Chapter 1: Event Horizon

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Chronologically, this episode takes place in between episodes 34 and 35 of Cosmic Quest. Enjoy.

Cosmic Chronicles
Chapter 1: Event Horizon

A bird’s eye view of a massive metropolis on the coast is shown. It is none other than the world-famous Kanaveral City, home of the Tenno Region’s space program. The scene shifts so that we now see a boy walking down a sidewalk of the city. He’s probably a little older than Ash, wears black shorts, a yellow shirt, red backpack, and a white, black, and red hat with a Pokéball emblem on its front. He stops and looks towards a grassy park on the other side of the street. There he sees a group of people cheering. He crosses the street to see what the commotion is. Once in the park, he can see that all the people are gathered around two trainers and their Pokémon. One has an Aggron that has just fainted, and the other has a Golurk that is standing triumphantly over it.

The trainer who lost reluctantly recalls his Aggron. The members of the audience all murmur various words of praise, such as “Unbelievable, that guy has just defeated four trainers in a row,” or “He’s unstoppable,” or “He’s the strongest trainer I’ve ever seen.”

The victorious trainer calls out in challenge, “Alright, I’ve shown my strength. Now, is there anyone else out there foolish enough to challenge my Golurk and me?”

The yellow-shirted boy grins to himself and then pushes through the audience. Once inside the ring, he declares, “I’ve been looking for a battle.”

The trainer looks him over and laughs. “You want to battle me!? I guess you haven’t been watching. Fine by me though. Golurk could always use another opponent to thrash.”

The yellow-shirted boy grins. “We’ll see about that.” He pulls a Pokéball off his belt and enlarges it. “Go, Solurtle!” He throws the Pokéball and out of it comes a Pokémon that looks like turtle standing on its hind legs. It has orange scales, the front of its shell is a light yellow, with an orange sun emblem, and the back of its shell is red. However, most of the back of its shell is covered by solar panels. The boy then says, “Go ahead, take the first move.”

The opponent laughs. “Ha! You are an overconfident one alright. Fine, if you want to lose, you’re more than welcome to. Golurk, Focus Punch!” Golurk’s fist begins to glow, and it prepares to punch.

Without much worry, the boy suggests, “Solurtle, Iron Defense.” Solurtle pulls into its shell, just as Golurk punches it. The fist bounces right off the shell, and Golurk leaps back in surprise. The boy grins. “Now use Heat Wave!” Solurtle comes out of its shell and releases a powerful breath of heat.

The audience gasps. Murmurs such as, “No way, he actually landed a hit,” can be heard.

The opponent is shocked. He quickly shakes it off and commands, “Golurk, we won’t take that, show him what you’re made of with a Bulldoze!” The Golurk prepares to ram itself into Solurtle.

Someone says, “Solurtle is a Fire and Steel-Type. If this Ground-Type attack hits, it’s all over.”

The boy remains calm and commands, “Gyro Ball.” Solurtle pulls into its shell and begins to spin at high speeds. The two Pokémon meet midfield, collide, and then bounce off of each other. “Heat Wave!” Solurtle exits its shell and attacks with another Heat Wave.

The opponent commands, “Phantom Force!” Golurk fades away, causing the Heat Wave to miss.

Meanwhile, just outside the audience, a young boy is frantically trying to get a view of the battle. He wears a blue t-shirt and tan shorts. He has slightly spikey brown hair. He’s running around the crowd, trying to find a way to wedge himself in, but keeps on failing. He tries to jump up to get a better view of the battle, but this only gives him slight peeks. He sighs in annoyance. He looks behind him and notices a tree. He excitedly runs over to it and climbs up onto a limb. He now has a view of the battle. He gasps upon seeing the yellow-shirted boy.

Back in the battle, the yellow-shirted boy declares, “You may not be able to see it Solurtle, but Golurk will show itself again. Keep your eyes out.”

Solurtle nods. “Sol.”

A few tense moments later, Golurk reappears behind Solurtle. The boy begins to shout, “Out of the way!” but it’s too late, as Golurk’s attack hits.

The opponent asks, “You feel like giving in yet?”

“Solurtle and I never give up. In fact, I think you’ve proven yourself worthy of seeing our true power. It’s time to take this battle up a notch.” He looks to Solurtle, who looks back and nods in instant understanding. It pulls one of its arms into its shell. After a moment, it then brings the arm back out. It now wears a bracelet with a round and colorful gem on it. The boy holds his wrist out in front of his body, showing off a bracelet of his own with a similar gem on it. He declares, “Activate Mega Band!” and taps the stone with his opposite hand. “Solurtle, Mega Evolve!” Multi-colored beams of light begin to shine brilliantly from both the boy’s and Solurtle’s stones. The beams from each stone arc so as to meet each other in the air. Solurtle is then enveloped in an even brighter shroud of light. Within the light, Solurtle’s form begins to change.

The crowd gasps. Some are surprised, some are in awe. The boy on the tree is very surprised, and he almost falls down, only regaining his grip in the nick of time.

The light around Solurtle dissipates, revealing a new form. It now wears solar panels on most of its body as armor, including a helmet, shoulder pads, and kneepads. In addition, it has grown larger and fiercer. It roars, “Solurtle!” in a deeper voice then before. As it does, the sun suddenly begins to shine brighter and harsher than before.

The opponent looks nervous. He shouts, “We won’t let that stop us! Use Bulldoze Golurk!”

The yellow-shirted boy grins. “Put an end to this with Solar Beam, Mega Solurtle.” Through all of its solar panels, the Pokémon absorbs energy. Almost instantly, probably due to the intense sunlight, it unleashes a massive Solar Beam attack. The attack hits its mark. Once the attack is over, a singed Golurk is frozen in place. After another moment, it falls stiffly to the floor. The boy gives a small, but confident chuckle.

Everyone in the audience is absolutely stunned. More surprised than anyone is the Golurk’s trainer. He regretfully returns his Pokémon and asks, “How could anyone be so good?”

Solurtle reverts back to its base form, and the boy recalls it. The sun returns to normal. He then asks, “What, don’t you recognize me?”

The opponent stares at him with a dumbfounded expression for a moment and then recoils in shock. “Wait a second…I do know you! You’re Brandon, the winner of last year’s Tenno League Tournament!”

The boy nods. “The one and only.” Everyone begins chatter with disbelief. Brandon turns around, preparing to leave. Right before he does, he says, “Don’t worry, most of my opponents can’t even stand up to one of my Solurtle’s attacks. You did pretty well.” He walks away. The crowd instantly parts, allowing him to leave.

Brandon walks past the tree where the boy was watching him from. The boy gets excited and calls, “Hey Brandon, wait a second!” In his excitement, he accidently loses his grip again and falls. Brandon just ignores him and keeps on walking away. The boy quickly gets up, brushes himself off and runs to catch up with Brandon. “Wow Brandon, that was an awesome battle! Not to mention you pulled off a Mega Evolution! So cool!”

Brandon sighs. “Sorry kid, I’m not signing any autographs.”

The boy stops for a moment, confused. He then dashes to catch back up with Brandon. “No, I don’t want an autograph. Don’t you remember me? I’m Chris, we used to be neighbors.”

Brandon stops for a moment and turns to look at the boy. He slowly nods in recognition. “Right…I remember you. You tried to pretend you were older then you really were so you could get a Pokémon at the same time I did.”

The boy, Chris, cringes. “Yes…that was me.” He shakes it off. “Anyways, my family and I watched your battles in the Tenno League on the holovision. They were amazing! The entire town was so thrilled that someone from Launch Town actually managed to win the Tenno League.” Brandon just keeps on walking, barely listening. “But you won’t be the only one for long. Check this out!” He stops and tosses a Pokéball into the air. Out of it comes a Sporout.

It lands on Chris’ head and happily declares, “Sporout!”

Chris notices that Brandon has kept on walking and runs to catch up with him again. He then eagerly says, “See, look. I’ve got my own Pokémon now. I plan to take on the Tenno League and become the second trainer from Launch Town to become the champion.” Brandon barely nods in acknowledgment. Chris then remembers something. “Oh yeah, there’s actually a funny story about this Sporout. I had to wait to get it because the Sporout I was supposed to get was allegedly stolen by Team Planetary.”

This catches Brandon’s attention. He stops walking and asks, “Team Planetary stole a Pokémon from the Professor’s lab?”

Chris nods. “Yeah, according to what the Professor told me, this guy just burst in and took the Pokémon. Apparently some kid with a Pikachu tried to stop him, but it didn’t work out and he got away.” He stops and thinks for a moment. “I wonder what was going on. I figured that Professor Pine had to be making up that story. There’s no way Team Planetary would ever steal a Pokémon. I think he was just making an excuse for why I had to wait longer for my Pokémon.”

Brandon shakes his head. “No, I believe him.”

Chris looks at him with curiosity. “Why?”

Brandon looks around. He then whispers, “We’re in the middle of Kanaveral City, the heart of Team Planetary operations, it’s not safe to talk about here.”

“What? Why?”

Brandon sighs. “Look, suffice it to say that Team Planetary is not the benevolent group they make themselves out to be. I’ve encountered their true side…several times.”

Chris shakes his head. “No way, don’t you know what Team Planetary has done for this region? Think about where we’d be without them.”

Brandon looks him in the eye and says, “Look kid, think whatever you want, it doesn’t matter to me. But some day, you will realize that I was right. I assure you that much.”

Chris shrugs. “Whatever.” Brandon shakes his head with minor disbelief and then walks on. Chris catches up with him and asks, “So, what are you doing now? It’s been so long since your win at the League, but you haven’t challenged the Champion League yet. What gives?”

“I feel that I am not yet ready.”

“Not yet ready!? You’re one of the best trainers I’ve ever seen. I bet you could defeat Galileo like it was nothing.”

Brandon shakes his head. “No, I can still grow stronger. And I must before I challenge the Champion League.”

Something else suddenly catches Chris’ eyes. At this point, the two have wandered into a more deserted area of city, behind some buildings. Chris points, “Hey, speaking of, it looks like those guys work for Team Planetary. Strange, I’ve never seen Team Planetary members wearing uniforms like that before.”

Brandon quickly looks in the direction he points. Sure enough two Team Planetary Grunts, a guy and a girl, are sneaking into an alleyway. While they are unmistakably Team Planetary Grunts, they are dressed in non-standard uniforms. Instead of being primarily white, they are primarily black. “That is odd. I haven’t seen anything like that either.” He begins to move towards the alley they walked into. He stops, turns to Chris, and says, “Get out of here now, this may not be safe.”

Chris shakes his head. “No way, if you’re going to claim that Team Planetary are bad guys, and you’re going to go after them, then I’m coming too. Besides, Sporout and I can handle ourselves.”

Brandon looks at him sternly and says, “I’m sorry, but the last thing that I need is a fledgling trainer getting in my way. At the very least wait for me to come back here.”

“Fledgling trainer!? I’ll have you know that Sporout and I have already faced the Horizoport Gym.”


Chris reluctantly adds, “And we lost…”

Brandon nods. “Case in point. Wait here.” Brandon runs towards the alleyway, peeks in first, and then goes in.

Chris angrily kicks a nearby rock and complains, “It’s not fair, we could handle ourselves in there, right Sporout?”

Sporout, blissfully unaware, responds, “Rout, spore.”


A man and a woman are standing facing a window that takes up the entire wall of the room they’re in. All we can see are their backs. They’re wearing some sort of white uniform. They’re in a dimly lit room, and the room on the other side of the window is lit by a harsh white light. In that room, there is a strange machine in the center, which seems to be levitating a piece of rock above it. Surrounding the machine is a large number of the Team Planetary Grunts dressed in black.

Another man walks up behind them. He wears what seems to be a play on the Team Planetary Commander’s uniform, however, like the grunts, it is black instead of white. A black hat casts a shadow over his face, leaving it concealed. He asks, “Professor Aries, are you certain this plan will work? We’d hate to have to waste Meteoric Shard.”

The man turns around. He is a tall and skinny man with black hair. He wears glasses, and the front of his outfit features the Team Planetary logo. He responds, “Do not worry. There is practically no risk to the Meteoric Shard. Right Pleiades?”

The girl standing next him nods. “Right sir.” She is a small, petite girl with her brown hair in a bun. She too has a Planetary emblem on her shirt.

Aries continues, “As for the odds of success, I am 90% certain this will work. If you let me use that Grand Meteoric Shard you have just recently gathered, then I could push that up to 99.9%. Trust me Commander…what did you say your name was?”

“I didn’t. My name is classified. You may address me as Commander Messier. And I’ve told you before, that Grand Meteoric Shard is needed for Team Planetary’s primary objective. Team Interplanetary cannot interfere with the operations of Team Planetary.”

Aries shakes his head in confusion. “I will never understand this whole concept. Team Interplanetary, why is it necessary?”

“I’ve already explained that to you as well. There are some operations that require obscurity, things that the public can never know of. Team Planetary is in the eye of the public. Team Interplanetary is not.”

Aries nods. He says sarcastically, “Right, because stealing a Pokémon from a lab or Meteoric Shards from a museum is definitely okay for the public to know about.”

“What we do here in Team Interplanetary is much more extreme, and must be kept secret at all costs. If Team Planetary fails in its objectives, and is exposed to the world, Team Interplanetary will live on.”

Aries shakes his head again. “Just wait until my colleagues hear about this.”

Messier snaps, “I warned you when I recruited you, no one, even high ranking Team Planetary officials, are to know about the existence of Team Interplanetary.”

Aries raises his hands in innocence. “Geeze, that was a joke.” He turns to Pleiades and asks, “Wasn’t that funny Pleiades?”

She nods and says without much conviction, “Very funny sir.”

“Can’t you take a joke?”

Messier responds sternly, “Apparently not. Now let’s get to work.”


Brandon is crouching behind a dumpster in an alley. He peeks up over it to see the two Team Interplanetary Grunts. They seem to just be standing there, doing nothing. Brandon whispers to himself, “What’s your game…?” After a few more moments of observation, something happens. What seemed to be a pile of junk begins to rise into the air, being lifted by a hidden doorway that is coming out of the ground. Brandon smiles. “Bingo.” The grunts enter the doorway. After another moment, the door begins to slowly lower into the ground. Brandon makes a dash for it and makes it in.

Once inside, he finds himself in a stairwell lit by another harsh white light. He’s just about to go down, when he hears someone shout, “Wait for me!” Brandon looks back with surprise to see Chris and his Sporout dashing to make it into secret entrance. He runs in, making it just in the nick of time.

Brandon groans with annoyance. He demands in a whisper, “What are you doing here?”

Chris smiles. “I told you. If you want me to believe your claims that Team Planetary are bad guys, then you’ll have to show me first hand.”

Brandon shushes him. “I have no choice now, but you need to stay absolutely silent. Not a noise out of you or your Pokémon, do you understand?”

Chris nods and pretends to zip his mouth shut.

“I also need you to do exactly as I say from this point forward.” Chris nods again. “Alright, let’s go then.” They make their way down the stairs.

Once at the bottom, they find themselves in the same room that Aries was looking into in the previous scene. The two grunts they followed have joined up with the others. Brandon quickly grabs Chris by his collar and yanks him to the side. They hide behind a piece of machinery.

Over an intercom, the voice of Aries announces, “Alright grunts, it’s time for trial number one. Prepare your Pokémon.” The grunts all toss Pokéballs, and let out a horde of Clefairy. “Good, now remember, the goal is to pump as much gravitational energy into that Meteoric Shard as possible. If we are successful, then we will have created a Gravitonic Core. I’m sure you all already know how important that is to us…” he then adds under his breath with a hint of annoyance, “or maybe you don’t, with all these secrets you guys keep.” He then announces “Okay, begin the process.”

The grunts all command at once, “Clefairy, use Gravity!” The Clefairy all begin to concentrate on the Meteoric Shard. A purple field begins envelop the floating rock above the strange machine. At first, the only noticeable effect is that a few small pieces of the rock that were floating freely around it are forced onto the main shard’s surface.

Chris asks in a whisper, “What are they doing…?”

Brandon glares at him disapprovingly. They then return their attention to the experiment. The Clefairy continue to manipulate the gravity around the shard. For a while, nothing happens. But then, a change occurs. The Meteoric Shard begins to change. The first sign of change is that the broken off pieces actually fuse back into the main shard. Then something more drastic happens. The shape of the shard itself begins to change, as it is forced into the shape of a perfect sphere. After a few more moments, it begins to glow red.

Chris is leaning far forward, straining himself to get the best view possible. In doing this, he is balancing himself by holding onto piece of the machine they are hiding behind. The piece of machinery snaps, and Chris falls forward, he, Sporout, and the piece of machinery all fall to the floor, creating a loud crash. Brandon groans.

Messier’s voice shouts out over the intercom, “Intruder alert! Grunts to the main laboratory!”

Within seconds, more Interplanetary Grunts flow into the room. They surround Chris. One demands, “How did you get in here kid!?”

Chris laughs awkwardly. “Funny story. You see, my friend told me that you guys were bad guys…I didn’t believe him. You guys aren’t evil…right?”

Messier commands, “He knows too much, dispose of him.”

Chris yelps with terror and runs back behind the machinery. A grunt shouts, “Hey, get back here!”

Several grunts follow him behind the machinery. Once there, they see Brandon and Solurtle standing between them and Chris. Chris is making a rude face at them. Solurtle uses Heat Wave, causing the grunts to leap back. Brandon and Solurtle come running out from hiding, and ready for battle.

Messier shouts with anger, “That’s the kid who’s been trying to stop Team Planetary! He’s too dangerous to let him know about us! Stop him at all costs!” The grunts all throw Pokéballs, sending out Lunatone, Solrock, and Beheeyem.

Brandon grins. “I’ve been fighting Team Planetary Grunts for a long time now. You may have fancy uniforms, but you’re no different. Solurtle, Heat Wave!” Solurtle releases a breath of extreme heat across all of the grunts’ Pokémon, hitting them all. “Now Gyro Ball!” Solurtle pulls into its shell and begins to spin rapidly. It flings itself at some nearby Pokémon.

Several Grunts call out at once, “Psychic!” Several of their Pokémon use a Psychic attack and catch and immobilize Solurtle.

Brandon gasps with surprise. “I’ve never seen grunts act with such strategy.” He shakes his head. “Get out of it Solurtle, Heat Wave!” While it may be immobilized, it’s still spinning in place. While spinning, its Heat Wave attack starts to come out of its shell, and due to the spinning, it manages to hit all of the Pokémon surrounding it, freeing Solurtle. It then rams into several enemy Pokémon in a row, hitting one, bumping off of it, and then hitting another.

Several other grunts command, “Cosmic Blast!” Several of the Lunatone, Solrock, and Beheeyem surround Solurtle in a circle, gather their concentration, and then unleash a blast of energy focused on Solurtle.

Just in time, Brandon shots, “Iron Defense!” When Solurtle can be seen again, it is hiding in its shell. It comes out mostly unharmed. Brandon breathes a sigh of relief. “That was a close one. The grunts are good. Heat Wave again!”

Meanwhile, up in the observation room, Messier, Aries, and Pleiades watch the battle. Messier nods. “Yes, I can see why Team Planetary has had so much trouble dealing with this boy.” He pulls a Pokéball of his belt. “Fine, I will handle this myself.” He begins to walk out. “Continue monitoring the experiment. We cannot afford a failure.” Aries is too absorbed in monitoring the experiment already to respond.

Back in the main lab, Chris and Sporout watch eagerly as Brandon battles. They ooh and ah as Brandon pulls off various combos. Chris asks, “Do you think we should help him Sporout?” Just after he asks this, a nearby Lunatone unleashes a powerful Lunar Beam. Chris and Sporout look at each other and shake their heads. “Yeah, maybe not. He’s got this handled.”

Brandon commands, “Solar Beam!” Solurtle charges its attack. As it does, several of the grunts’ Pokémon pounce at it. Just in time, Solurtle releases its attack and knocks them all out.

Messier observes, “You’re a powerful trainer, but how will you fare against someone more skilled than a grunt?”

Brandon turns to see Messier walking towards him. “I assume that by that you mean yourself. I’ve defeated Sirius, Cygnus, and Orion. I can defeat you. Now tell me, who are you? While you’re at it, why don’t you tell me what’s up with the negative colored uniforms?”

“That’s classified information. You know too much as it is.”

“Too many secrets for my taste.”

“But secrets are what keep a successful organization running. Secrets are the basis of modern day society. You can’t escape that fact.”

Brandon shakes his head. “Let’s just agree to disagree on that one.”

“How about I defeat you, and then it doesn’t matter what you think?” He pulls out a Pokéball.

“Try me.” Brandon and Solurtle ready themselves.

Messier tosses his Pokéball casually, and sends out a Clefable. Chris asks with some confusion, “If he’s such a bad guy, why would he use a Pokémon like Clefable?”

Brandon looks back to him and answers, “Once you’ve been a trainer for long enough, you’ll learn the truth about Pokémon like Clefable.” He then looks back to Solurtle and says, “Better not take any chances on this. Let’s go all out.”

Solurtle nods in agreement. “Lurtle.” It pulls out its Solurtite.

Brandon taps his Mega Band. “Let’s go, Mega Evolution!” Both stones react and glow. Solurtle is enveloped in light. It emerges as Mega Solurtle. As it does, all of the lights in the room suddenly grow brighter, and change from a harsh white to a more organic, sun-like color.

Chris wipes his brow. “Wow, it’s hot, almost like there’s a drought.” Sporout nods in agreement.

Brandon commands, “Alright Mega Solurtle, Solar Beam!”

Before Solurtle can even begin to charge its attack, Messier commands, “Moonlit Night!” Clefable generates a shroud of shadows. These shadows cover all of the lights on the roof, making it as dark as a moonless night. Then, an apparition of a full moon appears in the artificial night, casting some minor light.

Solurtle has already began to charge. It gasps. “Sol!?” It’s gathering energy, but at a very slow rate.

Chris asks, “What just happened? Solar Beam charged so fast last time.”

Messier explains, “That was in the sun. Under the light of the moon, a Solar Beam takes three times as long to use, and now you’re stuck charging it. Meanwhile, my Clefable has Lunar Beam.” Clefable quickly charges and then unleashes a beam of silver energy. Stuck charging, Mega Solurtle can do little but take the hit.

Brandon grunts. “Solurtle, you’ve got to do something.” Solurtle looks back to him with helplessness.

Messier commands, “Now use Moonblast!” Clefable holds its arms up towards the projected moon. A blast of energy is then released from the moon. It too hits the helpless Solurtle.

Brandon grunts again. “Only a little more Solurtle, you’ve got to hang in there.” Solurtle grunts back. It is clear that it has taken some serious damage.

“Let’s put an end to this. One last Lunar Beam.” Clefable quickly charges, then attacks.

The attack is on its way, when Solurtle looks to Brandon and nods. Brandon commands, “Go, Solar Beam!” Solurtle unleashes its Solar Beam. The two opposing beams meet midway between the Pokémon. Due to the night-like environment, the Lunar Beam seems more powerful, but the overall strength of Solurtle seems to be higher. The attacks are equally matched, and cancel each other out.

Messier shakes his head in disapproval. “Looks like I miscalculated. That plan was supposed to stop you. Oh well, I guess you must have a secret too.”

Meanwhile, Aries still has his attention on the Meteoric Shard. It is now a complete perfect sphere, with a smooth surface. Suddenly, it changes drastically. It transforms from a rock to a red gem. Extreme joy crosses Aries face. “Yes, we’ve done it! We’ve created a Gravitonic Core!” He presses a button to speak over the intercom. He says, “Good work, you have created the world’s first artificial Gravitonic Core, but do not stop now. Continue to pump gravitational energy into the core, and it will become more powerful than we could ever imagine!”

Pleiades asks, “Sir, is that wise? We have what we were hired to make. Why push it?”

Aries looks to her and says, “Pleiades, you’ve been my assistant for a very long time, and I trust your opinion, but this is my expertise. Trust me. We will have a Gravitonic Core more powerful than even the one made by the Cosmic Architect!”

Back in the battle, Brandon commands, “Alright, it’s a Fairy-Type, so let’s destroy it with Gyro Ball!” Mega Solurtle nods, and then pulls itself into its shell. It then spins and flings itself at Clefable.

Messier commands, “Catch it Clefable!” The two Pokémon collide. Clefable extends its arms and stops Mega Solurtle from hitting it, but Solurtle keeps on trying.

Brandon encourages, “Come on Mega Solurtle, keep on pushing! You can overpower it!”

Suddenly a loud banging noise can be heard. Everyone looks back to the source. It’s the Gravitonic Core. It has suddenly begun to vibrate, and is creating strange noises. Messier shouts, “Aries, shut it off!”

Aries responds via intercom, “No, we are on the verge of discovering ultimate power! Gravity is the very force that holds the universe together, and we are about to gain control over it!”

Several more strange and deafening noises are heard, then there is one last crash, and the Gravitonic Core transforms once more. It suddenly turns pitch-black. The entire building begins to rumble. Messier shouts, “No you fool!” He turns to the grunts, “Call off your Pokémon! Now!” The grunts obey and return their Clefairy to their Pokéballs. “You’re experiment has failed Professor!”

Aries shouts, “No, don’t stop, we’re approaching critical mass!”

Despite the grunts stopping, it’s too late to reverse whatever has begun. A swirling vortex begins to form around the core. It completely envelops it. Anything lightweight and loose in the room begins to fly towards the vortex. They are sucked in. Even objects that are bigger than the vortex disappear completely within it.

Chris asks with fear, “What’s going on!?”

Brandon looks at the vortex with horror and responds, “They were messing with gravity, and have created a singularity! A point of infinite gravity! A black hole!”

Messier looks at Brandon with hatred. He recalls Clefable to its Pokéball. Once it’s gone, the lighting returns to normal. “You have grown lucky today child, but now that you know of our existence, you won’t be lucky for long.” He then shouts towards the roof, “Emergency evacuation order!”

The lights all instantly turn red, and an alarm is heard. A computerized voice declares, “Emergency in the main lab. All personnel are to evacuate the premise immediately.” It then goes on to repeat itself. The grunts all begin to run towards the exit. Messier follows them.

The next thing pulled in by the gravity of the black hole is the window separating the observation room from the lab. It shatters, and all of the glass is swallowed by the vortex. Aries can now be seen watching the black hole with great interest. He declares, “Yes, I am the master of the universe!”

Pleiades is pleading with him, “Please sir, we have to leave. This is getting dangerous.”

Aries shakes his head. “No, I will not leave at the time of my greatest triumph.” Then a large piece of machinery from behind is pulled off the ground and flies right towards him. Pleiades manages to pull him out of the way just in time. Upon seeing this, Aries reevaluates the situation. He nods. “Yes, quite dangerous. Let’s go.” The two run to another exit.

At this point, the black hole has grown several times its original size, and is beginning to swallow very large objects. The only two left in the room are Chris and Brandon. They are feeling the force of gravity, as they have to struggle to not be pulled towards the singularity. Chris shouts, “Come on Brandon, we’ve got to get out of here while we still can!”

Brandon shakes his head. “No, we can’t just leave this thing. The more it swallows, the more massive it will get, and the more massive it will get, the more it will swallow! If we leave it, it could spin out of control and swallow the entire city, if not the region, or even the world!”

Chris looks horrified. “That’s not good! What should we do!?”

Brandon studies it. He is suddenly jerked forward and pulled towards the black hole. Chris catches him by the arm and pulls him back. The two grab hold of a large piece of machinery that’s bolted to the floor. Brandon then answers, “Normally what goes into a black hole will never come out, but in outer space, there are objects known as quasars. They are supermassive black holes that take in vast amounts of matter and energy, so much that they actually launch some of it back out. Maybe if we can pump enough energy into it, we can cause it to eject the matter it has absorbed, and maybe even destabilize it in the process.”

Chris looks confused. “I have no idea what you just said, but I’ll do whatever you tell me to.”

“Just have your Sporout use whatever energy-based attacks it knows on the black hole!”

Chris nods. “Alright then, Sporout, use Energy Ball, as many as you can!” Sporout jumps off his head and on to the ground. It begins to launch orb after orb of green energy at the black hole, all of which are sucked in, disappearing into nothingness.

Brandon nods. He then turns to Mega Solurtle and says, “I need the longest continuous Solar Beam you can muster Solurtle!” Solurtle nods, turns to the black hole, and unleashes its Solar Beam, which now charges instantly. The Solar Beam is also effortlessly absorbed into the black hole.

The two Pokémon continue to launch their attacks. The two trainers watch intensely, while also struggling against the gravity. Successively larger objects continue to be sucked in as well, while the black hole continues to grow. This continues for several more moments. Then the black hole suddenly doubles in size out of nowhere. Brandon shouts, “No, it’s too late! We have to get out of here while we still can!” Mega Solurtle returns to its original form and both trainers recall their Pokémon. Chris loses grip on his Pokéball, but catches it again just in time. Against the gravitational force of the black hole, the two struggle to climb the mostly destroyed stairs.

They make it out. Once outside, in the relatively calm, Chris asks, “What happens now Brandon?”

Brandon shakes his head in despair. “I don’t know.”

Right after he says this, the entire building suddenly implodes in on itself. It is all sucked into the black hole, which is now several times larger than when it was last seen.

Brandon’s eyes go wide. “All hope is lost…the city will be devoured…” Items from all over the surrounding city begin to be sucked into the black hole.

Just after he says this the black hole suddenly begins to rotate in the opposite direction. After another moment, the now massive black hole unleashes a beam of energy straight up into the sky, pumping all of its mass and energy along with it.

Brandon suddenly jumps for joy and exclaims, “We did it! The black hole has gone quasar!”

Chris cheers, “Yeah, we did it!”

As the beam continues, the black hole begins to shrink. It gets smaller, smaller, and smaller. It reaches the size it was originally, and then the beam begins to peter out. Then the black hole disappears, leaving behind the black gem, which immediately turns back to red. After that, it shatters, breaking into thousands of dust-sized granules.

Brandon breathes a sigh of relief. “That’s it. The black hole is gone. We’re safe. The city is safe.”

Chris smiles, obviously pleased with himself. He boasts, “Oh yeah, I just saved the city. No, I saved the world.” Brandon shakes his head and chuckles. He then begins to walk off. Chris asks, “So, where are we going next?”

Brandon looks at him disapprovingly and says, “I am going to find somewhere else to train. Where you go, I don’t care.”

Chris smiles. “If you don’t care, then I’m going to follow you.”

Brandon groans, but doesn’t object.


Messier is in a heavily shadowed room. A silhouetted figure sits in front of him. The figure asks, “What is your status report on Operation Toolbox?”

Messier answers, “Phase One was a complete failure. Professor Aries took the experiment too far and created a singularity, which destroyed both the operation and Team Interplanetary HQ. In the process, he also lost us a Meteoric Shard.”

“That is most unfortunate. How did you react?”

“Aries’ position in both Team Planetary and Team Interplanetary has been terminated.”

The silhouette nods. “Are you certain he will not reveal you to the public?”

“He will not, I have ensured that much. Besides, even if he did, he knew only the minimum, and could never expose us.”

“Good. Now tell me, how do you plan on proceeding with Operation Toolbox?”

“I think that Aries had the right idea. Why just create a Gravitonic Core, when we can create so much more? Why just influence gravity when we can control it? But next time, we do it under a more controlled environment. And we use a Gravitonic Core of higher quality.”

“And by higher quality, do you mean…?”

“Yes, a natural Gravitonic Core, taken from the very source.” He smiles devilishly.


Aries and Pleiades stand alone in dark room. Aries angrily sweeps all of the equipment off of a desk. He shouts, “They can’t do this! I’ve dedicated my entire life to them!” He picks up something and throws it to floor with rage. “I’ve given them everything! And this is how they repay me!?” He flips the desk over. “I’ll show them! I’ll do the one thing they’ve never been able to!” He walks up to some sort of containment pod. He begins to laugh. “And to think, I almost let them use you. Now I will be the only one to benefit from your powers!” He laughs even harder. In the pod is the silhouette of some sort of Pokémon. It’s small, and its body appears to bear the shape a six-pointed star. Behind it, five ribbon-like streamers attached to its back form a five-pointed star.

To Be Continued…

Who could this mysterious silhouette be? Find out in
Cosmic Quest The Movie Poster 3
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