Episode 29 Review

The idea for this episode actually originated from my brother. We were talking about ways to introduce Squirrelutton, and he mentioned the idea of having a gang war between a Squirrelutton and Chipmunch and a Snorlax and Munchlax. I liked the idea enough to use it here. One thing I feel needs to be talked about is Ash’s personality in this episode. Normally after the fiasco that was Black and White when it comes to Ash’s personality, I prefer to write Ash as being more serious, and just a little more mature. This episode was an exception, as Ash was crazy about food the entire time. For those who don’t enjoy a silly Ash at all, I apologize, but I felt it was justified here, as Ash has been shown to be major fan of food before, so I wasn’t deviating much from his established personality. I think it allowed for certain amount of comedy that wouldn’t be in this episode otherwise.




Classification: The Cheek Pouch Pokémon
Type: Normal
Description: Having an insatiable appetite, Squirrelutton will stuff as much food as they can into their cheek pouches, making sure there is always food available. If a task does not involve food, they will ignore it.
Evolves from Chipmunch at level 15

Trivia: Despite their seemingly lazy and gluttonous personality, Squirrelutton can be quite energetic when needed. They are very proficient battlers, assuming food is on the line. There are no lengths they won’t go to in order to acquire more food. Acorns are its favorite food.