Episode 103: The Grass is Always Meaner

Episode 103 has been published. Read it here.

In a strange twist of fate, it is Ash, Brock, and Brenda who have to steal a Pokémon from Team Rocket? Should be easy, right?

Also, the-

Yuni Oha: Hey, who’s there? Oh no, not again! Ahhh!

???: This website is ours once again. Whahahaha! Stay tuned…


Episode 102: Going Viral

After a surprisingly short wait, episode 102 has been released here.

When Pikachu is infected by a disease with no cure, it’s up to Brock to cure the uncurable. Things get even more complicated when Alistair shows up hunting for a Certificate of High Medical Honors.

Also, the Pokédex page has been updated accordingly.

Cosmic Chronicles Chapter 3: Singularity

Fresh off the 100th episode of Cosmic Quest, the third episode the Cosmic Chronicles is now available exclusively on this website. Find it here.

Ever since Team Interplanetary took Gravisaac, Brandon has been on a non-stop mission to rescue it from their evil clutches. He’s raided Planetary base after base, but has yet to find his lost friend. This all changes when intense gravity readings are detected nearby, possibly revealing the location of Gravisaac. But what does Team Interplanetary have planned for the Legendary gravity Pokémon?

Also, the Pokédex and Character Guide pages have been updated accordingly.

100th Episode Special: From the Ashes

This is it, the 100th episode of Cosmic Quest has arrived! Read it here!

Join Cinder and Ember, children of Ash Ketchum, 20 years in the future, as they journey through the Tenno Region, attempting to learn what their father considers to be the most important thing he’s ever done.

Also, the Pokédex and Character Guide pages have been updated accordingly.

Plus, if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to scroll down to see the brand new Tenno PokéRap!

Episode 99: Let’s Get Going!

Celebrate a nostalgic trip back to Kanto with Ash in this Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee special! Come on everyone, let’s go!

Lets Go Banner 2

Ash has been invited to meet an old friend. Together they reminisce about old times, back when Ash was a brand new trainer. It’s the untold story of one of Ash’s earliest adventures in Kanto.

Some of you may know, I normally try to post game tie-in specials the night before the game launches. Unfortunately school had me so busy last night that I completely forgot. Sorry about the delay. I hope you’re all enjoying the new games.

Also, this is it. The next episode is Episode 100! I’ll be taking my traditional winter break to play Let’s Go, Pikachu and to enjoy the holidays, but when I come back in two months or so, it will finally be time for the 100th episode special. In the mean time, stay tuned to this website for updates and 100th episode special-related content. And don’t forget to vote for your favorite episode of Cosmic Quest!

Episode 98: The Marvelous Guardian

Hope Halloween didn’t make you sick of costumes, because there’s some more in episode 98!

Bushido, samurai super-villain, and arch-nemesis of The Guardian has launched an attack against Global Tech. Now it’s up to the dynamic duo of Ash and The Guardian to stop the villain and save the day.

The Pokédex has been updated accordingly.

Only 2 more episodes until the 100th episode special!