Pokémon Episode 89: Caught Off-Tardiguard

Episode 89 has been posted here.

On their way to Cosm City, Ash, Brock, and Brenda hear a cry for help from an old lady. Her friend, Muttnik, has been trapped in a burning building, but it’s impossible for anyone to get in or out, anyone normal that is. A squad a very special Pokémon appearing in time to save the day.

Also, the Pokédex page has been updated accordingly.


Episode 88: Charitable Adventures

Episode 88 is out now and found here.

After another round with Team Rocket, our heroes meet up with the philanthropist Tyde, who invites them to his charity auction. There they meet a mysterious man named Polaris, and are forced to work with him when Team Rocket crashes the party.

Episode 86: Let Dra-gones be Dra-gones

Three episodes in under two weeks!? Nope, Dialga isn’t messing with time, Episode 86 is here!

Ash and Heala were hard at work getting over its anxiety issues, but then Ryu appears. Now having a Dragon-Type on his team, Ash wastes no time challenging Ryu to the rematch he’s been waiting a long time for. But is Heala ready for a full-fledged battle, especially against such a powerful opponent?

The character Guide has been updated accordingly.

Episode 85: Do Know Harm

What’s this!? A second episode posted in under a week!? It’s true, another episode is here!

About to set off on the next leg of their journey, Ash, Brock, and Brenda encounter Alistair, a Pokémon doctor-in-training, just like Brock. But at the same time, he’s not anything like Brock. The two are just about as different as you can get.

Also, the Character Guide has been updated accordingly.

Episode 83: Ne Plus Ultra

Ultra Sun and Moon Background

A special episode celebrating Ultra Sun and Moon is here!

It’s a class reunion when Ash meets up with all his friends from the Pokémon Trainer School in Alola. But now that school’s out, things get crazy fast. An Ultra Wormhole opens up and unleashes all kinds of havoc. It’s an adventure of Ultra proportions!

I know I just came off of a long break, so I hate to break it to you that I will now be taking another, first to focus on playing Ultra Moon and then there’s the holidays. Expect me back sometime in January. Sorry about that.