stand with evil grins with Cosmo in front of them with a impassive, yet nasty look at the camera. Then it shows a glaring Ryu ordering Dragonair to use Dragon Rush at the screen.)
“To be the very best!”
(Jesse, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet are shot into the air, silently shouting in a blast off.)
“All to complete our cosmic quest!”
(Ash and company are looking up at the sky and a pan-around shows us going out into an above shot of the Earth, displaying the Cosmic Quest logo above it, as a shooting star speeds toward the screen.)
(Crowd voice) “Pokémon!”
(Cue title after flash from shooting star.)

Movie Version:

3…2…1… Blast off!
(Short instrumental)
Verse 1:
Launching off into new frontier.
I’m not afraid knowing that you’re here.
Reach for the stars, planets, Moon and Sun.
It’s my goal to be NUMBER ONE!
Straight toward our target like meteorite.
With your help, I’ll win the ultimate fight.
I don’t need to wish on a shooting star.
With my friends by my side my WISH’LL GO FAR!
Through foes and rivals, we’ll pass our test, to be the very best.
All to complete our cosmic quest!
Verse 2:
Faster than Neptune’s winds or Mercury.
And stronger than Jupiter is what I’ll be.
I’ll shine like Venus in the night time sky.
And I’ll win that big battle if I JUST TRY!
(Repeat refrain)
Verse 3:
Though others may try,
To bring down our dreams.
We’ll show them,
We’re so much more than we seem!
(Repeat refrain at a slight higher pitch)

My Omega Ruby Super Secret Base QR Code


It is a Dragon-Type Gym located north of the Meteorite Falls on Route 115 (requires Surf to reach). It is located in a cave that is said to have been inhabited by the ancient Draconid people. The Pokémon used are my three favorites in all of Pokémon. I’d be interested in hearing any feedback that any of you might have. Enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Bonus Content

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  2. Now that’s a Pokemon Cosmic Quest theme song with the English version for each episodes and the movies. Let’s trying to do some Japanese of the theme song with the Pokemon Cosmic Quest right here in the Tenno region.


    • If someone wanted to try to submit a Japanese song, I suppose they could, but I sure don’t speak Japanese, nor do most of this website’s readers, I imagine, so it would seem a little pointless to me.


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