Episode 67: Getting into Team Spirit

Took a little longer than I hoped, but here’s episode 67.

Brenda and Will enter the Horizoport Tag Contest, but their not the only ones. Brenda’s friend Michelle has also appeared. Meanwhile, James has an important choice to make.

Also, the Pokédex has been updated accordingly and Michelle has been added to the character guide.

Episode 66 Review

Just when you thought it was over, I kept Brenda’s story arc going. Maybe I should have let it be done with the Wallace Cup, but I felt like the aftermath of the story still needed to be explored. Honestly, even now the arc probably isn’t completely over with. The ironic thing about the episode is how I was actually able to use some of my recent life experiences to guide the writing of it. I’m in my second year of college right now, and in all honesty, this is the first time in my life I’ve really found myself having to study for class. I’m much like Brenda where I’ve always gotten by on natural talent, but have hit a point where that’s no longer enough. Now I struggle to study, and am always tempted to take easy ways out, just like Brenda almost did.

Episode 65 Review

To be perfectly honest, of the two months I went without posting an episode, I spent a month and a half writing this episode. I had originally planned on having it posted within a week of starting, but things kept on coming up. Before I knew it, a month and a half had passed. Sorry about that…

Anyways, after defeating the the Versal City Gym in Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions, the player gains access to the HM Fly and is supposed to use it to get back to Tenno Minor fast so the can use the now open path in Crater Gate to get to Crater Town and the next gym. For obvious reasons this isn’t how Ash and friends are going to be getting back there, and they needed a reason too. I had been toying around with the idea of having Professor Pine host a space camp, and figured that it would be the perfect excuse to get Ash and the others back to Tenno Minor. As for the hot air balloon ride, I used that because it was a form of travel yet to be truly used by Ash. In hindsight, it really seems odd that Ash has yet to use a hot air balloon for travel, just because of how it would annoy Team Rocket.

As for the Pokémon introduced in this episode, Calumba (who’s name comes from calm + columba, the scientific name for a dove), it’s worth pointing out that it is meant to act as a counterpart to the Pokémon Ravenoir, One’s a Dark/Flying, the other Light/Flying, one evolves with a Dusk Stone, the other with a Shiny Stone (I really wanted it to be a Dawn Stone for the obvious parallelism, but apparently the Dawn Stone’s name is completely different in the Japanese version, and has nothing to do with light), one is a bad omen, the brings peace and serenity, and their movesets are extremely similar (which will be seen once I post Calumba’s in-depth page).

Episode 65: Fight and Flight

And so the two month post drought comes to an end. Heh heh…sorry about that…

Normally I would first post a review of the previous episode, but in all honesty it’s been much too long since I wrote it to give any good insight. Sorry about that too…

But, rejoice, for Cosmic Quest is not dead! The wait is finally over and episode 65 is out and can be found here.

When Brenda learns that one of her favorite events is being held back in her home town, a dilemma is presented to Ash and the gang. Do they travel all the way back to Tenno Minor for Brenda’s sake, or do they keep moving forward? And if they do go back, how do they get back soon enough to make it for Brenda’s event?

Also, the Tenno Pokédex has been updated accordingly.