GlowvaShiny Glowva

Classification: The Glow Worm Pokémon

Type: Bug

Height: 1′ 1″ Weight: 6.2 lbs.

Body Type:Pokémon with an insectoid body

Description: Glowva eat large amount of leaves in its preparation to evolve. This grants it large amounts of energy, the excess of which is given off as light.

Evolution Line:
GlowvaLevel 7=> ChrysaluxLevel 10=> Glitterfly

Egg Groups: Bug

Abilities: Illuminate, Shield Dust, Swarm, Bioluminescence, and Run Away (Hidden Ability)

Level Up Moves:
Lv. 0: Tackle
Lv. 0: String Shot
Lv. 5: Flash
Lv. 15: Bug Bite

TM Moves:

Move Tutor:

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