Classification: The Snow Tick Pokémon
Type: Bug/Ice
Description: Arctick are born in snowball nests rolled by their parents. Being born in the snow means that Arctick have an extremely low body temperature. In order to compensate, they must suck the body heat of other Pokémon, causing the Pokémon to become colder while Arctick warms itself.
Evolves into Beetundra at level 17

Trivia: Travelers to regularly cold, snow-covered areas are advised to to make sure that all skin is covered completely to avoid having Arctick latch onto them and sap their heat, therefore increasing the rate at which a person can contract hypothermia.

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Cosmic Quest in a Magazine!?

It has just been brought to my attention by commenter named Pip that Cosmic Quest has been featured in an Australian Pokémon magazine…well…sort of… Apparently this unofficial, but nonetheless published, Pokémon magazine used my History of the Pokémon World page as a source for their article on the topic (a better description would be they plagiarized it, as I was not sourced and I granted no permission). This is made obvious by the fact that they make references to the Cosmic Architect, Terratlas, and Seluna. See for yourself here. Just to be clear, I do not approve of this blatant plagiarism by any means, but at the same time, this is just so hilarious that I can’t help but share it.