Classification: The Snow Roller Pokémon
Type: Bug/Ice
Description: This Pokémon will never be caught without its snowball, which it creates in artic plains, using only the highest quality of snow. Inside the snowball, Beetundra will store its food in a frozen state.
Evolves from Artick at level 17 and into Carapice at level 39

Trivia: Beetundra is based off of a dung beetle, but its choice of ball building materials is a more child-friendly snow instead of dung. Being separated from its snowball causes this Pokémon extreme anxiety.

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Episode 64: Frost Fight

It’s been a while, but the next episode is here.

Ash has a decision to make. Halley has a past that he does not approve of, but does that mean that he shouldn’t battle him? Is Ash’s gym badge worth compromising his morals? Or would he even be compromising his morals at all in the first place?

Also, the Pokédex page has been updated accordingly.

Episode 63 Review

First off, my most sincere apologies for how long it has been since the last episode. I’ve gotten a job for the summer, and have been extremely busy because of it. It shames me to say this, but it will probably be slim pickings on episodes for the rest of the summer.

Anyways, this entire episode stemmed from a random idea I had back when I first started Cosmic Quest. I thought it would be an interesting idea to have James compete in a gym battle. Obviously for this to happen I needed a good excuse. I soon thought that a good excuse would be to have a gym leader who was once a member of Team Rocket. I looked through all of my gym leader designs and decided that Halley was the one most in need of extra backstory, so Halley became an ex-member of Team Rocket. As for how this is reflected in the games, I decided to make it so that games never directly state that Halley used to be part of Team Rocket, but they do heavily hint at him having a hidden past. It would be left up to the players to theorize what that history is.

Cosmic Quest’s Second Anniversary

Two years ago today I posted the first chapter of Cosmic Quest and this whole thing began. Sadly, unlike last year where I was able to give you guys the cover artworks of Luna and Terra, I have no special way to celebrate this year. So instead, why don’t we take a look at some of the statistics of Cosmic Quest and Luna, Terra, and Sol Version.

Cosmic Quest Stats:
Episodes: 63
Views: 32,752
Favorites: 76
Follows: 62
Reviews: 106
Total Words: 273,862

Website Stats:
Posts: 189
Pages: 67
Views: 31,717

Tenno Region Stats:
New Pokémon: 50
New Mega Evolutions: 6
New Forms: 3
Characters: 15
New Moves: 85
New Abilities: 28
New Items: 32

So let me take this chance to thank all of you for making this all possible. Here’s hoping the next year is as good as the last.