Episodes 75 and 76: Ashes to Ashes Parts 1 and 2


This is no April Fools joke. Today is the anime’s 20th anniversary, and here’s an epic two part special episode to celebrate. Read part one here and part two here.

The future is at stake when a madman gains the ability to time travel, and destroys Ash’s past. Now the only way for Ash and Pikachu to save everything they know and love is to travel to the past and protect the future. It’s an epic adventure 20 years in the making! Happy 20th 10th birthday, Ash!

Also, the Attackdex has been updated accordingly.


Episode 74: A Rival of the Fittest

The final episode taking place at Professor Pine’s Astro Camp is here!

The final activity at Professor Pine’s Astro Camp is a series of battles to prove who has bonded the best with their space partner Pokémon. With so many rivalries, both new and old, great battles are ensured to ensue, as they battle it out to win this year’s Astro Camp Trophy.

Also, I have updated the Pokédex  and Character Guide pages accordingly, including the addition of Braydon to the Character Guide page.

Episode 72: Where No Pokémon Has Gone Before

Episode 72 is out now, make sure to read it here.

The time has finally come! Ash, Brock, and Brenda have arrived in Launch Town just in time for the beginning of Professor Pine’s Astro Camp, a multiple day summer camp program where youth are taught of the wonders and technology of outer space. Of course, when they signed up, Ash, Brock, and Brenda probably didn’t think they would actually be going into space.

Also, the Pokédex page has been updated accordingly.