Classification: The Dark Matter Pokémon
Type: Dark/Ghost
Description: Wimpish is a usually shy, though somewhat mischievous, Pokémon, that remains hidden from sight. The only surefire way to detect one is its gravitational field.
Evolves into Machogre at level 34

Trivia: Wimpish are known for causing trouble while they’re invisible. They have been known to block the pathways of unsuspecting travelers. In order to detect them, Team Planetary developed the Graviscope, an item that allows one to see distortions in gravity, therefore rendering Wimpish visible.

Name Etymology: Wimpish’s name comes from combining the term WIMP, a classification of dark matter, which stands for Weakly Interacting Massive Particle, with impish, as in an imp-like creature.

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Classification: The Spirit Tag Pokémon
Type: Bug/Ghost
Description: It is said that a Scartouche is born when someone passes away. The markings on its back are said to represent the name of that person in an indecipherable language.
Evolves into Scarabti at level 24

Trivia: Scartouche can live in a state of hibernation nearly indefinitely. As such, living specimens have been discovered in the tombs of ancient kings. It was believed that the Scartouche bearing the name of the king is buried alongside him so that his name would not be forgotten in the afterlife.

Origin: Scartouche is based on the Egyptian scarab combined with a cartouche. A cartouche a carved name tag in Egyptian hieroglyphics where the name of royalty would be inscribed.

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Tennoan Aegislash

Tennoan Aegislash-DTennoan Aegislash-A
Shield Form                             Blade Form
Classification: The Light Sword Pokémon
Type: Light/Ghost
Description: The solid light that forms its blade can slice through any conventional material, while the personal forcefield it holds can deflect any projectile.
Evolves from Tennoan Doublade with a Shiny Stone.

Trivia: It converts spiritual energy that it absorbs from its victims into the light that forms its blade and shield. It can retract its blade to conserve energy when not in use.

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Classification: The Will-O-The-Wisp Pokémon
Type: Fire/Ghost
Description: It is said that if you follow the light of this Pokémon, it will lead you to your doom.
Evolves from Wispirit with a Fire Stone

Trivia: From afar at night, Infearno will look like a lone traveler carrying a lantern, luring in unsuspecting travelers to their doom. It burns with the spiritual energy of its victims.

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Uncertain Form
Life Form
Ghost Form
Classification: The Paradox Pokémon
Type (Uncertain Form): Normal/Ghost
Type (Life Form): Normal
Type (Ghost Form): Ghost
Description: Parabox will never leave its box. While hidden inside the box, it exists in a state of fluctuation, and its form is completely uncertain.
Evolves from Kittainer at level 25

Trivia: Parabox will change forms with a more perfect randomness than even the best of random number generators. Because of this, scientists and mathematicians use them as random number generators. Not even Parabox knows what form it will take on when it emerges from its box.

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Happy New Year! This year is sure to be a big and exciting one for Cosmic Quest!

Episode 97 Review

First off, I just want to address that mistake I made. Somehow, in the five months its been since I last wrote, I had forgotten that Ash and company had already taken the detour to Cosm City. The good news is that I realized this relatively quickly after posting the episode, so I could fix it, the bad news is that the entire episode was based around having to chose which direction they were going to travel, so I couldn’t just omit the references to the location. Because of this, I have now had to slightly edit my plan for the progression of Cosmic Quest as a whole.

Back on topic, this episode was created as a typical “character of the day” episode, which, surprisingly, I don’t tend to do that often. In this case, it was designed to show off the unique gimmick of Parabox. Parabox is a Pokémon version of Schrodinger’s cat. For those who don’t know what I’m referring to, Schrodinger’s cat is a metaphor used to describe the quantum effects of uncertainty. According to quantum theory, a particle can exist in two states, or rather, two places, at the same time, as long as the particle is not observed. Once observed, it collapses to one set location. So, imagine that a cat is placed in a box. Also inside the box is a canister of gaseous poison. This poison can be released by the decay of a radioactive element. Now, so long as this element is not observed, it can both decay and not decay at the same time, meaning the poison will be both released and not released at the same time. This also means that the cat would both be simultaneously dead and alive at the same time while the box is closed. When opened, the cat will either randomly be dead or alive. That’s the origin of Parabox’s form changing. Now, for the record, quantum effects do not apply to the macroscopic world, so Schrodinger’s cat isn’t a physical possibility. Just an interesting thought experiment.

In my games, Parabox would emerge into battle in its Uncertain Normal/Ghost Form, and when it is either attacked or attacks while in this form, it will emerge in a completely random form before the attack begins. It will then revert back to its Uncertain Form at the end of the turn.


Classification: The Will-O-The-Wisp Pokémon
Type: Fire/Ghost
Description: Wispirit can conjure illusory fire to scare unaware travelers. It can also control real fire at will. It is known for its flickering blue light that appears and disappears in the darkness of night.
Evolves into Infearno with a Fire Stone

Trivia: Wispirit are often seen from afar at night on dark roads, but when the traveler approaches them, they fade away, due to their natural shyness. Despite their shy nature, Wispirit are also mischievous are enjoy playing pranks on the unaware. There are countless folktales the have been attributed to these Pokémon.

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Episode 94 Review

I’m just going to come right out and admit that this episode was far from my strongest. I don’t think it was bad, but I’m not sure I can say it was good, either. It just kind of was. Obviously this episode was written for the purpose of getting Brenda new Pokémon, but it didn’t really end up having any purpose beyond that. Oh well, I tried my best.

Damon was an addition made to the episode in order to try to get more content into it, as my original plan had even less going for it. I’ve also realized recently that Cosmic Quest doesn’t do nearly as many “character of the week” type episodes as the real show does, so moving forward I’m going to try to have those pop up at least a little more often.

Wispirit is another one of my extremely early original Pokémon designs I made when I was child. I have, of course, advanced the concept since then, but a certain simplicity in its design still exists, leftover from this phase. It was actually one of the very first standalone Pokémon I ever created, if not the first. As a kid, I was never sure why there wasn’t a Ghost/Fire Pokémon based off of a will-o-the-wisp. Since those days, the Litwick line has been introduced, which could be argued to be based at least in part off of a will-o-the-wisp, but its certainly not obvious. Therefore, I still feel that Wispirit is justifiable in its existence.


Classification: The Curse Chest Pokémon
Type: Ghost/Water
Description: It is said when a greedy pirate can’t relinquish his treasure, his spirit become bound to his treasure chest, creating this Pokémon. It hordes treasure inside of it, and only gives it to those it absolutely trusts.
Does not Evolve

Trivia: If it finds new items of value, it will quickly scoop them up and place them in its chest. If one attempts to take treasure from inside this Pokémon’s chest, it will place a curse on them. The arm that emerges from the chest can appear either through the treasure or out from behind the chest.

Signature Ability:
Treasure Trove
The Pokémon may give you a piece of treasure.
In-Depth Description: If holding no item, the Pokémon may randomly hold one of the following: Nugget, Big Nugget, Pearl, Big Pearl, Pearl String, Stardust, Star Piece, or Comet Shard

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Episode 84 Review

If you thought this episode seemed familiar, then you’d be right. Unfortunately it turned out to be extremely similar to the Alola episode Balloons, Brionne, and Belligerence, with both episodes featuring a treasure hunting couple diving to a shipwreck for treasure, only to find it guarded by a Ghost-Type Pokémon that’s been angered by Team Rocket. I promise, I had this entire episode planned out well before that episode aired in English. I watched that episode when it aired, and quickly realized how much it paralleled my episode. It was quite uncanny. Despite the fact that I hadn’t started writing the episode yet, I decided that I shouldn’t change my episode. It was designed as a way to introduce Abyssoul, just as the real episode was designed to introduce Dhelmise, and the two of them are very similar Pokémon. Not to mention, the anime tends to rehash and repeat episode concepts a lot, so I figured it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Anyways, as suggested above, this episode was designed mostly for the purpose of revealing Abyssoul. It’s just one of those Pokémon that requires such specific circumstances around it, that it needs its own episode. I also used it as a chance to reveal the Pokémon Pufflail as well, since it can be difficult to reveal Pokémon that only can live in the water.