Detective Pikachu is on the Case!

In only three months, the first ever live-action Pokémon movie will be released, Detective Pikachu! This is such a major event that of course I’ll be celebrating it here. You can look forward to a special Detective Pikachu tie-in episode once we get closer to the release. In addition, there’s a special new background being added to the Bonus Content Page to celebrate. It feature Cosmic Quest, the Detective Pikachu movie, and the Detective Pikachu game. As Detective Pikachu is the first live-action Pokémon media, this background is also “live-action” to celebrate!

Detective Pikachu Background

Also, why not give the coincidentally named Pikachu Short, Detective Pikachu and the Case of the Coin Caper a read? It may not be the Detective Pikachu, but it is a Pikachu acting as a detective.


100th Episode Special: From the Ashes

This is it, the 100th episode of Cosmic Quest has arrived! Read it here!

Join Cinder and Ember, children of Ash Ketchum, 20 years in the future, as they journey through the Tenno Region, attempting to learn what their father considers to be the most important thing he’s ever done.

Also, the Pokédex and Character Guide pages have been updated accordingly.

Plus, if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to scroll down to see the brand new Tenno PokéRap!

Episode 99 Review

Normally, when it comes to the game release tie-in episodes, there’s plenty of different things that can be used to make a episode out of, whether it be cover Legendaries, characters, or plot elements. But Let’s Go presented an interesting problem. It has no cover Legendaries, I’ve already cameoed most of the important Kanto characters, and Kanto games have so little story, that there’s not really anything I can tie-in with. Just about the only notable thing about Let’s Go is that it’s a return to Kanto. So, that why I came up with the idea of going back to Ash’s Kanto days. This allowed Ash to experience a return to the classic region alongside us.

From the moment it was revealed, I knew I had to use Meltan, and later on Melmetal, as a major plot point of the episode. I held off on planning the story, just in case some interesting lore behind the new Pokémon was revealed. Unfortunately, no such information existed, so the Meltan story ended up relatively simple. Bringing Gary was something that was obvious to me to do, as it allowed for both a Pikachu and an Eevee to appear prominently in the episode. If you ask me, Ash and Gary didn’t interact nearly enough in Kanto, so this is partly my way of rectifying that.

Specifically, this episode took place between the episodes Bye Bye Butterfree and Abra and the Psychic Showdown, as evidenced by Ash discussing releasing Butterfree, and how he would win at the Saffron Gym in its name. When Gary shows his gym badges, he doesn’t have the Marsh Badge from Saffron, and this explains why. In order to reinforce the point in the series this episode took place, I only had Ash’s Pokémon use moves that they had used up until that point in the show.

Of note, Gary wasn’t shown to have an Eevee until the very end of the Oragne Islands, right before Johto. It might seem like a contradiction to give him an Eevee here,  but never was it implied that Gary had only just captured the Eevee. More specifically, when Gary sent Eevee into battle against Ash, Ash showed no surprise that he had an Eevee. Similarly, Gary was not confirmed to have chosen Squirtle as his starter until the Johto League, when he used his Blastoise against Ash. Once again, though, Ash showed no surprise at the fact that Gary had a Blastoise, implying he knew that Gary picked Squirtle. Lastly, Ash and Gary didn’t have their first battle until that time were Gary first used Eevee. In order to maintain continuity, I had to have Ash and Gary call off their battle before it really began, which is a bit of a shame.

One final note on Meltan/Melmetal. In this episode, I listed its evolution requirement as gathering 100 Meltan. Clearly the Pokémon has no official evolution method, as it can only be evolved in Pokémon Go. However, in Go, it takes 400 Meltan Candies to evolve a Meltan into Melmetal. Since, under normal circumstance, catching a Pokémon grants three candies, and releasing gives a fourth, it would require 100 Meltan (ignoring the use of items and events) to evolve a Melmetal. This also lines up with an early promotional video of Meltan, which emphasized multiple Meltan appearing, huddling together, and then a silhouette of Melmetal appears.

The Best of Cosmic Quest

For a month now, you have been voting for your favorite episode of Cosmic Quest in honor of the upcoming 100th episode. I’ve received votes through both comments and private messages, and the results are in. Nominations for the best episode of Cosmic Quest included, in no particular order, Attack of the Clones, For the Love of Joy, World-Wide Wobbuffet, Diving into It, Pikachu, Where are You?, Ashes to Ashes, Family Food Feud, Pretense is the Best Offense, Digging your own Cave/Keeping Your Friends Close/And Your Enemies Closer, and Let Dra-gones be Dra-gones.

This was a wide variety of responses, and there was no clear winner, so let’s say that these were all some of the best episodes in Cosmic Quest!

Now, what about me? What is my favorite episode of Cosmic Quest? The answer is too complex for me to just give one episode and be done. Instead, let’s analyze all of my favorites, many of which appeared in the above list. To do this, I will be separating episodes into categories, and then deciding what my favorite from each category is.

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Episode 99: Let’s Get Going!

Celebrate a nostalgic trip back to Kanto with Ash in this Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee special! Come on everyone, let’s go!

Lets Go Banner 2

Ash has been invited to meet an old friend. Together they reminisce about old times, back when Ash was a brand new trainer. It’s the untold story of one of Ash’s earliest adventures in Kanto.

Some of you may know, I normally try to post game tie-in specials the night before the game launches. Unfortunately school had me so busy last night that I completely forgot. Sorry about the delay. I hope you’re all enjoying the new games.

Also, this is it. The next episode is Episode 100! I’ll be taking my traditional winter break to play Let’s Go, Pikachu and to enjoy the holidays, but when I come back in two months or so, it will finally be time for the 100th episode special. In the mean time, stay tuned to this website for updates and 100th episode special-related content. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite episode of Cosmic Quest!

Episode 98: The Marvelous Guardian

Hope Halloween didn’t make you sick of costumes, because there’s some more in episode 98!

Bushido, samurai super-villain, and arch-nemesis of The Guardian has launched an attack against Global Tech. Now it’s up to the dynamic duo of Ash and The Guardian to stop the villain and save the day.

The Pokédex has been updated accordingly.

Only 2 more episodes until the 100th episode special!

Episode 97 Review

First off, I just want to address that mistake I made. Somehow, in the five months its been since I last wrote, I had forgotten that Ash and company had already taken the detour to Cosm City. The good news is that I realized this relatively quickly after posting the episode, so I could fix it, the bad news is that the entire episode was based around having to chose which direction they were going to travel, so I couldn’t just omit the references to the location. Because of this, I have now had to slightly edit my plan for the progression of Cosmic Quest as a whole.

Back on topic, this episode was created as a typical “character of the day” episode, which, surprisingly, I don’t tend to do that often. In this case, it was designed to show off the unique gimmick of Parabox. Parabox is a Pokémon version of Schrodinger’s cat. For those who don’t know what I’m referring to, Schrodinger’s cat is a metaphor used to describe the quantum effects of uncertainty. According to quantum theory, a particle can exist in two states, or rather, two places, at the same time, as long as the particle is not observed. Once observed, it collapses to one set location. So, imagine that a cat is placed in a box. Also inside the box is a canister of gaseous poison. This poison can be released by the decay of a radioactive element. Now, so long as this element is not observed, it can both decay and not decay at the same time, meaning the poison will be both released and not released at the same time. This also means that the cat would both be simultaneously dead and alive at the same time while the box is closed. When opened, the cat will either randomly be dead or alive. That’s the origin of Parabox’s form changing. Now, for the record, quantum effects do not apply to the macroscopic world, so Schrodinger’s cat isn’t a physical possibility. Just an interesting thought experiment.

In my games, Parabox would emerge into battle in its Uncertain Normal/Ghost Form, and when it is either attacked or attacks while in this form, it will emerge in a completely random form before the attack begins. It will then revert back to its Uncertain Form at the end of the turn.