Sol Version – The Game

For many years, this website has discussed my game concepts of Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions, but all that time in the background I’ve been working on turning Sol Version into an actual game. This is it.

Sol Version is a Pokémon fan game created using the RPG Maker XP platform and the Pokémon Essentials game engine. It is a completely original game featuring the concepts and Pokémon discussed on this website. Being made on RPG Maker with Pokémon Essentials means that this is actually not a Switch or DS game, but rather a game you will download to your computer. Despite this, it will feel as much like an actual Pokémon game as possible.

In Sol Version, you play as either Brandon or Brenda, a new trainer in the Tenno Region, a region known for its advanced technology and space program. In the Tenno Region, there is no name that is better known than Team Planetary. Team Planetary is an organization that creates and controls most of Tenno’s technology, including its space program. While most think of them as the heroes of Tenno, you quickly learn this is wrong. Team Planetary will stop at nothing to gain access to the ultimate power of the legendary Cosmic Architect, creator of the solar system. While you journey to become the next Tenno Champion, it falls upon you to put a stop to Team Planetary’s evil and save the world in an epic adventure that culminates in a trip to outer space.

Notable Features:
Over 100 completely original and custom Pokémon.
Over 100 new and unique moves as well as many new abilities.
New Mega Evolutions.
New Regional Variants, Tennoan Form Pokémon
A completely original region filled with a large variety of locations.
-A full story complete with an evil team and a Pokémon League challenge.
-An expansive post-game story.
The brand-new Light-Type.
The return of the Battle Frontier, now known as the Battle Final Frontier.
-The return of the Pokémon World Tournament.
-New mechanics such as dual-typed moves and signature move bonuses.
And so much more!*

This game is designed to be as close to a real Pokémon game as possible. While there are new mechanics, features, and other changes, these are all within the limits of a what a new Pokémon game might realistically introduce. Otherwise, there will be no crazy changes or subversions that might be seen in other Pokémon fan games. While I work to make this game an original experience and worth playing, I also work to make sure that at no moment do you question whether or not it could be a real Pokémon game.

Please keep in mind, this game is a long ways away. I have been working on it for approximately three years now, and am only about half-way through the main story of the game, and once I’m done with that, I still have to build the post-game. I will give updates on the progress of the game, just don’t expect it any time soon.

Be sure to browse around this website for even more information on the concepts and ideas of Pokémon Sol Version.

Sol Version

*Disclaimer: Some features of Sol Version listed on other sections of this website will not be able to make it into the final game due to programming and technology limitations. It should also be noted that my concept for this would have it be a full-fledged Switch game with 3D graphics, but that is impossible to build with Pokémon Essentials.