Cosmic Quest and Sword and Shield


Updated as of 12/10/2019

Well, it’s been two weeks, and I’m wrapping up my playthrough of Shield. With that, I am now ready to bring the Cosmic Quest Project into the next generation. You see, I treat Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions as if they existed in some hypothetical generation after the current generation. Up until now they’ve been Gen VIII+ games, but now that the actual Gen VIII is upon us, it is time for them to evolve into Gen IX+ games. That means bringing everything that Sword and Shield had to offer into the fold. Over the next few weeks I will be updating this website with everything that needs to change. Below is a to-do list everything that needs to be changed (listed in no particular order). I will cross items off the list and explain what changed as I make the changes. This post will be pinned to  the top of the home page for easy access until I start writing episodes again. These are my foreseen changes and things may turn out different or may not change at all.

1. Update the movesets and possible abilities of Tenno Pokémon to include newly introduced moves and abilities. (Complete with minimal changes)
Every ability introduced in Sword and Shield were specifically made as signature abilities for specific Pokémon, and therefore are not fitting for any Tenno Pokémon.

Similarly, most moves introduced in Sword and Shield are signature moves, leaving little new moves for Tenno Pokémon. Of all the moves introduced, only two of them of them is learned by more than one Pokémon not related by evolution or theme by level up, and that’s Life Dew and Branch Poke. As such, Life Dew is now learned by Calumba and Branch Poke is learned by Traineed and Arborrior. Also, as it is extremely fitting, Chipmunch and Squirrelutton will be using Skwovet and Greedent’s signature move, Stuff Cheeks. (They are basically the same Pokémon after all. What a strange coincidence.) Other than that, there are no changes.

2.  Update the TM list and lists of compatible TMs with any potential new TMs introduced in Sword and Shield. (In-Progress)
Sword and Shield introduces two moves moves that are near-universally learned exclusively through TM or TR. The first is Breaking Swipe, which is learned through level up only by Duraludon, but many other Pokémon through TM. The second is Body Press, which is learned exclusively through TR. In order to make both of these moves available in Tenno, they have both been added to the Tenno TM list. Body Press replaces Torment as TM47, and Breaking Swipe replaces Confide as TM100. Updates to the individual Pokémon pages to reflect the TM change will come soon.

3. Update the Light-Type page with any new Pokémon and/or moves that become Light-Types. (No Changes)
Well, this is a little awkward. Galar is the first region to introduce no Pokémon that could become a Light-Type. Perhaps resultantly, there are also no new Light-Type or Combo Light-Type moves. However, the Orbeetle line is an honorable mention for a Light-Type candidate, but the Bug and Psychic-Types are both too important to its design to remove in favor of Light. As a result, Orbeetle will gain some Light-Type moves in its Tenno moveset.

4. Add Galar Pokémon that can be found in the Tenno Region to the Tenno Region page.
Pokémon such as Applin, Sizzlipede, Duraludon, Blipbug, Dreepy, and their evolutions are now a part of the Tenno Dex and can be found in Tenno. Additional Galar Pokémon can also be found in post-game areas. See the Tenno Region page to see exactly where these Pokémon can be found.

5. Determine what new moves, if any, will become combo-type moves and add them to the appropriate section.
Continuing a theme, not much was added here. Tar Shot is now Rock/Fire and Spirit Break is now Fairy/Dark. All other new moves introduced didn’t qualify for a second type.

6. Add Galar Pokémon with signature moves to the signature move list on the New Mechanics/Features page.
This is a relatively long list of changes, so see the Signature Move section of the New Mechanics/Features page for more details.

7. Determine what Galar Pokémon have inherent Ground-Type immunity and add them to the appropriate section.
Orbeetle, Flapple, Sinistea, Polteageist, Milcery, Frosmoth, Dreepy, Drakloak, Dragapult, and Eternatus are now immune to Ground-Type moves.

8. Add a Galarian Representative to the Ultimate Seven (now Eight) section.
Apparently the protagonist’s name Victor, and he has been added to the list.

9. Add Galar characters to the Pokémon World Tournament section.
Galar Gym leaders were added to the World Leaders tournament (including Bede and Marnie), Leon was added to the Champion Tournament, and Hop, Swordward, and Shielbert were added to the Tenno Invitational. Notably Galar’s utter lack of an Elite Four or true equivalent leaves the Elite Tournament with no new participants.

10. Bring the History of the World of Pokémon page up to date with information from Galar’s history.

11. Add Galar Pokémon as example Pokémon to the Attackdex and Abilitydex page.

12. Whatever else I might think of.

One notable thing I will not be doing is adding TRs. While I would be interested in essentially getting a 100 more TM options, TRs were designed as drops for Max Raid Battle Rewards, and would have no logical place in my games. Also, while a little more obvious, I will not be adding new Gigantamaxes or Max Moves. These mechanics are explicitly exclusive to Galar, and it would be unusual for them to appear in Tenno.

Pokémon Sun, Moon, and Cosmic Quest

Final Update: Over the past couple days I have finished off the remaining items on the list. Every Pokédex page has been brought up-to-date with new moves, abilities, and TM/HMs, the History of the Pokémon World page now contains references to Sun and Moon’s history, and the Sun and Moon Special Episode has now been changed to better line up with Sun and Moon’s lore. On topic of the last item on that list, when I initially wrote the episode (before the release of Sun and Moon) I decided that good generic way to link Lunala and Solgaleo to Seluna and Heliosol would be to say that the Alola Legendaries are the emissaries of the Tenno Legendaries. I figured that there would be very little that could contradict that idea presented in Sun and Moon. Little did I suspect that Lunala and Solgaleo were actually Ultra Beasts, and therefore couldn’t just be simple emissaries of Pokémon from the normal universe. My new explanation is that in the ancient past a portion of the Cosmic Architect’s energy got sucked into an Ultra Wormhole. This energy then took physical form in Ultra Space as a Cosmog, eventually turning into Solgaleo or Lunala. One last thing, there is one item on my list that remains unchecked. The Z-Move one. I have decided that until I get evidence of there being Z-Moves in regions other than the Alola Region, I will wait to make any new Z-Moves at all. Thanks for your patience during these updates.

Update 2: The initial plan in regards to TMs was to use Sun and Moon’s TM list as a base to my own list, just as I was already doing with Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire’s list. I discovered recently when looking at Sun and Moon’s list that this will not work. As HMs are not present in the games, many HMs have been turned into TMs. For obvious reasons, this does not work with my games, as I still have HMs. Another problem is that Flash and Dig were removed as TMs. This was likely done because they lost their status as a field move. Once again, they are still field moves in my games, so they need to remain as TMs. The TM list I’m using will now be a hybrid of Gen VI and Gen VII’s lists. It’s a little more confusing, but it allows me to use the new TM moves from Sun and Moon, while also making sure my list makes sense. See the New Items page for an exact break down of the hybrid list. Also, taking advantage of all these changes, I decided to add a new HM. Replacing Rock Climb as the seventh HM is a new move called Terrain Trek. In a similar manner to Rhyhorn in X and Y or Mudsdale in Sun and Moon, this move allows you to get on the back of your Pokémon and ride it across rough terrain. For details on the move, see the Attackdex.

Update: It has just come to my attention that there is a move introduced in Sun and Moon called Ice Hammer (Funny story, I learned of it when a Clefable used Metronome). As you might already know, not only is one of my moves called Ice Hammer, but it is one of the Tenno Region’s TMs, specifically the one given out by Halley after defeating his gym. As I bow to the official canon on matters like this, my Ice Hammer attack no longer exists. Depending on what I can think of, I will either give my move a new name, or come up with a new move to replace it. Fortunately, said move was never used in Cosmic Quest, so no retcons are needed there. Speaking of retcons, I am at the point in Moon Version right now where I am realizing that I might need to retcon my special episode in order to fit better with the story of Sun and Moon. More news on that to come. Both topics have been added to my to-do list.

I hope you’re all enjoying your Sun and Moon Versions, I for one sure am. These games are amazing. That being said, they put the entire Cosmic Quest project in an interesting scenario. This entire website is now out of date. Many aspects of this website were designed with games taking up the spot of a hypothetical Generation VII, but now that Sun and Moon make up Gen VII, my games are now “Gen IIX,” and the website must be updated accordingly. Over the next few weeks I will likely be too busy playing Moon Version to write any new episodes, but I should be able to get in some time here and there to update the website. Below I will post a to-do list of everything that needs to be changed, and as I make the updates, I will actively update this post so that you can know what has and hasn’t been changed. I will also keep this post pinned to the top of the home page for easy access, at least until I start writing episodes again.

To-Do List (In No Particular Order):
1. Update movesets and abilities of all Tenno Pokémon with new moves/abilities (Done)
2. Update compatible TM list of all Tenno Pokémon to reflect the new hybrid TM list. (Done)
3. Update the Light-Type page with any Alola Pokémon and/or moves that become Light-Type (if any) (Done, see page for details)
4. Add Alolan Pokémon with signature moves to the list of signature moves in the new mechanics/features page (Done. Fun fact: Every single evolution line introduced in Alola has at least one Signature move and/or ability, making my list of signature moves quite large)
5. Determine what new moves (if any) will be combo-type moves and add them to the list of the new mechanics/features page (Done, see section for details)
6. Add an Alolan representative to the Ultimate Six (now Seven) section of the new mechanics/features page (Done, please note that the protagonist of Sun and Moon currently has no official name, so I’m tentatively calling him Sun)
7. Determine what (if any) Alolan Pokémon gain Ground-Type immunity and add them to the list in the new mechanics/features page (Done, see section for details)
8. Add Alola Pokémon that can be found in the Tenno Region to the Tenno Region page’s list of example Pokémon (Done. I’ve also made a few other minor changes)
9. (I’m not sure about this one yet) Create a Z-Move section in the Attackdex and create new Z-Moves for it (Delayed until further notice)
10. Bring the History of the Pokémon  World page up-to-date with the history of the Alola Region (Done, I also added the Legends of the Johto Region, which for one reason or another was previously missing.)
11. Either rename Ice Hammer or replace it with a comparable new move (Done, the new move is Icicle Lance)
12. Retcon the Sun and Moon special episode to fall better in line with the story of Sun and Moon (Done, see the Final Update section above for more details)
13. Whatever else I might think of (That’s all for now, but who knows what else might come to me in the future)

The interesting thing to note is the ninth item on the list. Back when I started making Mega Evolutions for the website, I was torn on whether or not to do so. Even back then, I predicted that Mega Evolution was going to be the major item of Gen VI, but mean very little to the following generations,  and now, with Sun and Moon introducing no new Megas, it would seem I was right. And now because of this, I’m left with a generation taking place after the height of Mega Evolution that still introduces new Mega Evolutions. Personally, I don’t care that much, as there’s no specific reason why they’re not making new Megas anymore, and they could easily go an make new ones again later, but I’m afraid that Z-Moves might be a different story. From what I can tell so far, Z-Moves seem like they might be specific to Alola, in which case it would be odd for me to have Z-Moves in Tenno. I would love to come up with some new Z-Moves, especially a Light-Type one for parity reasons, but I’m just not sure it will turn out right if I do so. We’ll just have to wait and see. On a related note, I will not be making “Tennoan Forms” of Pokémon. Unless Regional Variants like Alolan Forms prove to be a thing outside of the Alola Region in future games, I will not be jumping on that bandwagon.

Enjoy your adventures in Alola!

Episode 65 Review

To be perfectly honest, of the two months I went without posting an episode, I spent a month and a half writing this episode. I had originally planned on having it posted within a week of starting, but things kept on coming up. Before I knew it, a month and a half had passed. Sorry about that…

Anyways, after defeating the the Versal City Gym in Luna, Terra, and Sol Versions, the player gains access to the HM Fly and is supposed to use it to get back to Tenno Minor fast so the can use the now open path in Crater Gate to get to Crater Town and the next gym. For obvious reasons this isn’t how Ash and friends are going to be getting back there, and they needed a reason too. I had been toying around with the idea of having Professor Pine host a space camp, and figured that it would be the perfect excuse to get Ash and the others back to Tenno Minor. As for the hot air balloon ride, I used that because it was a form of travel yet to be truly used by Ash. In hindsight, it really seems odd that Ash has yet to use a hot air balloon for travel, just because of how it would annoy Team Rocket.

As for the Pokémon introduced in this episode, Calumba (who’s name comes from calm + columba, the scientific name for a dove), it’s worth pointing out that it is meant to act as a counterpart to the Pokémon Ravenoir, One’s a Dark/Flying, the other Light/Flying, one evolves with a Dusk Stone, the other with a Shiny Stone (I really wanted it to be a Dawn Stone for the obvious parallelism, but apparently the Dawn Stone’s name is completely different in the Japanese version, and has nothing to do with light), one is a bad omen, the brings peace and serenity, and their movesets are extremely similar (which will be seen once I post Calumba’s in-depth page).

Major Pokédex Upgrade

I have just completed the largest update in this website’s history. I have vastly expanded the Tenno Pokédex. Now if you put your mouse over the link to the Tenno Pokédex page, you’ll find a drop-down menu that lists all of the currently released Tenno Pokémon. Or, if you actually go to the page, you’ll find links on each Pokémon’s name. Click one of these links to go to one of the new in-depth Pokédex descriptions of that Pokémon. These pages include virtually anything you’d want to know about one of these Pokémon, including their Shiny sprite, height, weight, Egg Groups, Abilities, and complete move sets, including TMs/HMs. Make sure to check it out when you get the chance.