Mega Wailord

That’s right, a new Mega Evolution is here, and it receives a dex entry as well.

Mega Wailord
Mega Wailord

Description: Mega Wailord has the ability to dive to the bottom of the deepest trenches in the ocean and can easily withstand their high pressures. Its strong metal exterior makes nearly impervious to certain attacks. Its Defense, Special Defense, and Attack are all boosted, but its Speed is lowered. Gaining the Steel-Typing, Mega Wailord can now use moves such as Heavy Slam to its full potential (especially because it becomes much heavier upon Mega Evolving), as well new Steel moves added to its level up move set, such as Iron Head, Gyro Ball, and Iron Tail.
Mega Stone: Wailordite
Type: Water/Steel
Mega Ability: Bulletproof

Trivia: The thing attached to Mega Wailord’s tail is an actual functioning propeller. That means that it can swim two ways, using its tail like normal, or using its propeller like a submarine.


This marks the first Pokédex entry I’ll be posting. In the future whenever a new image is added to the Tenno Pokédex page, I’ll post the Pokédex entry here, as well as some bonus trivia.


Classification: The Cannon Pokémon
Type: Water
Description: Krakannon’s cannon-like mouth grants it the ability to fire pulses of water at high velocities. Although Krakannon rarely grow to be larger than seven feet tall, legends speak of a giant Krakannon, at least ten times larger.
Evolves from Octillery by leveling up while knowing the move Aqua Cannon.

Trivia: The name Krakannon comes from the term Kraken plus cannon, relating it to the weapons theme of Octillery and Remoraid. The claws on the top of Krakannon’s main tentacles are used for grabbing hold of prey…or ships…

Episode 16: The Social Net

Look for Episode 16 here.

Ash, Brock, and Brenda finally arrive in Kanaveral City, the largest City in the Tenno Region. Once there, they quickly discover two things: the gym is closed, and everyone here seems obsessed over technology.

Also, the New Mechanics page has been updated with a detailed description of the Pokéssistant.

Episode 15 Review

It should have been obvious from the start that several parts of this episode were based off of the book Moby Dick. For those who don’t know, it’s a tale of a captain, named Ahab, who obsessively chases a giant whale known as Moby Dick. Krakannon is actually one of my more recent Pokémon designs, having only come up with it a few months ago, while most of my Pokémon are leftovers from years ago. When I first made Krakannon, I wanted to make it giant, like the Kraken of myth. (Once again, for those who don’t know, a Kraken is a mythological giant squid or octopus supposedly as large or larger  than old naval vessels. They were reported to attack and sink ships by wrapping their tentacles around them. It is believed that the recently discovered Giant and Colossal Squids may explain these sightings.) I soon decided that it would be too odd to have a Pokémon that big, so I settled on having in episode with a giant version. Having giant versions of Pokémon is nothing new, as seen in the episode Island of the Giant Pokémon.