And So Ends a Glorious Day

Team Rocket Takeover III Stamp Slanted

Meowth: Well, it’s the end of the day, and it’s been a great one.

James: We’ve talked about, interacted with, and played our favorite video games. What could be better?

Jessie: But just because this day is over, don’t think the Team Rocket fun is. We’ve got some big changes planned for this website.

James: First off, effective immediately, Pokémon Sol Version is to renamed Pokémon Rocket Version. We will take Yuni Oha’s pitiful game design and turn it into a true masterpiece worthy of the Team Rocket brand name.

Yuni Oha: No! I cannot allow that!

Jessie: What are you doing here?

Meowth: We gave you the boot after we won this website fair and square!

Yuni Oha: I’ve come for a rematch.

James: Ha! And why would we give you that? We already won!

Yuni Oha: Because, if you beat me this time, then I will personally rewrite every episode of Cosmic Quest to work in your favor.

Jessie: [Whispers to James and Meowth] Guys, we may have control over everything, but we still suck as writers.

James: Yeah, if he could rewrite everything, it would put us even more in control than we already are.

Meowth: You think you guys can beat him again?

Jessie: What kind of question is that? Of course we can.

James: [Aloud] We accept your rematch.

Yuni Oha: [Nods] We’ll still play by your ruleset, but this time we’re playing on a stage of my choice.

Jessie: It makes no difference what stage we play. Bring it on.

Yuni Oha: And now I’ll finish this off with one final Flare Blitz!

Jessie, James, and Meowth: What!? No! Team Rocket’s blasting off again! [Somehow physically sent flying by the results of the game]

Yuni Oha: [Sigh of relief] Whew… that’s finally over. I apologize for anything those three may have done. I will immediately get back to work and fix everything on this website they vandalized. Thank you all for sticking with me.

I Will Never Give Up!

Team Rocket Takeover III Stamp Slanted

Yuni Oha: Everything may seem bleak, but do not give up hope. Team Rocket won the website fair and square, but do not think that means I will take this gracefully. I am currently training hard in the art of Smash Bros to take back this website and restore order were Team Rocket has destroyed it. Join me as I train:

Yuni Oha: I have hacked into the website to leave this message. Team Rocket should not notice it until its too late. I say it again, do not give up hope.

Let’s Settle This Once And For All…

Yuni Oha: I’ve been expecting you…

???: How could this be!?

???: We were about to get the drop on you!

???: No way you saw us coming! You didn’t the past two years!

Yuni Oha: Jessie, James, Meowth, I knew it was only a matter of time before you showed your faces here again, and this time, I’m prepared.

Jessie: Ha! There’s no way you’re prepared for our trouble!

James: And this time we’re making it double!

Yuni Oha: I have a proposition for you. A contest, winner take all. I win, you leave here and never return. You win, and I relinquish control of my website and stories over to you with no resistance.

James: Name your challenge.

Yuni Oha: Let’s settle this in Smash. I challenge you to a fight in Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Jessie: We accept. But you’ll be playing this match by our rules.

Yuni Oha: I accept. I’ll beat you three under any circumstances.

Meowth: Smash Bros? Really? That’s what we’re doing? Whatever…

James: Let’s begin.

Yuni Oha: What!? How is this possible!? How could I lose to you two!?

James: You underestimated us, and that was your undoing. Ever since the release of the Team Rocket DLC Pack, Jessie and I have been training non-stop in Smash Bros Ultimate.

Jessie: Ha ha ha! You didn’t stand a chance!

Yuni Oha: A deal’s a deal… the website is yours…


Episodes 111 and 112 Review

Having Ash battle Ryu in an all-out dragon fight was an idea I’ve had for a very long time. It was first inspired some time after Ash captured Goomy in Kalos. It was then that I realized that him using a team of his previously captured Dragon-Types would make for a fun battle with Ryu, not to mention a challenge that Ryu would gladly accept. Since then, the only Dragon-Type that Ash had obtained was Naganadel, but I unfortunately could not justify Ash somehow contacting Naganadel in a different dimension and bringing it here just for this battle, so I had to settle for using Charizard as the fifth dragon. I didn’t think anyone would particularly mind an excuse to bring Charizard back anyways.

This battle’s primary purpose was to put Ash and Ryu’s rivalry back on track. Admittedly, in my attempt to not over-use Ryu, I’ve probably been under-using for a while, and therefore the rivalry hasn’t been all that well-defined. This battle marks the turning point where the rivalry gets serious again, and starts to receive the focus it deserves. As you might have gathered from Ryu’s speech at the end, the relationship between Ash and Ryu is suddenly a lot more complex than it was before.

Another goal with this battle was simply to provide one of the most memorable battles I could. If this were in the real show, I’d want it to rank among the most memorable battles of all time, such as Ash against Gary in the Johto League, or either of Ash and Paul’s full battles. Not only that, but full six-on-six battles are a big deal, and I didn’t want to waste the opportunity. As such, I went all-out in the scripting and choreography of the fight. I wanted you to really be able to see the battle play out in your head. You might have noticed that once I got to the Charizard vs. Dragonite fight, I took things to a whole new level, adopting a completely different way of writing the battle. This was done in order to express how intense and dramatic, yet also majestic and thrilling, the fight was.

As far Heala/Curemodo’s part goes, I feel like it was only natural to have it evolve here. The main reason I even gave Ash a Heala to begin with was to fuel his rivalry with Ryu. Heala’s personal rivalry with Jangmo-o furthered this goal. As such, Heala was written as the central figure in this battle, which I suppose is only natural, given that aside from Pikachu, it was the only Pokémon Ash used that was on his current team. Despite that, I still worked hard to make sure that all of Ash’s other Pokémon other got their chance to shine in one way or another. After all, what’s the fun in bringing back an old favorite, if it doesn’t do anything meaningful?

I truly hope you all enjoyed these episodes, as they most certainly rank among the greatest Cosmic Quest episodes of all time, if you ask me. I would even dare to say that they could potentially rank among the best Pokémon episodes of all time, were they animated. Is that too much hubris? What ever.

Episode 109 Review

Writing a tie-in episode for a new generation is definitely a challenge. It was hard for my Sun and Moon special, it was hard here. The problem is, I just don’t know enough to write coherent story from. For tie-ins for third versions and remakes, we already know most of what’s going on in those games, but for a new generation, all we know is what’s revealed in pre-release. I would have liked to include either character from Galar, Pokémon from Galar, or even the region itself a lot more in the episode, but we just didn’t know enough about any of those things. In an ideal world, I would have done some sort of episode featuring Pokémon like Zacian, Zamazenta, or Eternatus or characters like Leon, Rose, or Hop. The problem with that we barely knew anything about those Pokémon and characters, assuming we even knew they existed. So, in the end, I decided a plot centered around Dyanamax would be the best bet, as we knew quite a bit about it already. From there, I decided a Kaiju movie-like plot would be the best way to utilize the gigantic Pokémon. The good news is that everything seemed to work. I didn’t have to retcon anything in the episode due to a misunderstanding of the mechanic or a bad guess on my part.

As I said above, this episode was meant to emulate Kaiju movies, a genre of movies from  Japan where giant monsters attack humanity. The most famous of these is Godzilla. Gigantamax Charizard was selected to play the role of Godzilla for obvious reasons. Bringing in another giant Pokémon to battle the first is also a fixture of Kaiju movies.

Also, I may have said that I had to make no retcons, but that’s only for now. There is one major possible problem. I wrote this episode with the assumption that Ash will eventually gain the ability to Dynamax his Pokémon. Given that Dynamaxing is such a prevalent feature in Galar, and practically required to challenge its gyms, I figured Ash gaining this ability was a given. However, the Galar anime is looking extremely odd, and as far as I can tell (as I’m waiting for the dub to watch it) Ash is not partaking in the Galar League, meaning he is not necessitated to be able to Dynamax. The other assumption I made is that Pikachu is able to Gigantamax. This seemed like relatively safe bet, as it is implied that Gigantamax Pikachu is the same Pikachu from Let’s Go Pikachu, and in turn, the Let’s Go Pikachu was based on Ash’s Pikachu.

It’s All Connected… and a Word on The Team Rocket Movie

We have officially entered May, the month that will see the release of Detective Pikachu. In only a week and two days, this ground-breaking film will at long last be a reality. To celebrate, I made a second Detective Pikachu desktop background:

Detective Pikachu Background 2

It’s all connected, the only question is how. Find out in Cosmic Quest’s upcoming Detective Pikachu special!


Also, as you may know, the lack of new episodes over the past month have been due to me writing The Team Rocket Movie. I wanted to officially state that in order to make this movie as enjoyable as possible, I am delaying its release. Instead of coming before the Detective Pikachu special, it will come some time after. Hopefully not too long. Trust me, the wait will be worth it.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate X Pokémon Sol Version

Additional Update (9/25/2019): Upon actually subscribing to the Nintendo Online Service, I found that all of these stages were taken down. I have now re-uploaded all of them, and even updated a few. There are also two new stages, one of which is a Pokémon stage. Stages that have been updated are noted as such next to their code.

Final Update: Added a total of four new non-Pokémon stages. This time it’s two Yu-Gi-Oh and two Smash Bros inspired stages. Unfortunately, my online free-trail is coming to an end, so this will be the last of my stages for the foreseeable future.

Update 3: No more Pokémon, but added a new miscellaneous stage.

Update 2: Added another Pokémon stage. I think this might be the last one.

Update: Added a new Pokémon stage. You don’t want to miss this one.

Smash Bros X Cosmic Quest.png

Remember a few months ago when I explained my vision for Tenno Region representation in Smash Bros? Well, thanks to the recent 3.0 update of Smash Brothers Ultimate and the inclusion of a rather robust Stage Builder mode, part of those visions have now become a reality. Back then, I described that the Tenno stage would be the Solar Peak Ruins. To recap, this is how I described it:

“This stage is set in Luna, Terra, and Sol’s Solar Peak Ruins, where Heliosol is found in Luna and Terra. The main floor of the stage is a raised altar above the rest of the ruins (the alter where you would encounter Heliosol). There are also two floating platforms, one over the drop-off on either side of the stage. Periodically, Heliosol will appear in the stage. It will randomly appear in its normal form or its Ascended Form. When in its standard form, it will stand in the background and randomly launch fiery attacks at the battlefield. But when it appears in its Ascended Form, it will join the battle as a boss. When it’s defeated, it will release a burst of fire and light that will cause damage to all fighters except the one who beat it. When Heliosol isn’t around, Sun-themed Pokémon such as Solrock, Solem, Volcarona, Heliolisk, Turcell, and Gigastar will appear at random in the background. They don’t do anything but stand around.”

Thanks to Stage Builder, I have been able to create this stage. Here’s an image:

Unfortunately, I couldn’t make a boss battle against Heliosol in its Ascended Form, but I can still have Heliosol Regular Form appear in the background, and attack with waves of fire that move back and forth across the stage.

If you want to play this stage for your self, search for it with this code: 0RW0LVTB (Majorly Updated)

But that’s not all, remember in the Team Rocket Q&A Session that Meowth wanted to be represented in Smash Bros? I decided to oblige with this next stage:

Team Rocket

This stage is clearly based off of Team Rocket’s famous Meowth Balloon. The balloon gently bobs up and down as clouds pass by. A constant wind blows towards the right. Blast off with Team Rocket on this stage.

To play this Team Rocket stage, search for this code: K8S39NTB

This next one is a personal favorite of mine:


It’s the Temporal Tower, from Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time, Darkness, and Sky, the site of the fight to the finish against Primal Dialga. The two Time Gears can be stood on, and will spin.

The code for this stage is: CRHY3GCQ (Aesthetically Updated)



This is Pokémon Go in Smash Bros stage form. The background is an accurate recreation of what the map in Pokémon Go could look like, given the area your in. It includes three PokéStops, one open, one closed, and one closed and cooling down as well as a Team Mystic (the team I’m on) gym.

Code: LTX0TJP2 (Slightly Updated)



The Sky Pillar, based upon its appearance in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.  Rayquaza wraps itself around this stage, and its head can even be stood on. Rayquaza has summoned a powerful gust of wind that blows across the top of the stage above its head.



If you’re interested, here’s a quick list of some other stages I’ve made:

Battle inside of a Tetris board. Watch as a player drops an L-block into place, and activate a bomb block to clear the board.

A cannon-filled airship just like the ones originating in Super Mario Bros 3. Includes my custom-made self-firing cannon balls.
Code: 1KG8RCM2

Bowser’s Castle
Designed to look like a Bowser fight from the original Super Mario Bros. You can even hit the “ax” to destroy the bridge and send your opponents plummeting into lava.
Code: 34LB5QQD (Majorly Updated)

Zero Gravity
A zero-gravity battle arena that uses upward blowing wind to negate gravity. Can you avoid the asteroids as you fight your opponents in an entirely aerial battle?

City Escape
A recreation of the first stage of Sonic Adventure 2. It’s set on a steep slope and features a giant truck that plows down the stage, and even leaps off a jump.
Code: 8MK1J87G

Yu-Gi-Oh! Battle City Blimp
This stage takes place atop the Kaiba Corp blimp, where the finals of Battle City were held. Also, Kaiba’s Blue-Eyes White Jet will fly over.
Code: 1KG65PG0

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel
A stage designed to look like the duel arena’s from season one. In it, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Dark Magician (with designs inspired by the Tablet of Lost Memories) do battle.
Code: 4PFGR0SS

The final boss of Super Smash Bros Brawl’s Subspace Emissary recreated as a stage. Tabuu floats in the background and attacks with various objects.

Subspace (NEW STAGE)
To go along with Tabuu, it’s a stage based off of his realm, Subspace. To replicate the sidescrolling/platforming nature of The Subspace Emissary, this stage features platforming elements and a teleporter at either side so you can “infinitely” sidescroll. Also features a Primid, the basic enemy of Subspace.
Code: 34L4BYV0

Moving on from the final boss of Brawl to the final boss of Ultimate, this stage recreates the true final battle of World of Light. Galeem and Dharkon float in the background and each attack with their own move.
Code: 8BCWJCMD (Code Invalid, Yet to be Re-Posted)

My Anime Favorites

The anime 20th Anniversary is only a week out, so I thought a cool way to celebrate would be to go through as many categories as I can think of and rank my favorite aspects of the anime. This will be a long post, so let’s get started.

Favorite Episode
Image result for island of the giant pokemonIsland of the Giant Pokémon:
I love this episode so much. The obvious reason is the sequence where we actually get to see (well, technically read) Pokémon talk for the first and only time. The likely reason that this happened was because it was still so early on in the series that the writers didn’t know if they could get away with just having a group of Pokémon with no humans to interpret what they’re saying. We all know from modern episodes that they were wrong, and that an episode with a group of Pokémon and no humans works just fine. That being said, it was still incredibly fun to have this one time to actually see what Pokémon are saying directly, instead of just having to figure it out based on context. This translation of the Pokémon’s words also gave us an analysis into the mindset of Pokémon like Ekans and Koffing who have evil masters, and yet don’t find themselves to be evil. The one other thing that I love about this episode was the “supernatural” aspect to it. Even if the giant Pokémon turned out to be just robots, we went the entire episode thinking they were real, creating one of the more unique scenarios in the entire series.
Honorable Mentions: Pokémon  I Chose You!, Charizard Chills, and Battling the Enemy Within

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The Anime 20th Anniversary Background

As always, I like to make myself desktop backgrounds to commemorate special events, and as always, I’ll share it with you. This background depicts a scene containing all of the most influential characters from seven generations and 20 years of the show, all in one place for the first time. One important thing to note is that it contains your first look at the official character artwork for Brenda.


This background has been added to the Bonus Content page. For instructions on how to get this background for yourself, as well as several others, see that page.

The 20th Anniversary is Coming!

It may be over a month away, but it’s never too early to begin celebrating one of the biggest years in Pokémon’s history. February 27, 2016 is Pokémon’s 20th anniversary! You may have already noticed the new banner above and the countdown timer on the right. These are just two of the ways I plan on celebrating. I have also updated the Bonus Content section with a special 20th Anniversary desktop background I created. Here’s a look:

20th Anniversary Background

Don’t think it ends there though, I have a lot planned for the coming month, including a very special way to celebrate on the actual day of the anniversary.

Never stop catching ’em all!