Episode 101: When Worlds Divide

Episode 101 is out now! Read it here.

When Brock drags Ash and Brenda to a rock museum, their otherwise boring excursion is interrupted when a unknown person steals the museum’s display of Meteoric Shards.

Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to read the third chapter of the Cosmic Chronicles.

Episode 100 Review

Let me start off by saying it was an absolute pleasure to write this 100th episode. Thank you for reading.

Ever since I first wrote the Anime 20th Anniversary special, Ashes to Ashes, I’ve contemplated how I could possibly bring back Cinder and Ember. I really liked the characters, and obviously time travelers from the future have a lot of untapped potential. I knew that if I used them again, would want to write a story set in their time. I had often contemplated having an episode with them as the main characters, but without the proper excuse, it just seemed a little awkward. While planning the 100th episode special, I realized that this was the perfect excuse. To add to that, I knew I needed an episode that acted as a celebration of the series so far. That’s what inspired the idea of having Cinder and Ember on a Tenno journey parallel to Ash’s.

As this was my second outing with Cinder and Ember, I was able to do some things with them that I was unable to do previously. For example, Ember’s Pichu was an idea I had for Ashes to Ashes, but I cut the idea, deciding that it was unnecessary. I later regretted that decision, so I rectified it here. I was also able to further explore Cinder’s complicated relationship with his father. I had to keep it mostly subdued previously, as the identity of his father was a surprise. But now that it’s known, I was able to explore things more. To expand on that, Cinder and Jerry’s rivalry was inspired by common negative reactions by fans to Ash. Jerry would point out all of the worse in Ash, completely ignoring his strengths, up until the end, where we see Ash’s greatest strength of all.

Featured prominently in this episode was future Brenda. It’s difficult for me to write for future Ash or Brock, as they are actual characters from the actual series. I could easily break canon by handling them wrong in the future, therefore I kept their roles to an absolute minimum. Brenda, on the other hand, is my own character, and I can do whatever I want with her. I can give her new Pokémon like Kappaquarius and Lichenthrope, because I know exactly what my plans are for her as the series moves forward. No contradictions. That’s not to say that she will get these Pokémon by the end of Cosmic Quest, it just means that there’s no reason why she wouldn’t have  them  twenty years in the future.

Perhaps one of the more interesting aspects of this episode was the new Team Rocket, Bonnie, Clyde, and Meowla. For the record, I will confirm that Bonnie is the daughter of James, and that Clyde is the son of Jessie, but I will not confirm that they are siblings. Maybe they are, maybe they aren’t. We’ll never know. I am in no way endorsing any ships.

Detective Pikachu is on the Case!

In only three months, the first ever live-action Pokémon movie will be released, Detective Pikachu! This is such a major event that of course I’ll be celebrating it here. You can look forward to a special Detective Pikachu tie-in episode once we get closer to the release. In addition, there’s a special new background being added to the Bonus Content Page to celebrate. It feature Cosmic Quest, the Detective Pikachu movie, and the Detective Pikachu game. As Detective Pikachu is the first live-action Pokémon media, this background is also “live-action” to celebrate!

Detective Pikachu Background

Also, why not give the coincidentally named Pikachu Short, Detective Pikachu and the Case of the Coin Caper a read? It may not be the Detective Pikachu, but it is a Pikachu acting as a detective.

Cosmic Chronicles Chapter 3: Singularity

Fresh off the 100th episode of Cosmic Quest, the third episode the Cosmic Chronicles is now available exclusively on this website. Find it here.

Ever since Team Interplanetary took Gravisaac, Brandon has been on a non-stop mission to rescue it from their evil clutches. He’s raided Planetary base after base, but has yet to find his lost friend. This all changes when intense gravity readings are detected nearby, possibly revealing the location of Gravisaac. But what does Team Interplanetary have planned for the Legendary gravity Pokémon?

Also, the Pokédex and Character Guide pages have been updated accordingly.