Episode 21: Skyfalling

Episode 21 can be read here.

On there way to Atmos City, Ash and Pikachu meet a trainer when he literally falls out of the sky. The trainer then challenges Ash to special type of battle, one that is fought while skydiving. Ash eagerly accepts the challenge and learns the intricacies of a skydiving battle.

Also, the Pokédex and Tenno League pages have been updated accordingly.

Episode 20 Review

A commonly recurring trend in show when it comes to new Pokémon being caught is that they’ll not appear for an episode, and then have a reactionary episode centered on them. Obviously that’s what occurred here with Rabbolt. When I decided on Rabbolt’s personality, I knew that I’d have to right an episode where it’s forced to team up with Pikachu. My original plan for this episode included Beedrill instead of Combee and Honbee, but then I remembered I had created Honbee and thought that this would be a good place to  showcase it.


      Male                Female

Classification: The Mini Bee Pokémon
Type: Bug/Flying
Description: Honbee are the most basic form in a hive of Combee, serving as the individuals that will eventually combine to form a Combee. They train with older Combee in order to learn how to most efficiently gather honey.
Evolves into Combee through friendship while holding Honey.
Only Obtainable by breeding a Vespiquen and a Vespidron.

Trivia: The Pokédex claims that Combee are a combination of three different Pokémon, Honbee are those Pokémon. Supposedly, the reason Honbee are not normally seen in the wild is because they normally form together at a young age, but when bred by a trainer, they don’t have this chance right away.

Episode 20: The Maze the Thing

It’s been a while, but episode 20 is out now. Look for it here.

After an encounter with Team Rocket, Pikachu and Rabbolt get lost in a maze-like forest. When a swarm of angry Pokémon attack, Pikachu and Rabbolt must overcome their differences in order to escape.

Also, the Pokédex, Attackdex, and Character Guide have been updated accordingly.

Episode 19 Review

This was my first attempt at making a “Team Rocket episode,” or an episode that focuses entirely on Team Rocket. Personally, I find these episodes to be some of the best. You can only do so much with Ash and friends, but Team Rocket has so many unexplored possibilities. Team Rocket also seems to be able to show so much more emotion than other characters. Believe it or not, this episode is actually part of a Team Rocket story arch that started back in the episode “The Team Scheme.” Expect to see Team Rocket’s new promotion actually come into play in future episodes.