Sword and Shield Special, Episode 109: Mad Dynamax

It is the eve of Sword and Shield’s release, so what better way to celebrate than with a special tie-in episode of Cosmic Quest? Read it here.

An experiment has gone horribly wrong, and now a skyscraper-sized Pokémon is marching toward the Tenno Region, ready to destroy everything in its path. It’s up to Ash, Brock, and Brenda to stop this monstrous Pokémon from going on a never-ending rampage. They will be Tenno’s sword and its shield.

Also, the Tennoan Form page has been updated accordingly.


With the release of not only new games, but a new generation, exciting times are upon us. Expect this to be my last episode for the next month or two, as I will first be taking a break to play Shield, and then it will be winter break. However, in the next few weeks you can expect to see a post pop up here that will detail all the ways in which this website, and the Cosmic Quest Project in general, will change in order to be brought up to date with this new generation. Expect a lot of changes. Stay tuned.

Episode 108: The More they Stay the Same

Brenda’s next contest is finally here! Read it now!

The Starnight Contest begins, and right from the start it’s a battle between Brenda’s new style of transformation and change against Damien’s style of unnerving spookiness. Which style will prove triumphant? And why is Jessie so obsessed with plants?

The Pokédex page has been updated accordingly, and Damien has been added to the Character Guide.

Episode 107: The More Things Change

Cosmic Quest is back from summer break! Read the latest episode here.

Brenda is hard at work constructing her new style, but Damien, the creepy coordinator, thinks she’s wasting her time. These two may have their differences, but they’re forced to put them aside when Team Rocket abducts them, taking them into a forest full of angry Trevenant.

If this is your first time coming here for a while, be sure to check out the announcement trailer for Pokémon Sol Version, the Pokémon fan game made by me.

The Team Rocket Movie

Are you prepared for trouble? Well, you better make it double! The biggest summer blockbuster of the year has finally been released! Read it here!

Team Rocket Movie Poster

Just as our favorite villains are contemplating their lives, Giovanni calls to assign them one of their most important assignments yet. After their partner in the mission, Pierce, ridicules their incompetence, Jessie, James, and Meowth decide that it’s time to turn over a new leaf and get serious. But when they learn of world-threatening scheme, this “new and improved” Team Rocket must reassess their lives and core values. Includes the Meowth Short “Meowth and the Treasure of the Ancients.”

This movie is a musical with three songs, including a fan-made “dub” of a previously Japanese-only song, and a completely original song. Check out the Cosmic Quest Youtube channel for a playlist of these songs so you can listen along while you read. Author notes in the story will tell you when to play each song.

In addition, a new background based on the movie poster has been added to the Bonus Content page.

Team Rocket Movie Background

Also, the Pokédex page has been updated accordingly.

Episode 106: That’s the Spirit!

A special guest-written episode has appeared! Read the episode here.

When a mischievous Pichu steals some of Brock’s home cooking, Ash, Brenda, and Rabbolt chase after it, but end up trying to help a Shinx overcome its haunted past. But there’s more to this Shinx than meets the eye.

Also, the Pokédex page has been updated accordingly.

This episode was guest written by my brother, who you might know as the artist of the various sprites and images across this website. He’s the author of his own story, a Sonic the Hedgehog story called The Chaos Project. If you’re interested in Sonic, I highly suggest you give his story a read, I even guest wrote an episode for him in return. Read his story here, or visit his website here. Or, if you just want to read the episode I wrote, see it here.

Finally, be sure to come back to this website on July 5th, the fifth anniversary of Cosmic Quest. I have an absolutely massive announcement to make regarding the future of the Tenno Region, and you’re not going to want to miss it.

Episode 104: Connective Pikachu

The time has nearly arrived. The first ever live-action Pokémon movie is upon us. Celebrate with this special tie-in/crossover special!

Detective Pikachu Banner

When Ash, Brock, and Brenda arrive in a new city, they find that it has recently suffered from an attack by a rampaging Pokémon. But it turns out it’s a Pokémon that would never naturally show such aggression. It’s a complete mystery why this would happen, and a mystery requires a detective, a great detective.

Also, the Pokédex page has been updated accordingly.