Bonus Content

Note: I have recently changed computers, and my new one has a screen resolution of 1366×768 instead of 1280×800. That means that I will now be making all backgrounds in 1366×768 resolution. All previously made backgrounds will be available in either size, but new ones will be made only in 1366×768 and the Cosmic Quest Background for the 1280×800 resolution will no longer be updated. If this is inconvenient for you, I am sorry.

The Anime 20th Anniversary Background

April 1st 2017 marks Ash’s 20th 10th birthday, so let’s celebrate with this background that serves of a reminder of the past 20 years of the anime.

The Sun and Moon/Luna and Sol Background

Let’s get ready for Sun and Moon with this background that celebrates them and their connections to Luna and Sol Versions.
1280×800 Resolution Version

The Special Pokémon 20th Anniversary Background

As tribute to Pokémon’s 20th anniversary, I present you with a special desktop background to commemorate this momentous occasion. Train on!
1280×800 Resolution Version

Retro Cosmic Quest Background

For the lovers of the original Red and Blue Versions in all their retro glory, here’s a 20th anniversary present for your desktop.

1280×800 Resolution Version

The Official Cosmic Quest Desktop Background

I made this image to serve as a background on my computer. I figured I might as well let you guys get it if you want it as your own desktop background. This image features all of Tenno Pokémon revealed so far, as well as Tenno Mega Evolutions, new forms of old Pokémon, and several characters important to the series. The image will be updated as new Pokémon are revealed.
Pokemon Cosmic Quest Background
1280×800 Resolution Version (Out of Date)

Instructions For Backgrounds: Click the image to get a full-size view of it. Right click the enlarged image and click “Save image as…” Give the file a name and click save. Once it is saved to your computer, find the image in the file you saved it and right click it. Select the option “Set as desktop background” and then you should have your official Cosmic Quest background.

My Omega Ruby Super Secret Base QR Code


It is a Dragon-Type Gym located north of the Meteorite Falls on Route 115 (requires Surf to reach). It is located in a cave that is said to have been inhabited by the ancient Draconid people. The Pokémon used are my three favorites in all of Pokémon. I’d be interested in hearing any feedback that any of you might have. Enjoy.

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