Classification: The Hive Defender Pokémon
Type: Bug/Poison
Description: When a Combee hive needs protection, the ruling Vespiquen will release a special pheromone, inducing Combee to Evolve in order to better protect the hive. Vespidron will sacrifice anything, even themselves, to protect their queen and hive.
Evolves from male Combee by leveling up with a Vespiquen knowing the move Attack Pheromones in the party

Trivia:  In normal day-to-day life in a Combee hive, there is no need for Vespidron soldiers, as they have little to no ability at honey production, so none can be found. But when Vespiquen and the hive needs protection, Combee will Evolve on command. Once their duties defending the hive are through, Vespidron will selflessly leave, as not to be a drain on the hive’s resources. With an ability like Hive Mind, and moves like Helping Hand, Rage Powder, and Swarm Strike, Vespidron battle best in Double and Triple Battles teamed up with other Bug-Types, namely Vespiquen. Especially when said Vespiquen can power it up with moves like Attack, Defense, and Retreat Pheromones.

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Episode 45: A Bug’s Strife

The 20th Anniversary celebrations are beginning to kick into full gear with this episode.

When coming across a forest and being told they shouldn’t cross, Ash, Brock, and Brenda meet up with an old friend. Together the group travels into the forbidden forest and tries to avert an all-out war between two rival hives of Bug Pokémon.

Also, the Pokédex and Attackdex have been updated accordingly.

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Episode 44 Review

This episode was originally suggested to me by my brother. I thought it was such a perfect idea that I just had to do it. There were so many pluses to this episode. It was an episode for both Brock and James, two of my favorite characters, and yet they sadly tend to get the least attention. It was an episode that reminded us that Brock was a traveling Pokémon doctor, something that I had pretty much left unmentioned up to this point. It also showed the bond between Mime Jr. and James, which I rarely show to its fullest. On top of all that, it just felt natural. The traits of each character easily lent themselves to this episode. With so many pluses built in to one episode, it seemed perfect, and I am happy with the way it turned out.

Episode 44: For the Love of Joy

Read episode 44 here.

When Mime Jr. catches a cold, James rushes it to the Pokémon Center. In the process he realizes something that could change his life. Meanwhile, Brock offers up his services as a traveling Pokémon Doctor to the local Nurse Joy. One can guess how that turns out.

Also, I have just updated the Tenno Region page with a new version of the Tenno Map, this one looking like one taken right out of the games. Make sure to check it out.

Episode 43 Review

This is a rare episode revolving around Team Planetary that has little grounding in my original Luna, Terra, and Sol story concepts. The Solar Peak is a real location in these games, it’s where you catch the cover legendary of Sol Version (I’m not ready to reveal who it is yet) in Luna and Terra Versions. And in Sol Version, there is an event where you meet see some Team Planetary grunts near the Solar Peak, but nothing near this scale occurs.

The idea for having Liza and Tate come back for an episode came to me early in the creation of this series. I decided that I needed to have evolutions for Lunatone and Solrock, as they are some of the more major cosmic Pokémon already created. I instantly realized that there would be no one better to show off said evolutions than Liza and Tate. I actually watched both episodes with Liza and Tate in them before writing this episode so that I could accurately portray them.

The 20th Anniversary is Coming!

It may be over a month away, but it’s never too early to begin celebrating one of the biggest years in Pokémon’s history. February 27, 2016 is Pokémon’s 20th anniversary! You may have already noticed the new banner above and the countdown timer on the right. These are just two of the ways I plan on celebrating. I have also updated the Bonus Content section with a special 20th Anniversary desktop background I created. Here’s a look:

20th Anniversary Background

Don’t think it ends there though, I have a lot planned for the coming month, including a very special way to celebrate on the actual day of the anniversary.

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Lunatue and Solem

Classification: The Meteorite Pokémon
Type: Rock/Psychic
Description: The rocks that make up its body come straight from the Moon and are connected via a low level telekinetic field. If it loses part of its body, it can be replaced by nearby rocks.
Evolves from Lunatone by leveling up in the vicinity of Mt. Corona

Classification: The Meteorite Pokémon
Type: Rock/Psychic
Description: It is believed that once it has absorbed a significant amount of cosmic energy, Solrock are able to change their form to better match their environment. Having landed on Earth, their form bodies suited for terrestrial living.
Evolves from Solrock by leveling up in the vicinity of Mt. Corona

Trivia: It had previously only been a rumor that Lunatone and Solrock come from outer space, but with recent leaps in space exploration made in Tenno, the rumor has been confirmed as true. Both Lunatue and Solem are Evolutions induced by a terrestrial environment mixed with an unknown cosmic energy radiated in Mt. Corona. Lunatone (and hence Lunatue) is version-exclusive to Luna Version while Solrock (and hence Solem) is version-exclusive to Terra Version. Both can be found in Sol Version.