The Battle Final Frontier

It’s a tradition that the third version introduce a battle facility to expand upon the previous games. In Tenno, the Battle Frontier meets the final frontier. The Battle Final Frontier is a state-of-the-art group of seven battle facilities aboard a space station orbiting Earth, which appears only in Sol Version. This space station is the top of a space elevator, known as a sky hook, meaning trips to and from can be taken without rockets. The bottom of the sky hook is found in the northern section of Kanaveral City’s Cape Space Center. Throughout the main game, the elevator is under construction, but once the game is beaten, the player will receive an invitation to partake in the station’s grand opening ceremony. The station contains seven different facilities, each with a different theme or gimmick. Do well enough in one and you’ll get the chance to battle the facility’s Frontier Brain. Defeat a Frontier Brain, and they’ll give you their facilities mission patch. In addition to the facilities, there is also a central area known as the Promenade, in which vendors will sell their goods in exchange for BP (Battle Points) earned in the facilities.

Battle Facilities:

The Battle Cruise
Description: The Battle Final Frontier version of the classic Battle Tower. Here a trainer takes a cruise aboard a space ship, but it’s not for a sight-seeing vacation. Along the way you must battle and defeat as many trainers as possible. One loss, and you’ll be sent back to the station. There are also options for Double, Triple, and Multi Battles.
Frontier Brain: Cruise Pilot Yuri
Patch: Endeavor Patch

The Battle Factory
Description: The traditional facility where one battles with rented Pokémon instead of their own. Upon beginning, the trainer will select three rental Pokémon to form a team. After each battle, the player may chose to swap one of their rented Pokémon with one of the defeated opponent’s rented Pokémon. There is also an option for Double Battles.
Frontier Brain: Factory Technician Glenn
Patch: Discovery Patch

The Battle Bay
Description: Only certain Pokémon are allowed to enter this facility. Every day there will be a selection of three random categories, and only Pokémon belonging to that category can be entered. All opponents’ Pokémon will also belong to the same category. Categories can be nearly anything, such as type (Dragon, Ghost, Fire, etc.), size (over 5 feet, under 100 pounds, etc.), body type (serpent, quadruped, insectoid, humanoid, etc.), color (yellow, red, green, etc.), physical characteristic (reptilian, inorganic, mechanical, etc.), or more. Double Battles also available.
Frontier Brain: Bay Chief Aldrin
Patch: Challenger Patch

The Battle Deck
Description: Here, on the observation deck of the station, a mystical cosmic energy causes all type match-ups to be reversed. This means that the battles here are Inverse Battles. So moves that are normally not very effect or not effective will be super effective, and super effective moves will be not very effective. There is also a double battle option.
Frontier Brain: Deck Officer Ride
Patch: Columbia Patch

The Battle Core
Description:  The central core of the station is a massive maze. A challenger here must make careful decisions on what room they visit. They will be given several choices on where to go, and some limited information on each one. Given this information, a choice must be made. Your goal is to get as deep into the core as possible.
Frontier Brain: Core Engineer Shepard
Patch: Pathfinder Patch

The Battle Simulator
Description: At the stations holographic simulator, anything is possible.  Using the holographic technology, battlers will be placed in a fantasy environment where they will explore their surroundings, find items, and battle enemies in this vast holographic world. Every once in a while, a non-Pokémon monster will appear to battle as a mini boss. The default battle style is Triple Battles. The Frontier Brain of the facility is actually the station’s artificial intelligence computer, given human form via a hologram. There is also a special single battle mode, where a trainer can use any Pokémon they want, disregarding the usual limitations of battle facilities. Simulated opponents in this mode will also have no limits on there Pokémon.
Frontier Brain: Simulator AI Valentina
Patch: Atlantic Patch

The Battle Bridge
Description: The location from which the entire station is ran. The captain of the station is a big fan of battling, so this facility allows for battles to take place for him to watch as he works. In this facility, an entire team of six is brought in, but then, before each battle, the captain will select what three Pokémon he wishes to see battle, meaning you must be able to adapt to use the team he selects. Battle enough, and he may even challenge you to a battle himself.  A Double Battle Option where the captain selects two Pokémon from your team is also available.
Frontier Brain: Bridge Captain Armstrong
Patch: Enterprise Patch