Episode 36: Solar Affair

The wait is over, episode 36 is here!

When Ash and friends stumble across a group of Helioptile and Helioisk, Turcell quickly makes friends with the fellow solar-powered Pokémon. Everything goes great at first, but then a group of Pokémon turn day into night. Now Turcell must fight for the light.

Also, the Pokédex and Character Guide have been updated accordingly.

Episode 35 Review

Obviously the main point of this episode was to introduce Brenda to concept of the Double Performance, but it also served as a way to bring Will back into to the fold, who hasn’t appeared since his debut appearance back during Brenda’s first contest. This episode also continued the theme of having Brenda be a seeming prodigy at contests, Double Performances included. In all honesty, I don’t have much else to say about the episode, so I’ll just make this a short one.

Cosmic Chronicles Review/Cosmic Quest: The Movie

In case you haven’t read the Cosmic Chronicles yet (which you should if you haven’t), here’s something you missed:

Cosmic Quest The Movie Poster 2

That’s right, the Cosmic Quest Movie is going to feature a brand new, never before seen Pokémon. Who’s that Pokémon!? You’ll just have wait to find out more. Stay tuned.

On to business. You might have realized that the Cosmic Chronicles is similar to the currently running Mega Evolution Specials. If you thought that, you would be right. An interesting note though, it wasn’t actually the Mega Evolution Special that inspired me to write this. My inspiration came from watching Pokémon Chronicles, specifically the Legend of Thunder. It was a three-part episode that featured Jimmy (based off of the protagonist of Gold and Silver) in a fight to save Raiku. I thought it was a great idea to have a series of special episodes featuring the playable character. I had already known that I wanted to do some sort of exclusive special episode for this website, and decided that that idea would be perfect. I decided it would be better though to model it after the Mega Evolution Special, as I find those episodes to be highly intriguing. The half of the inspiration for the series actually comes from the Delta Episode in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. I realized that the Delta Episode (also combined with the “Looker Episode” in X and Y) was the start of a new era in Pokémon. Post-game episodes would probably become a permanent feature in future games. I decided to adapt and created a post-game episode for Luna and Terra. When trying to come up with a plot for the Cosmic Chronicles, I realized that this post-game episode would be perfect, so I merged the two ideas and the Cosmic Chronicles was formed. Of course, I had to take some liberties in the story, as Brandon was supposed to be in the place of Ash throughout the normal story, and this story wasn’t supposed to take place until after Team Planetary was defeated, but I made it work. I expect to write 3-4 more episodes depending on how everything goes for the Cosmic Chronicles. They will be spread out across the remaining run of Cosmic Quest. I hope you’re looking forward to them.

If you haven’t seen them yet, sprites of the Team Interplanetary Grunts and Commander Messier have been added to the Team Planetary page.

Also, my apologies again. I have been really busy the past several days with starting college and unable to write. Hopefully a new episode will be coming soon.

The Official Cosmic Quest Background

So I just got a new laptop and decided that I needed a cool background for it. I decided to make my own using all of the sprites I’ve made for this website. I think it turned out pretty well. I decided that I might as well share it with all of you. Here it is:

Cosmic Quest Background
Please Note: This image is out of date, a more recent one can be found here.

If anyone is interested in getting it as their own background, check out the new Bonus Content page for instructions on how. Also, this background will be updated with any new sprites made in the future.

As a side note, I apologize for the lack of updates. I have been busy getting ready for moving to college. Expect a new episode within a week (hopefully…).

(Mega) Solurtle

Classification: The Solar Powered Pokémon
Type: Fire/Steel
Description: Solurtle can sustain itself with nothing but energy from the sun. It will spend any extra time it has basking in the sun, absorbing energy for when it needs it.
Evolves from Turtsol at level 36
Mega Evolves into Mega Solurtle with Solurtite

Mega Solurtle
Description: Upon Mega Evolving, Solurtle’s solar panels now cover a larger percentage of its body, allowing it to absorb even more sunlight. These panels also double as armor. Because of this, Mega Solurtle gains a boost in Special Attack, Defense, and Special Defense, but the bulk of the armor causes a decrease in Speed.
Mega Stone: Solurtite
Type: Fire/Steel
Mega Ability: Drought

Trivia: Solurtle’s solar panels are the most efficient means known of transferring energy from the sun into usable power, with a nearly 100% conversion rate. When it Mega Evolves it obtains a true 100% conversion rate. Solurtle was the inspiration of solar power.

In-depth page

Also, the Movedex now includes two new moves for Solurtle.

As a random side note, happy 30th birthday Mario! I hope you have at least another successful 30 years ahead of you!

Episode 35: Reduced to Double

Make sure to read episode 35 here.

A chance encounter with Brenda’s fellow Pokémon Coordinator Will proves to be a learning experience for her when he tells her about Double Performances, the type of performance that will be required at her next Pokémon Contest. Now Brenda must work to master this new style of battle.

Also, the Movedex has been updated and Will has been added to the Character Guide. And, if you haven’t seen it yet, make sure to read the Exclusive Special Episode: The Cosmic Chronicles.

Episode 34 Review

I had debated back and forth for a little while about whether or not to give Jessie a new Pokémon. The more the series went on, the more boring it got to have Jessie and James use the same Pokémon over and over again. Finally I decided that Jessie and James needed a new Pokémon. The only problem was, I had no idea what Pokémon to give them. I actually created Buzzsaw purely for the purpose of giving it to Jessie. I thought the idea for Buzzsaw was pretty fun. Not only was the chainsaw stag idea amusing, but the idea of a beetle with chainsaws for mandibles was pretty fun too. On top of that, there really only is one true beetle Pokémon, Heracross, and it’s not quite shaped like a traditional beetle due to its humanoid appearance. I figured that there should be a more traditional beetle Pokémon.


Classification: The Chainsaw Stag Pokémon
Type: Bug/Steel
Description: This Pokémon is known for its mandibles that double as powerful chainsaws, allowing it to cut down trees with ease. It cuts down trees so that it can eat the woody interior, hollowing out the inside of the trunk in the process.
Does not Evolve

Trivia: Buzzsaw is based off of both the Saw Stag Beetle, and the Cyclommatus Stag Beetle. Saw Stag obviously because of the chainsaw pun, and the Cylommatus because it’s known for its massively over-sized pincers.

In-Depth Page

The Cosmic Chronicles

From time to time, the actual show will release special episodes. I’ve decided to adapt that tradition to my series. In order to both make it special, and to give you, the readers of this website, a special treat, I decided to publish it exclusively here. Just go to the page labeled: Exclusive Special Episode: The Cosmic Chronicles. This will be the first of a series of special episodes, similar in style to the Mega Evolution Specials. They follow Brandon, the male protagonist of Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions as he battles against a secret sect of Team Planetary. Make sure to check it out.

Also, the Pokédex, New Mega Evolutions, Team Planetary, and Character Guide pages have been updated accordingly.