Episode 10: The Tortoise and the Flare

The tenth episode is out now. Read it here.

Ash’s battle with another trainer is interrupted when a curious Turcell, the very same one he saved when he first came to Tenno, wonders on to the field. Ash tries to get the Turcell back for Professor Pine, but must compete with the other trainer who wants to catch it, and even Team Rocket.

Also, the Character Guide and Attackdex have been updated accordingly.

Episode 9 Review

In all honesty, there isn’t much to cover here that wasn’t covered in the previous episode review. I liked the idea of giving Brenda a rival who was well known and good, but not necessarily at his best yet. I allowed Will some room to grow. The final round battle was my plan from the beginning of the series to explain the general relations between Light and Dark-Type Pokémon and the mechanic of the Full Moon weather condition. Another thing that popped up in this episode was my first usage of abilities. Normally the way abilities work in the show is that they will only pop up rarely, but when they do, many pop up (this is especially true for the Diamond and Pearl series, specifically battles with Paul). I hope to better integrate abilities into my series, and in all honesty, I haven’t done that good of a job yet.

Episode 9: Beginner’s Luck

Find episode 9 here.

Brenda’s first Pokémon Contest with high hopes of winning. However, if she wishes to win her first ribbon, she must first get past Jessie of Team Rocket in disguise and her new rival, Will.

The Pokédex, Attackdex, and Abilitydex have been updated accordingly.

Also, three new images have been added to the Pokédex page.

Episode 8 Review

While we’ve all known that Brenda wanted to be a coordinator since episode one, it’s not until this episode that she tells Ash and Brock. The beginning of this episode saw the evolution of Chrysalux into Glitterfly, continuing the trend of the “Basic Bug” evolving quickly, and just in time for the Contest too. This episode also was Jessie’s return to Pokémon Contests, just like she did back in Hoenn and Sinnoh. This time around she takes on the name Princess Jessileia, which is meant to be an obvious reference to my favorite movies, Star Wars (as in Princess Leia). I chose to have Will use Cryogonal as his choice for the first round because I wanted to use either a Kalos or Unova Pokémon, since neither of the two has ever been seen in Pokémon Contests.

One important thing to address. In the previous episode, there was a Character named Jillian. In this episode, there is a character named Gillian. That was my mistake. I made the first one forgetting that I already had that name set aside for Pokémon Contest MC/Host. I could not think of any other names that ended with -ian like Lillian, Vivian, and Marian, so I just changed the spelling a little bit. Sorry.